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Chapter 36

“He has a keen sixth sense, which may be a summary of all Ronaldo’s outstanding performance . As the players realize every Sunday morning, your sixth sense is not so easy to sustain, but Ronaldo showed us his talent in the quarter-final against Turkey at the World Cup, and it seems easy for him to find the sense of scoring . That’s his greatest strength, and when you just expect him to be able to do at least something, he can surprise you more, as he did in Real Madrid . ” Ollie Howe .

Fabiano lost his smile in training . He also knows that he is in bad shape in the near future, replaced in 3 consecutive games . Every time he was replaced, it was Licado . And every time the substitute came on, Licado had a good performance .

So when the media speculated that Licado would replace him, Fabiano had a hunch that the nightmare was likely to come true .

There was no harm without comparison, and when he played more than half-time on the field and was mediocre, Licado had goals or assists as soon as he played, and fools knew how to choose .

But being squeezed out of his place by a 16-year-old? Not even if this kid is Ronaldo’s brother!

Fabiano also has his own pride . In Sao Paulo today, only he has had the experience of going out to Europe . Although the experience was not successful, on the contrary full of bitterness, in the Rennes team he made 11 appearances, but did not score . But he also tasted European football culture and improved his ability .

When he returned to Sao Paulo, he quickly got back the feeling of scoring, saying it might be too early to be king of Sao Paulo, and that, after all, there was Kaka, the Son of God, in front of him, but he must be an irreplaceable man in Sao Paulo!

But…… Take a look at the side of the concentrated training of Licado, Fabiano lowered his head, eyes full of haze .

He and Licado have no personal enmity, even because they both adore Ronaldo, also he have a favorable view of Licado .

But now, the two are competitors .

One day in training, Fabiano did not say a word with Licado .

Licado naturally sensed a change in Fabiano’s attitude, and he had looked at some of the articles in the media .

In this regard, Licado’s attitude is, let it go . Professional football is a highly competitive sport, the competition between the country’s, the competition between the club team and the international team, the competition in the team for the main position, the fringe players in order to be selected for the competition of the big list, the youth team players in order to choose the competition of the first team …

From small to large, the competition has not been broken . He himself, is willing to use the “competition to compete, friendship to friendship” attitude to face competition, but if others do not think so, he does not matter .

As for the position battle with Fabiano … Licado think Fabiano really has to want more .

If they really want to fight, with their current national players at the peak of the strength, Fabiano that national midstream level is really not enough to see .

But their own role positioning in fact and Fabiano no conflict, can coexist completely . Just look at what Oswaldo think .

Licado noted that Oswaldo seemed to have the idea of changing formation, allowing the players to try some new ways of passing the ball in training, constantly writing and drawing on small books . It is a pity that Fabiano clings to his own little entanglements and ignores these signs .


After practice, Licado came to the gym and began to do his work out on the sports equipment . When Kaka came over, he was working his thigh muscles .

For footballers, especially those known for their speed, the knee can be said to be the most vulnerable place to be hurt, the rush to start, the sudden change in the high-speed run is the magic weapon they rely on to win, but every time such a sport, it will cause damage to the knee .

The only way to do this is to strengthen the leg muscles, which can effectively reduce the burden on the knees .

Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, both were very fast, but Ronnie’s knee was hurt and constantly injured, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s knee was barely badly injured .

On the one hand, it is the two people’s playing environment is different, Serie A is a more tightly defended game, the movement is more extensive, on the other hand, Cristiano’s leg muscle strength is stronger, can support the knee in the high-speed movement of the constant change, does not  use excessive consumption of cruciate ligaments and meniscus .

Licado’s previous life is also a constant injury, this life he wants to be happy and to play football to the old age, no longer suffering from serious injuries, so not only on the pitch to pay special attention to their own protection, in the stadium also take the time to exercise their leg muscles .

Kaka smiled and stood there watching Licado for a while, waiting for Licado to finish a set of actions before greeting: “Hi, Ricardo . ” ”

Licado nodded, gasping slightly, while smiling: “You’re not going back yet? ”

“I just came to see you, and I heard you practiced every day?” “Kaka asked curiously .

“Yes,” Licado, who had been sweaty, took a towel and wiped it before looking up at Kaka, “Would you like to practice together?” ”

“I’ll forget it,” Kaka said, waving his hand . “The team doctor says my muscle group is now in a state of fatigue and can’t exercise too much . ”

After a meal, Kaka said, “I’m sure you’ll be able to play the main player soon, don’t be impatient, slow down . ” ”

Thanks “Licado smiled and responded .

“Fabiano must understand that any footballer has to face the competition of others, I hope that he can correct his mentality as soon as possible, in the short-term,” Kaka face a little shyness, “no matter what, I am on your side . ” ”

Kaka’s feeling of Licado is very simple, friendly plus appreciation .

Like is due to Kaka worship Ronaldo, so to Licado . appreciation is due to seeing Licado’s talent and efforts, as well as in the game and Licado with the water, as if the heart of the general .

He has scored in 4 games in a row before, 2 of which were Licado direct assists .

For such a big boy who can feed himself bread, how can he not appreciate!

And he came here today to show his support to Licado .

Although he not the captain, although he is usually low-key in the locker room, but as Sao Paulo club’s highest-paid, highest-priced, most prestigious and most fans of the players, his statement can be said to Licado in the team’s living environment has a crucial impact .

“Thank you, Kaka,” Licado smiled, “but I feel like Fabiano and I shouldn’t be competitors, don’t you feel it? Mr . Oswaldo should be thinking about a tactic that allows the three of us to coexist . Perhaps we are the three swordsmen of Sao Paulo in the future . ”

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