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Chapter 1242

“Excuse me, have you found any medication? ”

The nurse shook her head helplessly . “No . ”

“Yes, I understand . Thank you . ”

As expected, Qing Qing still did not say it out loud . It seemed that it was really difficult to say it out loud .

“Buzz… ” the car was pushed in from the door …

“Make Way, make way, everyone, please make way . ” At this moment, a few patients were pushed in from the outside . Hei Bu quickly pulled Lu yuxi away .

The doctor hurriedly ran out of the ward and took the patient’s car . “What’s going on? ”

“These people are all infected with the virus and fainted at home . The ambulance has just arrived . ”

“okay, I got it . ” After the doctor said that, he immediately took the car and pushed it into the emergency room .

Lu Yuxi frowned . “Up until now, we still don’t know what happened to Qing Qing . I’d better give her a call . ”

She also didn’t know what exactly happened to Qing Qing . It was better to give her a call and tell her . Otherwise, who knew how many more people wouldn’t be able to receive treatment .

Although it had changed the history of her previous life, so what? At least this way, a few fewer people would die .

“Help me get my phone, ” Lu Yuxi said to HEI BU .

“phone? I didn’t take your phone . ” Hei Bu didn’t quite understand Lu Yuxi’s bafflement .

“I know, the phone is with Xiao Feng . ” As she said that, she took out the phone from Xiao Feng’s little bear’s pocket . Because the phone was very small, it didn’t look very obvious .

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Hei Bu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a moment . “What are you doing? ”

Lu Yuxi casually pressed the phone number . “Oh, it’s like this . I was afraid that I forgot to take my phone again, so I put it on Xiao Feng’s body . This way, I won’t forget . ”

At that time, the HEI BU didn’t know how to describe her . It really made people feel helpless .

Lu Yuxi didn’t know that her small action was so cute in the eyes of the Hei Bu .

Lu Yuxi dialed the number and dialed Hei Qingqing’s number .

“Du… Du… Hello, the number you dialed… ”

“strange, why can’t I get through? Are you in surgery? ”

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Lu Yuxi couldn’t do this, so she dialed again .

“Du… Du… ” the phone was dialed again …

“Hello? sister-in-law . ” After a few more rings, the other end of the phone finally picked up .

“Qingqing, what’s the situation now? Did you tell Doctor Mu about the antibiotics? ”

“Not yet . I don’t know how to tell him yet . I’m operating on him now . I’m trying to find a way to tell him . ”

“That’s enough, Qingqing . If you really don’t know what to say, you can say it yourself . I’m in the hospital now . I’ve seen the environment here . Many people have died from the virus . If we don’t use the medicine, I’m afraid more people will die, ” Lu Yuxi said calmly .

“sister-in-law, do you want me to say it? Do you want me to use my own name? ” Hei Qingqing was a little surprised .

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“Well, based on the current situation, this is the best we can do . Also, the source of the virus . You have to remember that it was caused by the water near the volcano . You have to remember it, understand? ” In order to save people, Lu Yuxi had instructed her repeatedly .

“Do you really want me to say it? ”

“That’s enough . If I ask you to say it, just say it . From now on, this idea is your idea . Everything is up to you . ”

“okay, I got it . ” Hei Qingqing said firmly .

In her previous life, it was doctor Mu who came up with the idea . He was so smart and could live . There would be more medical miracles in the future .

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