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Chapter 35

“He is my most admired player of the same age, in addition to excellent technique, his inspiration in front of the goal is always endless, always worth my study . ” -Kluivert

“The weekly wage of 5000 reais, the contract term of 6 years and the release fee of 12 million dollars . ” ”

When he heard the offer, Farah smiled: “Mr . Lecco, let’s do this, in 4 weeks, 4 weeks, we’ll reopen the negotiations . ” I promise you, in these 4 weeks, I will not contact other teams for my players … ”

Lecco anxious: “If you are not satisfied with this offer, we can talk about it again, what do you think of the weekly salary of 6000 real?” ”

“Sorry, the bargaining time has passed,” Farah laughs, “and I promise not to contact the other teams for the time being for 4 weeks . ” After 4 weeks, let’s talk about it again . ”

Lecco’s hand straight on his forehead, if Licado has a free transfer to another team, the Chairman will certainly eat him alive .

“6500 Real weekly salary, Mr . Farah, consider it! I can’t break the club’s salary structure for little Ricardo, 6500 reais has been very sincere! ”

“No,” Farah looked calm and full, “say it in 4 weeks . ”

‘ 4 weeks doesn’t change anything, I can totally get Oswaldo to keep Ricardo from playing for 4 weeks! “Lecco blurted out .

“In that case,” Farah said slowly, “I will seriously consider the free transfer with my players . ” ”

“I have lost my mind, please don’t take it to heart,” Lecco’s heart called Bad, hurriedly changed his tune, “Mr . Farah, please think again, the 16-year-old can get 6500 real weekly salary players, is unique . ” ”

“My players are unique geniuses . “Farah threw down a word and hurried and stepped out of the office .

Lecco looked at the door, his face cloudy, long and speechless, long, he grabbed the beautiful glass ashtray on the table, hit the door hard . “Fack! ”

Angry and angry, he can not just give up Licado, 4 weeks later, still have to negotiate again, and must be a much higher offer than now .

Now he only hopes that in these 4 weeks, Licado’s performance is not too good, but also hope Farah can keep his promise, do not go to contact with other clubs . Although most brokers have little respect, at this point he can only trust Farah .

Farah walked out of the executive building and came to the first-team training ground and watched Licado train . During the intermission of the training, he beckoned Licado to him .

Licado stood in front of him sweaty, Farah showed a smile of appreciation: “The talk collapsed . ” ”

Licado smiled with no matter: “Never mind . ” I believe in you, Mr . Farah . ”

“Yes, believe in me right, I will talk to you about a big contract,” Farah the Fox gently with a sly smile, “in fact, Lecco’s offer has been close to my price in mind, but I suddenly found that the Sao Paulo club  your attention is higher than I expected, I can fully get you a better contract . ” But for the next 4 weeks, you have to perform well, and in 4 weeks, I’ll start the negotiations again . ”

“I’m in hot shape right now . “Licado said confidently .

“That’s good,” Farah looked at his watch, “your training is coming to an end soon, I’ll buy you an afternoon tea, okay?” ”

“I’m sorry, Mr . Farah, but I have to practice . ” How was dinner? ”

Farah frowned, “My plane is in the evening, I’m afraid dinner is too late . ” ”

“Then next time, I’d love to have a good conversation with you, Mr . Farah,” Licado said calmly, “but nothing can disturb my practice . ” ”

Farah’s brows wrinkled deeper, then stretched out, smiling all over his wrinkles, “Well, with such diligence, I believe you have a great future, and it is not impossible to reach your brother’s height . ” Then dinner, I’ll do something first, come and pick you up later . ”

Licado nodded and returned to the training ground .


After dinner with Licado, after a long chat to enhance their feelings, Farah flew back to Europe with satisfaction . Although the contract negotiations did not succeed, he was confident that good progress would be made in 4 weeks ‘ time . 4 weeks, with the schedule density of the Brazilian national championships, is almost 7 to 8 games . Licado is well positioned to use the 7 to 8 games to brush out a better piece of form . Lecco will surely ask himself and Licado to sign an excellent contract .

After returning to Europe, Farah was busy, but also did not forget to pay attention to the news of Licado .

A few days later, Licado came on as a substitute in Sao Paulo’s away challenge to Caetano . Despite Sao Paulo’s 1:3 defeat, Licado scored another goal to become Sao Paulo’s highest-scoring player on the field . Farah refused to pick up several Lecco calls, showing a smug smile . Soon, Lecco will give in .

Next game, Sao Paulo’s opponent is Fluminese at the Rio State .

It was a strong rival, and Sao Paulo was cut off 5:0 away by their rivals in the Rio-Sao Paulo championship six months ago, a humiliating loss that also led to the dismissal of Oswaldo’s predecessor .

The Rio state media called out the “must-win” slogan before the game, not only because of the big win six months ago, which gave them confidence, but also because Fluminese at had won 3 straight in the recent past, and Sao Paulo has been invincible for 3 games in a row . 1:1 kick flat Gremio, 2:2 force tied CR, 1:3 minus Fabiano in the thigh muscle strain, their state plummeted, a few consecutive games are mediocre  the back line is also in a low collective state . Kaka and Licado are the two most dazzling people in Sao Paulo, but alone .

And Kaka, who appeared to be dragged down by the team’s subdued form in the game’s loss to Caetano, appeared not excited enough to end his record of scoring 4 games in a row .

Estado De Sao Paulo’s media, including the Sao Paulo papers, are also unfavorable to Sao Paulo’s prospects, and even pessimistic that if the game is lost again, Oswaldo is likely to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor .

In addition to singing down Sao Paulo’s odds, the media focus is also on when exactly Licado will be able to make his debut?

Licado has proved his strength many times, and although he is young, he is a player who can do . Such a player would be the heart and soul of every team . But why has Oswaldo been cruel to keep him on the bench?

The media also for Oswaldo to solve the problems, enthusiastic discussion, Sao Paulo if they sent Licado to debut, will drain what lineup, use what tactics, Licado should replace who to start . Fabiano, which is in a low state, is the most favorite to be “replaced . ”

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