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Published at 16th of September 2020 05:25:12 AM

Chapter 1240

“What big? What are you standing here for? Come on! ”

Red Hair said angrily, “are you looking for death? You dare to beat my boss? You are looking for death! Everyone, come on! ”

“Come on! What are you looking at? Are you happy to see your boss get kicked away? ” “One or two of you, come on! If you don’t kill him today, I will kill all of you! ” Boss Scar was obviously angry this time .

The man who was lying on the ground moved and grabbed boss scar’s leg with force . “You should leave quickly . Why are you pretending to be good people here? You can’t beat them . Leave quickly . ”

“Bang . ” The man was kicked again .

“Do you want to die? After I finish him, I will come back and finish you . ”

“Men, catch these people and kill them one by one . Don’t let the adults and children go, do you hear me? ”

“Yes . ” There were so many of them . They surrounded them and each of them drowned them with a mouthful of saliva .

“If you dare to go forward, your head will explode . Do you believe it? ” Ling Hu also rushed over at this time . His pistol was pointed straight at red hair’s head .

At the same time, someone used a gun to point at red hair’s head . The others immediately pulled out their guns from their waists and pointed them at Ling Hu .

“Who are you? You actually pointed a gun at my head . ” Red Hair was also considered a small boss . In front of boss Scar, he was considered a left and right hand . Therefore, when Ling Hu pointed the gun at red hair, he had no intention of being afraid .

They had the advantage of numbers . He was alone with a gun . Even if he died, he would not be able to escape .

“Hei di, you are also easy to touch . Aren’t you guys a little too bold? ” Ling Hu said with a smile that was not a smile .

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“Hei di, who is Hei di? Here, our boss is the king . Let me tell you, don’t think that you are the only one with a gun . We… ”

“Bang” before red hair could finish speaking, ling Hu’s gun directly hit red hair’s leg .

“Ah . ” Red Hair immediately hugged his leg and groaned .

“Hei di doesn’t even know who it is . He simply deserves to die . ”

“Ling Hu, did you come alone? Where are the others? ” Lu Yuxi had just finished speaking when a large group of black-clothed people were approaching them .

Take Note, it was not a group, but a large group . From the number of people, there were at least 30 people .

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“Hei di? Hehe, what a joke . I don’t know who hei Di is, but I only know that whoever touches my people, I will definitely bring them back . Do you think you are the only one who will call for help? ” BOSS SCAR did not seem to be afraid at all?

Lu Yuxi handed Xiao Feng to HEI BU and walked to the side to help the man up .

“Get up, it’s alright . ” Lu Yuxi was very gentle because she had just gotten into trouble .

“boss scarface is not someone to be trifled with . Can you guys really handle him? ” The man was still very worried about this .

“Hei di, have you heard of him? Do you think there are still things that Hei di can’t handle here? ”

The man was slowly helped up by Lu Yuxi, “Hei di? Could it be? Could it be… ”

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The man looked at Hei Bu in surprise with an incredulous expression . He was Hei di?

No wonder there were so many people . From the beginning to the end, he had never been afraid . He even had a terrifying aura .

However, didn’t they say that Hei di was in his own country How could he be here It was really surprising .

“Oh, call him . Who are you going to call? ” Hei Bu hugged the baby with a relaxed expression .

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