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Chapter 172

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Rodcorte felt a greater, deeper pain than he had ever felt before. His instincts told him: At this rate, fatal damage would be inflicted upon his body.

“C-cancel! Cancel the disconnection from the system!” he shouted, hastily canceling the disconnection of Lambda from his circle of transmigration system.

In the next moment, the violent pain vanished as if it had never been there at all.

“Kahah… What just… happened to my body?” Rodcorte murmured, relieved at the pain’s disappearance.

He looked around in bewilderment to see whether anything had changed.

But as far as he could tell, nothing was different from before the violent pain and his scream.

“Could it be that I was attacked by someone?!”

Startled, Rodcorte checked the inside of his Divine Realm, but the only ones in it were himself and his three familiar spirits. And his familiar spirits, under his command, were completely still and unable to move.

“Just to let you know, we haven’t done anything,” said Shimada Izumi, realizing that Rodcorte’s gaze was turned towards them. “And we didn’t see anything, either.”

“The only thing we saw is you suddenly screaming and then canceling your task,” said Endou Kouya.

There was bewilderment on all three familiar spirits’ faces.

“Then why was I assaulted by that volume of pain…?” Rodcorte wondered.

“Is there any chance Vandalieu attacked you?” asked Endou Kouya.

Rodcorte had tried to cut Lambda away from his circle of transmigration system. Perhaps Vandalieu had somehow sensed this and attacked Rodcorte.

If Lambda was cut away from the circle of transmigration system, the reincarnated individuals would not be reincarnated in Lambda, and the souls of the believers of Alda and those who served him would no longer be reborn, causing the extinction of humans within a hundred years.

The only ones left would be Vida’s races and the humans under Vandalieu’s influence, who would be reincarnated through Vida’s circle of transmigration system. That, and the monsters that belonged to the Demon King’s circle of transmigration system.

The world would belong to Vandalieu and those of Vida’s faction.

Considering that, it could be assumed that Vandalieu would not attack Rodcorte and interrupt his task. But Vandalieu’s actions often ignored his own interests.

And Kouya couldn’t think of anyone other than Vandalieu who could possibly attack Rodcorte, a god, in his own Divine Realm.

“Kouya, is that an answer you heard from Oracle?” asked Aran.

“No, I know it would be pointless so I haven’t bothered asking it. There aren’t any humans that know about the circumstances of the gods, after all,” said Kouya.

There would be no point in asking the Oracle, which used the human souls belonging to Rodcorte’s circle of transmigration system as a database, about matters relating to gods and Divine Realms.

“Then I don’t think that’s right,” said Aran. “It’s true that he broke Death Scythe’s soul while he was in this Divine Realm, but that was because Death Scythe himself was attacking him through Tendou’s Clairvoyance.”

“I suppose you’re right. I just got the feeling that he’d be able to do it,” said Kouya.

“You’re overthinking things,” said Izumi.

This conclusion… guess, based on nothing but a feeling that Vandalieu might be able to do it, was incorrect.

So then, Rodcorte asked himself the reason once more and came to the possibility that the task that he had been trying to carry out was the cause of his intense pain.

“To think that trying to cut Lambda away from the circle of transmigration system would be the cause,” he murmured.

He considered the possibility, but it was a difficult conclusion to believe.

“See, there were malfunctions after all! That’s why we told you to stop, that there’s got to be a better way!” said Aran.

“There is no chance that this is a mere malfunction,” said Rodcorte.

As Aran said, Rodcorte had predicted that the entire system would suffer malfunctions and damage when Lambda was disconnected from it. But he had not expected to suffer in violent pain.

To begin with, even though Rodcorte shared his fate with the circle of transmigration system, it was not a part of him. As a god who governed the circle of transmigration, the system was something that he needed. But even if serious problems were to occur within the system, Rodcorte would not receive immediate damage.

“But if you can’t think of anything else, that has to be the cause,” said Izumi. “I’m sure you’ve overlooked something.”

“That’s why you should stop being so hasty and take a calmer approach to things,” said Kouya.

Paying no attention to his familiar spirits who were trying to prevent the separation of Lambda and the other two worlds from the circle of transmigration system, Rodcorte examined the system carefully.

