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Published at 2nd of December 2018 09:45:36 PM

Chapter 30


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“I will never forget the Ronaldo at Inter that year, and the “phenomenon” is the most appropriate description for him . ” -Maldini

Licado’s concerns have not materialized . After pushing the door open, he saw the girl sitting in front of the laptop, wearing a green short-sleeved top, a black skirt, two white as jade long legs tightly together, red with a pair of delicate and lovely feet, toenails coated with cardamon nail polish .

Her emerald eyes looked coldly at the Licado, her voice bland: “Sit down . ” ”

Licado was a little reserved, and the vigilance went up to 10 points, and he bowed his head and swept, where was the chair for him to sit on? Unless you’re sitting on the bed . So he had to stand: “What can I do for you?” ”

Della’s eyes were cold, and in fact there was some panic in her heart . She didn’t even think about what she was going to say to Licado, she just heard Licado’s voice and shouted a word .

At this time she was silent and racked her brains to find a topic .

This look fell in the eyes of Licado, but she is thinking of what a good idea, is going to make a good mockery of their own meal .

So he shrugged his shoulders and looked away, looking at the room . It was the first time he had come to this boudoir, and though the original owner had sneaked in, he had never been here since his rebirth .

The house is furnished like thousands of ordinary flowering girls, pink tone, sheets and covers are clean, there are lovely patterns, but also messy with few clothes; there is a huge mirror, a large wardrobe .

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There are large star posters hanging on the wall, the window is lined with unknown flora, the notebook above is two rows of bookshelves, in addition to the rare scattering of several books, but also put on the desk, SLR camera, a few photo frames .

The room was filled with a faint fragrance belonging to the Maiden, mixed with lavender, shampoo, a variety of cosmetic fragrance, but also a good smell .

“By the,” Dellia finally thought about the topic, “Ricardo, these days Julia is in a bad mood . ” Are you sure you don’t think about it anymore? Actually, I think you guys are a good match . ”

“I don’t really have a mind to love now,” Licado frowned, wondering why she brought the topic up again . He turned his eyes, looked at her double Emerald Eyes, and then moved a little down, fell on her upright and full double peaks, paused for a moment and then moved away, the girl is too good, “I am sorry, but can only say to her . ” ”

“You think you’re a big star, so you can easily find a prettier girl in the future?” I’m telling you, a good girl like Julia is hard to come by, and you’ll regret it when you miss it . “In front of Licado, Dellia always couldn’t help but be sarcastic .

“No, but simply i don’t want to fall in love . ” Don’t worry, I don’t regret it . ”

“Don’t want to fall in love, then why are you messing with her again? “asked Dellia in an aggressive manner .

“Because … The commotion of puberty? ”

“…” Dellia felt that if she spoke to Licado every day, she would definitely be angry and shorten her- life by 20 years .

“I must introduce Julia to a boy who is more handsome than you, and you are waiting to regret it . ” ”

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“Don’t worry, I won’t regret it,” Licado said, “is there anything else?” If not, I’ll go first . ”

Is that how you don’t want to talk to me? Dellia stared at Licado with some grudges .

Licado by her eyes look like his heart hairy, almost then screamed vaguely and escape .

He steadied his mind and asked again, “Is there anything else?” ”

Dellia, waved lazily like a queen high above the ground . Licado, with amnesty, quickly turned out of the room .

In other words, what exactly does this little demon call him for? Just to say a few words with no idea, no brains?

Licado did not dwell on this issue for too long, he knew that his EQ is too low, can not guess what goes through the girl’s mind .

Walking back to his room, Licado quickly threw the matter aside and looked intently at Ronaldo’s collection .


Two days later, Kaka finally took part in the joint practice .

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Kaka, who has just turned 20, can now be said to be a central figure in Sao Paulo and has an irreplaceable role in Sao Paulo’s tactical system . His return has raised the morale of the whole team a bit .

At the same time in the training ground side of the fans are also up, the extra part of this is almost all young girls, every time Kaka in training  take the ball, can attract a scream, “Kaka I love you!” “Kaka, I’m going to give you a monkey! “Kaka, take a look at me! ”

Teammates have long been used to this scene, Licado as long as his mind put into training he will not pay attention to other things, but Rico frequently distracted, eyes constantly at some of the most beautiful girls, the best figure on the girls his eyes swept to .

“Ricardo, you say, one day, can we be so popular too? ” Rico, who were with Licado and trained, spread thick lips, revealing white but untidy teeth .

Licado glanced at him and said with a blank face, “I have this possibility, you don’t . ” ”

Rico startled, and then wry smile: “You are too hard to people, although I know you are a genius, but you do not have to hurt me so . ” ”

“Not for that reason,” Licado said, “This kind of thing, to look at the value of the green . ”

Rico immediately felt his impotence down
At this moment, from outside the training ground came a sound of childlike: “Licado, I love you!” ”

The pair turned their heads at the same time to find the source of the sound . It was a 11 or 12-year-old little girl, carved with powder and dressed in a princess skirt . In terms of appearance, it seems to be someone of mix race .

“You’ve got female fans too, Ricardo! Sure enough is a high-value pattern of the beautiful man Ah! “Rico eyebrows .

Licado: “…”

Kaka, who has just returned from injury, did not immediately return to the main lineup .

Sao Paulo’s next away challenge is to the Brazilian club Internacional, Kaka and Licado both on the bench, witnessing teammates dominating the field from the first minute and relying on Fabiano’s away goal to lead Brazilian Internacional as they approach halftime .

The players in Sao Paulo walked into the players ‘ aisle with a laugh . Kaka and Licado walked together to discuss a hat-trick played by Ronaldo against Lucerne Borg in the Champions League game in the round .

“Hey, that girl’s son! “An abrupt voice sounded beside it .

Licado turned his head and looked at the Brazil international striker, a 19-year-old gifted teenager Nilmar .

“Why didn’t you play, genius? Is it because your mom didn’t sleep with the coach? “Nilmar said, with raised eyebrows .

Licado first reaction is not anger, but surprise, him and Nilmar have no vendetta, why would he say such a vicious thing to himself?

He did not know, some media took him and Nilmar made a comparison, questioned if Nilmar is this “gifted teenager” match .

After the surprise, the anger suddenly spreads in the bottom of his heart, all of a sudden burning Licado lost his mind . He was silent, a padded step forward, swinging his fist at Nilmar’s face .

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