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Chapter 724: 724

Yuan Hua was silenced by Wu Zhenjun's words, because from the latter's tone, it didn't sound like he was joking…

It was only at that moment that Yuan Hua realized that Li Mingyao and Zhou Youzheng, these two young masters of Songhai's noble families, might truly have provoked a big shot whom they couldn't afford to provoke, although he didn't know the identity of this big shot .

Everyone in the group had been authenticated by the system and their names couldn't be fake . Staring at Wang Ming's pseudonym "Wang Xiaoer," Yuan Hua turned this name over and over in his mind, but to absolutely no avail .

Who was this Wang Xiaoer, exactly?

Teacher Yuan Hua was a little muddleheaded .

Just before the Rainbow Glass Box landed, Li Mingyao and Zhou Youzheng were told to go look for Teacher Wang Xiaoer when the box landed later to apologize . In order to highlight how serious the situation was, Teacher Yuan Hua went to Li Mingyao and Zhou Youzheng's dorm in person to tell them .

In the end, Li Mingyao and Zhou Youzheng went listlessly .

But their fire to pursue Wang Ling shifu didn't wane .

. . .

Elsewhere, disguised as part of the medical team, General Bai, who was leading the Mahjong Squad from Songhai First Prison, entered the fake remains smoothly alongside the team of experts which contained terrorist members dispatched by Night Chief .

Everyone wore white coats and had made simple changes to their appearances .

These fake remains were a specially constructed small world, inside which the environment and even some of the plants of Beast King's Remains had been perfectly set up .

And where they were landing now was the fake base station in the center zone of the fake remains, which looked exactly like the real one .

Everyone stood in front of the base station .

"Sarira Grass?" The Old Devil's gaze was fixed on a three-colored grass that was emitting a rainbow-colored spirit halo .

This was Sarira Grass, a completely extinct resource, which once was the primary source ingredient for making the Nine Cycles Sarira Pill, which was a powerful medical drug that could help the dying recover and was also known as the "Resurrection Pill . " Even if your golden core was damaged or your nascent soul had disintegrated, eating a Nine Cycles Sarira Pill would reverse the situation right away .

The Old Devil remembered once asking about the price of the Nine Cycles Sarira Pill on the black market when he had just re-entered the world . After Sarira Grass had become extinct, the price of the Nine Cycles Sarira Pill had soared to a hundred times higher than its original price, putting it on par with the price of a first-class holy weapon .

Just as the Old Devil was thinking this, the terrorists who had been hiding in the team of experts pushed off of their feet to swiftly scatter in all directions .

Each of these dozen figures demonstrated their individual prowess as they slipped away quickly .

They fled on all kinds of various magic treasures .

One of them was even gutsy enough to stretch out a hand and try and grab the "Sarira Grass" that the Old Devil was staring at .

"Hahahaha! I got it!" The man took out a sickle magic treasure, and after cutting the Sarira Grass, he stepped onto the sickle and sped away .

They stripped off the coats worn by the team of experts to reveal the exclusive pitch-black cloaks of the Night Chief organization, which had the emblem of a purple sunflower wrapped in black wings on it and looked a little creepy .

With just one sweeping gaze, General Bai instantly took stock of how many streams of light had flown out .

There were fully fifty-three terrorists this time .

This was the exact number of people they had had their eye on prior to entering the fake remains .

General Bai distributed pocket watches to the Old Devil and others . "This is a radar tracker . All of you must operate in groups, except for the Mahjong Squad . If you encounter a tough opponent, you can press the button on the radar, and whoever is nearby will instantly hurry over as backup . They should find out very soon that these remains are fake . To prevent them from joining hands to break through the barricade, apprehend them as quickly as possible . "

"What should we do with the resources that were stolen?" someone asked .

"Don't bother with them, they're fake to begin with . " General Bai waved his hand .


"These are all quality fakes . The head of state knows an ikebana master who can make fake resources that look very realistic . This master worked overtime for half a month to set up these fake remains . "

"Then why is this Sarira Grass glowing?"

"Well, this is a trick which this ikebana master learned from those fake goods dealers . Huaxiu Alliance cracked down on these dealers before, some of whom sold fluorescent facial masks . This master later learned this technique and applied them to his flower arrangements . "


. . .

"Hunt them down!"

The three-man Mahjong Squad was already moving and took the lead as soon as General Bai gave the order .

The shortened prison sentences they would get out of this was very important for the three of them, and was based on the number of people they caught . Not including the special members, each person caught was worth twenty points . For every ten points they gained, a year would be taken off their prison sentences . At the moment, each of the three men would have to serve more than several thousand years in prison, so the points were very crucial .

While fifty-three people wasn't a lot, some of them were extremely strong and had been classified as special members . Each special member caught was worth five hundred points . That was the highlight .

Hence, as soon as he had arrived at the base station, the Old Devil had already locked onto the auras of these special members .

Out of the fifty-three people, only four of them were special members worth five hundred points…

If the Old Devil could catch them all, that was two thousand points, which would directly shave off two hundred years of his prison sentence!

While he was doing the calculations, he approached the position of the special member whom he had targeted .

The special member he was targeting was a mercenary whom Night Chief had hired from the Dark Network . She was also a Red A-Class fugitive wanted by Huaxiu Alliance, with the nickname "Bloody Butterfly"!

At this point, not long after Bloody Butterfly had fled, a bone-chilling sense of terror ran down her spine .

Bloody Butterfly instantly stopped her flight at this somewhat familiar aura and immediately concealed her own as she hid at the bottom of a mountain creek .

Bloody Butterfly's stealth technique was exceptional . She could use the "Emulation Technique" to imitate a spirit beast and directly blend into the surrounding environment . This was a more advanced technique than the pure "Invisibility Technique," since with the "Emulation Technique," her aura would also melt into the air .

This was originally a highly sophisticated escape technique . When Bloody Butterfly had been in danger several times before, she had used this move to escape disaster .

But this time, Bloody Butterfly felt something wasn't right .

Even when she used the "Emulation Technique," it felt like that horrible and somewhat familiar aura was stuck to her like a piece of gum .

A trembling which welled up from the depths of her soul made her twin ponytails shake .

This aura…

Who the hell was this person?

"Come out, my venerable self has already seen you . " At this point, the Old Devil's voice rang out from behind Bloody Butterfly .

At the same time, he canceled his simple transfiguration spell to reveal his original appearance .

And this Devil Emperor's face, which had once shocked the whole of Huaxiu nation, almost instantly frightened Bloody Butterfly into a cold sweat…

Why was it him?!

Hadn't this guy been caught already…

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