But he found nothing abnormal as a result. There were no signs of any unexpected damage that would cause damage to Rodcorte himself.

So then could the violent pain Rodcorte had felt been unrelated to him attempting to cut Lambda away? Was there some other cause?

As Rodcorte asked himself these questions, Rodcorte recalled an event that had been buried inside his memory.

He remembered when the ‘Clairvoyance’ Tendou Tatsuya had shown him through an image of Lambda. Back then, he had felt like something was out of place, as it had been easier to project an image of Lambda than usual.

Realizing this, Rodcorte felt a chill that caused him to shudder.

“But… No, it cannot be…”

The familiar spirits took some distance from Rodcorte as they noticed his behavior changing once more. Ignoring them, Rodcorte examined the records from those who were in Talosheim but just barely were not being guided by Vandalieu yet.

And then he became certain that his terrifying hunch was on the mark.

“How, how could this happen…!”

Rodcorte shuddered and trembled in fear, just like a human would. He had realized that situation that was even more serious than when he had realized Vandalieu’s true identity, one that would lead to even more catastrophic results, had progressed beyond the point that he could do something about it.

“I have been acknowledged in Lambda?! Already to the point that I am unable to separate myself from it!”

The reason Rodcorte had been able to remain calm up until now was because he had thought that no matter how problematic Vandalieu became and how much hostility Zuruwarn and the other gods of Lambda showed towards him, he would always be able to separate himself from Lambda at any time.

If he cut Lambda away from the system, the system would not suffer any burdens no matter how many human souls Vandalieu destroyed.

No matter what schemes the gods of Lambda came up with, he would be able to deal with them easily if he was not connected with their world. The only one who was able to cross the boundary of the world was the ‘invader’ Zuruwarn, the great god of the space attribute, and he lacked the power to confront Rodcorte on his own.

Even when the Demon King Guduranis invaded Lambda, Rodcorte had never thought to directly expose himself to danger. Though Lambda being invaded was a serious blow to Rodcorte, he was a god who governed the circle of transmigration of numerous worlds; it wasn’t something that he couldn’t endure.

And unexpectedly, the Demon King had not broken the souls of ordinary humans, only those of the champions and some heroes, though this was likely not because he had felt pity for them, but because he had simply felt no need to do so. As a result, the burden on the system hadn’t been too heavy.

And even when the Demon King Guduranis broke human souls and destroyed gods, Rodcorte had believed that he, who did not exist in Lambda, would not be destroyed.

When the time came, he could simply cut Lambda from the system and abandon it, saving himself in the process. Rodcorte had secured himself this escape route.

“But Vandalieu has spread my name, the news of my existence, to Talosheim and the region within the Boundary Mountain Range! Because I am a god who does not belong to or exist in any world, this has caused me to become a god who belongs to Lambda!”

That escape route was now sealed.

Rodcorte was able to cut away and isolate any world from his system, but that was under the assumption that he was unknown to that world.

The requirement was that he did not have any followers, his existence unrecorded in any myths or legends, unknown to any intelligent life.

“I mean, we know about your existence, and there are quite a few people other than Vandalieu who have been reincarnated in Lambda, aren’t there?” said Aran.

“A hundred or even a thousand would be a negligible amount! There should have been no problems as long as no more than that became aware of my existence!” Rodcorte shouted.

As Aran said, the reincarnated individuals knew of Rodcorte, but a hundred or so people knowing of his existence shouldn’t have made any difference.

And Rodcorte had assumed that the reincarnated individuals would not go around spreading news of Rodcorte’s existence. He had assumed that they would decide that nobody would believe them, that they would not go around and tell others that they had been reincarnated from another world by a god named Rodcorte.

Indeed, that was how it was in Origin. Aran, Amemiya Hiroto and Vandalieu back then had never revealed Rodcorte’s existence to anyone.

Rodcorte had naïvely assumed that the same would be the case in Lambda. That Vandalieu would never create believers of Rodcorte.

Ever since the age of the gods, the gods of Lambda, whether in Alda’s faction or Vida’s, had never revealed Rodcorte’s existence to the humans. They had never seen any meaning in doing so.

