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Chapter 46

9 PM, Lu residence .

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“Xiao Xi, the weather is so nice today . Why did you go back? I couldn’t get through to you on the phone today . ” Yang ran’s dissatisfied voice came from the other end of the phone .

“My phone was broken so I didn’t get your call . I just changed my phone, ” Lu Yuxi explained unhurriedly .

Yang Ran said excitedly, “you don’t know how much fun we had today . It’s a pity that you weren’t there . ”

Lu Yuxi said jokingly, “then did you meet your prince charming? That was the idol scene you mentioned . ”

Yang Ran said with a perfunctory smile, “the prince will have it, but unfortunately, the time is not up yet . ”

“okay, okay, okay . Then you wait for the time . I’m sleeping, I’m so sleepy . ”

Yang ran was surprised . “Oh my God, it’s only a few o’clock and you’re already sleeping . You’re so sleepy after stealing a man . ”

“Yes, yes, I’m so sleepy after stealing a man . You told me not to let me sleep, or else I wouldn’t be able to steal a man, ” Lu Yuxi replied helplessly .

“Okay, I won’t disturb you anymore . Bye Bye . ”

“Okay . ”

Speaking of men, Lu Yuxi Thought of the man called Hei Bu . She didn’t know how he was doing now . He was so powerful, so he should be fine Forget it, I don’t want to think about it anymore . I’m going to sleep .

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The next day was Monday . Even though she went to bed very early, she still yawned . Yang ran could not help but ask her a question .

“Xiao Xi, didn’t you go to bed very early last night? What’s going on now! ”

“Huuu, don’t you know that the more you sleep, the more tired you are? ” Lu Yu yawned again .

Yang ran rolled his eyes at her . “What kind of Damn logic is this? ”

“Lu Yuxi’s Super Logic”

Yang ran handed over the bread . “I’m speechless . But tonight, after school’s English competition, didn’t you and your fake sister get first or second place in the finals? You’re going to compete with her! ”

Lu Yuxi and Nan man ate the bread carelessly . “Oh”

“Oh, just an ‘oh’ . Don’t you know that the other schools have sent the best of the best to compete? What’s with your expression now? ” “although I don’t know why my studies have suddenly become so amazing, those are all from overseas . You’ve been staying in China for the past few years and haven’t gone abroad . I’m worried about you . ”

Lu Yuxi looked at Yang ran and said, “Xiao Ran, don’t worry . Even if they went abroad to study, they might not necessarily know all of English . It’s just like how we’re Chinese, but we still don’t know how to pronounce some complicated words . So don’t worry, I won’t fight a battle that I’m not sure of . ”

“Alright, since you said that, I’m relieved . For the glory of our school, you must win, ” Yang Ran said with a sigh of relief .

Lu Yuxi had a feeling that she had to admit defeat . “Alright, I got it . ”

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Of course, she did not want to embarrass the school . More importantly, the competition in the stadium after school was among the 15 high schools in the city . Among them, Xuefu high school was the high school that Lin Yiwen represented

Lu Yuxi remembered that in the competition in her previous life, a high school classmate competed with Lin Yiwen and Wang Maihe until the end . In the end, Lin Yiwen was in first place and Wang Maihe was in third place .

Don’t underestimate this third place . For Linhuang High School, this third place was the first time in more than ten years that they had entered the top three . Therefore, even though Wang Maihe was in third place, she was still in the limelight for a long time .

Meanwhile, Lin Yiwen had also met Wang Maihe in this English competition and had made a flawless plan . She had even foolishly introduced them to each other and had been fooled by their performances for so long .

She remembered that the last question analysis was the most crucial . Lin Yiwen, Wang Maihe had lost a lot of points here . She had to predict a question in advance and definitely do her best .

This time, she, Lu Yuxi, would never sit in the audience to cheer for Wang Maihe . This time, she wanted to be the main character .

After school in the afternoon, the school’s Gymnasium, which had a capacity of more than 5,000 people, was already crowded .

“Xiao Xi, why are there so many people? There are also so many people outside the door who can’t get in? ” Looking at the crowded road, Yang ran asked impatiently .

“How can there not be many people? Today is the school’s opening day . There are 15 high schools in the city . You can calculate how many people there are, ” Lu Yuxi said .

“Isn’t this just an English competition? There’s no need for so many people! ” Yang ran was puzzled .

Lu Yuxi pointed at the sign hanging high up and said, “look at it yourself . It’s an annual Super English competition . The television station shoots it from 360 degrees without any blind spots . Also, look at it yourself . There are more than a dozen famous professors from all over the country supporting the competition . You can imagine how grand this competition is . ”

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“But why are there so many professors and experts present? And they’re from all over the country . ”

Lu Yuxi said, “this is a city competition . After the city competition, it’s the country . After the country competition, it’s the international competition . So for this international competition, the Education Bureau attaches great importance to it . ”

Yang ran looked at Lu Yuxi enviously . “Xiao Xi, don’t you usually know nothing? How do you know so much now? ”

Lu Yuxi Chuckled and explained .

“Alright, I won’t talk to you anymore . I’m going to report now . Otherwise, there will be one less person later, ” Lu Yuxi said casually . She was not nervous at all before the competition .

On the other hand, Yang ran was extremely nervous . “Xiao Xi, you have to work hard . I’LL BE HERE TO WATCH YOU! ”


The homeroom teacher was anxiously waiting at the registration office . When he saw Lu Yuxi hurriedly pull her over to sign the papers, “Yuxi, you have to work hard . Win Glory for our class and the school . The teacher didn’t expect that there would be another student in his class who could get first place in the school and participate in the city’s competition . You are really buried in the teacher’s class and have been wronged . ” As he said this, his eyes were slightly red .

After Lu Yuxi signed the papers, she patted the teacher’s shoulder and comforted him, “teacher, I am not wronged . I feel that you are the best and most powerful teacher that I have ever met . You are my pride in your class . ”

The eyes of the homeroom teacher turned even redder . “Yuxi, don’t comfort the teacher . The teacher knows that she is really bad . ”

Lu Yuxi hugged the homeroom teacher and patted her on the back . “No, teacher, you are the best . Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten the first place in the entire school . Don’t you think so? ”

The homeroom teacher pushed Lu yuxi away and said jokingly, “naughty . Alright, hurry up and go in . Whether you get a place or not, the teacher is proud of you . Good Luck! ”

“Yes, I understand, teacher . I won’t let you down . Good Luck! ” Lu Yuxi made a cheering gesture .

Just as she entered the contestants’lounge, Wang Maihe walked towards her with a fake smile on her face .

Wang Maihe hugged Lu Yuxi’s hand intimately . “sister, it’s great that we’re competing together! ”

Lu Yuxi temporarily did not want to have a direct confrontation with her, so she let her hug her like this . “Okay”

“sister, I heard that the opponent this time is very strong . You must work hard! ” Wang Maihe smiled innocently .

Looking at her smile, Lu Yuxi felt like vomiting . In her previous life, she had been deceived by this sweet and sweet smile . Now, it seemed that this smile was fake .

“okay, got it . I’m going to get ready . I’m going to go on stage . ” Lu Yuxi pulled out her hand and walked away without hesitation .

Wang Maihe’s innocent and cute smile instantly changed .

Looking at Lu Yuxi’s back view, Wang maihe clenched her teeth tightly . Lu Yuxi, I’ve checked . Your English has always been very poor . I won’t let you off . Just wait for it to stink