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Chapter 33

“Ronnie is a powerful, jealous genius, the most efficient striker . ” -Baggio

The goal knocked out all of Brazil internacional’s heart, and the final few minutes of game time crept through the tacit understanding between the two sides .

When the referee blew the whistle for the end, the players of the Brazil internacional team were dejected, with some hands on their waist standing in place, some to decadent to sit on the ground, some holding their heads in their hands, and of course a few people came to find Sao Paulo players to change jerseys .

Their captain, Andros Guerrero, went to Kaka, offered to swap jerseys with Kaka, and several people who came to Kaka at the same time had to stop .

Sao Paulo’s current first star is Kaka, there is no doubt that everyone knows he has a promising future and even expects him to grow up quickly and lead Brazil to the title of the 2006 World Cup with big and small .

Licado’s eyes look to Nilmar, Nilmar at this time desolate in the direction of the player channel slowly pacing .

Licado rushed past, also did not speak, just turned with his back to the Nilmar, hand stretched behind his own name “Licardo . ”

“what are you doing? “Nilmar said unkindly, intending to go around .

Licado was stuck in front of him again, still stubbornly using his fingers to his name .

Nilmar fire: “You are sick ah, what does this mean?” ”

Licado a silent, no matter which direction Nilmar turned, he quickly stood in front of Nilmar, his hand always pointed to his name .

Nilmar angry wanted to start punching, quietly glanced at the referee, see the referee is looking at him, had to give up this idea, hands on waist, a pair of gushing angry eyes staring at Licado .

It took a minute for Licado to leave in front of Nilmar with satisfaction .

Come on, you’ll always remember my name, you idiot .

The tweet was naturally seen by reporters on the sidelines, so after they asked a few regular questions at the press conference, they threw out the topic: “Excuse me, Mr . Oswaldo, why did Licado make a provocative action to nilmar move after the game? ”

Oswaldo thought about it and chose to answer truthfully: “Because at halftime, Nilmar insulted Licado’s mother in the player aisle . ”

“Licado was named the best player in this game, what do you think of Licado’s performance in this game? ”

Oswaldo answered: “Licado showed a good competitive state, his goal opened the way for us at a critical moment, in the last-minute he assisted Kaka to score, for us to lock in the win, ‘ the best player of the game ‘ is the best affirmation for him .

“Fabiano is injured again, in next game will you let Licado replace Fabiano as a starter?”

“Fabiano is irreplaceable, he and Licado have different roles on the field,” Oswaldo replied with considerable caution, “and I will not make an assessment until I have a detailed understanding of his injuries to determine whether he is playing next . ” ”

The reporters were not satisfied with Oswaldo’s evasive answer, so they threw out a more immediate question: “Licado has used 3 games to prove his ability and form, are you considering letting him start the next game?”

Oswaldo was an old fritter, and the answer was dripping: “I’ll decide the starting line-up based on how the lads perform in training and everyone has a chance . ”

“When will Sao Paulo sign a professional contract with Licado? ”

“Sorry, this is a press conference about this game,” Oswaldo had to deal with pushers, “Ask questions related to this game . ” If you want to know about the club’s transfer and renewal policy, ask the head of sport in Sao Paulo . ”

The answer certainly does not satisfy the reporters, but Oswaldo did not open his mouth, and they have no choice .

Back in Sao Paulo, Oswaldo finally learned of Fabiano’s injury . A slight strain on the thigh muscle requires a rest of about 10 days .

The next home game they face Goias so at the game he will not be able to play .

Fortunately, Goias is an underdog, Sao Paulo can beat the opponent without suspense .

For the sake of insurance, Oswaldo still did not let Licado debut, for this Licado also have no complaints . With his current fitness reserves, it is certain that he will not be able to play for 90 minutes, and if he is allowed to start, he must waste a substitution spot .

There doesn’t seem to be any bad reaction sitting on the bench waiting for an opportunity .

Kaka was also pressed on to the bench and the team doctor suggested he could only play for up to 60 minutes, so Oswaldo didn’t let him make his debut .

In addition Rico was finally selected for the big list this time, he squeezed out in the training the less serious Kleber . While in the locker room, he was embarrassed to tell Licado that he had been so excited last night that he had barely fallen asleep all night .

“Never mind, you don’t have a chance to play anyway . ” “Licado comforted .

“Are you a comfort or a blow to people?! “Rico quit, sticking out two claws and rubbing Licado’s hair into a mess . ”

The game had gone into injury time, with Sao Paulo leading 2:0 in the first half and a corner from Lugano shortly after the opening of the second half, and the game was completely out of suspense .

Now just looking at Oswaldo you can see he is going to let someone play to find the right state .

In the 70 minute, Licado played and replaced Reinaldo . In the 74 minute, Kaka was on the bench, causing thunderous cheers and applause from home fans .

With the game in the winning, Licado played relaxed, played several skilful runs at times to please the fans .

He also made a couple of wonderful plays with Kaka, and Kaka nearly rewrote the score again .

When the game went to the first 88 minutes, Oswaldo used the last replacement spot, not Rico .

Rico buried his head and sighed softly . His first appearance has to continue to be postponed .

The score was eventually locked to 3:0 . Licado did not score and had no assists, his four consecutive games as a substitute and the only one that did not contribute data .

But his performance was still remarkable and he was well received by the media after the game . The Lions also have a nap when the game doesn’t count for nothing .

Licado as a substitute took the stage against Gremio at home, brushing another lot of data and his straight set an assist for Kaka to score .

The game focused on Kaka, who debuted for the first time in nearly 5 games, and he showed good form in the game, failing to live up to the expectations of fans .

Next up is the away game against Cruzero, which is also Ronaldo’s former team . In the end, Sao Paulo 2:2 forced their opponent, a second half substitute Licado on the right side of the box with a low shot, helped Sao Paulo equalised .

After this game, Lecco made several phone calls to Fabiano Farah, with only one theme: Please enter Licado’s career contract negotiations as soon as possible .

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