The gods had been angry at Rodcorte for looking the other way during the battle against the Demon King Guduranis, but they did not have the time to be spreading news of Rodcorte’s existence… and once the Demon King was defeated, there was no longer any benefit in making it so that Rodcorte could not escape Lambda.

Even if Rodcorte had become acknowledged in Lambda and unable to escape, his personality and the role he played would not change greatly. In the end, he would not do anything that was unrelated to the circle of transmigration, nor would he stop giving the gods orders.

Thus, the gods of Alda’s faction had decided that it was better to maintain things as they were, that there was no reason for them to go out of their way to create believers of Rodcorte.

Meanwhile, for the gods of Vida’s faction, there was no purpose to doing this. The reason Vida had created her own circle of transmigration system in the first place was so that the gods of Lambda could manage the circle of transmigration of their own world.

Thus, her final objective had been to separate Rodcorte’s system from Lambda. Cutting off Rodcorte’s escape route would go against that objective.

That was why Rodcorte had been left to do as he pleased up until now.

Even the gods wouldn’t have imagined the god of reincarnation to voluntarily abandon his duty… to place the world on the brink of destruction in an even more vicious, irresponsible way than the Demon King.

But Vandalieu had told the people of Talosheim everything about Rodcorte, including the fact that Vandalieu himself was a reincarnated individual.

A large number of people had already learned of this information before the gods… Ricklent and Zuruwarn realized it. Deciding that it was pointless to try and stop it at that point, they had left Vandalieu alone as he spread news of Rodcorte’s existence. This was what Rodcorte had failed to notice.

“And so, you’ve been acknowledged as one of the gods of Lambda. So then, does that mean you can’t cut the system away anymore?” Endou Kouya asked Rodcorte, who was still shaken by this realization.

“… That is right. Gods who belong to a world cannot separate themselves from that world. It can be done with elaborate preparation, but even if done very hastily, it would take at least a thousand years,” said Rodcorte. “It could also be done if one’s believers fall to a negligible number like when the Demon King and his subordinates came, or if one brings the believers with him.”

In other words, Rodcorte had to reduce… or rather, kill, those that believed in him, including those in Talosheim and the members of Vida’s races within the Boundary Mountain Range, until there were only a few hundred left. Either that, or bring all of them with him outside of Lambda.

“As far as my Oracle and Aran’s Calculation can tell, that’s impossible,” said Kouya.

That was only natural. It was difficult just to kill Vandalieu, a single person. Killing the millions of people within the Boundary Mountain Range… the likes of Budarion and the Majin king Godwin, with foes like the ‘Divine Spear of Ice’ Mikhail standing in the way, would be impossible.

That would be the case even if all of the Bravers joined forces to do so.

As for bringing all of them outside of Lambda with him, it didn’t even need to be said.

“In other words, even if you make elaborate preparations, things will be fine for at least another thousand years. Phew, that’s a relief. With that much time, we might be able to do something about Earth and Origin, and everyone’s third lives will have ended long before then,” said Aran, relieved at the fact that his first and second home worlds wouldn’t be destroyed for some time.

But Izumi still looked tense. “I don’t think things will go that well,” she said, knowing that it was still too early to be relieved. “There’s probably still some exception, anyway.”

As she said, there were gods that were capable of moving between worlds. Gods who trespassed boundaries, like Zuruwarn.

But for better or worse, Rodcorte was not one of those gods. There was no way that a god that governed something as important as the circle of transmigration for numerous worlds would have the authority to move about so freely. Ordinarily, anyway.

“And I think everything depends on him,” Izumi continued. “He might give into self-despair and try to cut Lambda and the other worlds away from the system with the resolve to commit suicide, or he might tamper with the system to stop reincarnation in just Lambda.”

“Th-that would certainly be problematic. The desperate are always the most troublesome…” Aran muttered.

“If you’re talking about the Eighth Guidance… Well, never mind. It’s true that those in desperation are the most troublesome,” Kouya agreed.

Though the three of them were worried that Rodcorte would give into self-despair and do something unthinkable, he intended to do nothing of the sort.

It was possible to forcibly perform the task of separating Lambda and the other two worlds away from the system. But that would involve enduring violent pain similar to having one’s arms twisted and torn off, and there was only about a thirty percent chance that Rodcorte would still exist by the end of it.

As Izumi said, it was something that could not be done without the resolve to face the possibility of suicide.

It was also possible to tamper with the system and stop reincarnation from occurring in only Lambda. If he did that, the system would not suffer any problems no matter how many souls Vandalieu destroyed, just like if he were to separate Lambda from the system.

But unlike cutting the world away from the system, this would be very unsafe.

There was the possibility that Alda and the other gods would attack Rodcorte and seize his authority over the circle of transmigration once they realized that their believers were on the brink of extinction.

As the system would still be linked to the world despite not functioning in it, this wouldn’t be impossible. And this would be an easier choice for Alda and his followers than asking for the help of Vida’s faction.

Unlike the weakened Zuruwarn, Alda’s influence and power posed a threat to Rodcorte, who had no experience or authority when it came to battle.

“Don’t stop the system and then threaten the entire world of Lambda by telling them to kill Vandalieu if they want you to restart it… because that would have the opposite effect,” Aran warned the silent Rodcorte.

This would be an even more extreme method than just stopping the system.

“I know that much. At this stage, Alda and his followers should already be trying to kill Vandalieu, a Dhampir who goes against their teachings. It is difficult to think that threatening them will produce any dramatic results,” said Rodcorte. “The human society and the gods of Alda’s faction all concentrating to fight Vandalieu’s forces will never happen. If they did concentrate their strength, it would be aimed at me.”

From Alda’s point of view, it would simply appear as if Rodcorte had lost his mind, and there would be no guarantee that Rodcorte wouldn’t keep repeating this threat in the future even if he accepted his demands. Thus, by threatening the world in this way, Rodcorte would become an even greater threat to the world than Vandalieu in Alda’s eyes.

“I’m glad you understand. So then, it’s fine for all of us to get back to our usual work, right?” said Aran.

Rodcorte remained silent.

Unable to think of any effective method to protect himself, he removed the restrictions on his familiar spirits’ freedom.

It would likely take Rodcorte some time to recover from this mental damage and come to some kind of decision.

Aran and the others decided that they would use this time to deepen their understanding of the circle of transmigration system as much as they could, so that they could support their allies and do something the next time Earth and Origin came under threat of being cut away and discarded.

We need the help of the other gods for that, the three of them thought, deciding to make their preparations to betray Rodcorte.

Rodcorte read those thoughts, but he had never believed that his familiar spirits would be loyal to him in the first place. Thus, this wasn’t a significant thing to worry about compared to the problem that had just occurred to him.




Having overcome the extremely cold ice-field floor, Vandalieu’s party headed from the middle floors to the lower floors, passing through an ocean floor with countless whirlpools and a precipitous mountain range floor.

And now, they were resting on a floor that was in an everlasting summer.

“This is part of the Dungeon, right?” said Zandia, giving a suspicious look at the clear blue sky.

“That’s… right,” said Rapiéçage, sharing her thoughts.

There was a white, sandy beach and a cobalt-blue sea in front of them, and behind them was a grass-covered plain with palm trees that looked perfect for a walk.

The air temperature and water temperature were perfect for a dip in the sea, and there wasn’t a single monster to be seen. The only creatures there were the crabs crawling across the beach, the gentle, multi-colored fish swimming in the water and the gulls flying quietly across the sky.

“Come to think of it, it’s summer outside the Dungeon right about now, isn’t it?” said Darcia, gazing at the summer sea as she enjoyed the sound of waves breaking on the sand.

“You two, you should eat while you can. There’s plenty of fruit and stuff for us to take,” said Jeena.

“Yeah, the coconuts are filled with alcohol instead of water, so it’s all-you-can-drink!” said Borkus.

Indeed, the party could obtain as many food supplies as they wanted. Southern fruits were hanging from the trees, and the coconuts were filled with a delicious alcoholic drink.

They were able to acquire all of these with ease. There wasn’t a single dangerous trap or difficult riddle.

It was almost as if they had somehow arrived in a safe sightseeing spot.

“It would be a waste to not enjoy it while you can, you two,” said Vandalieu’s clone, which he had made to handle conversation because he himself was busy eating as much fruit as he could, like a squirrel before hibernation.

“Your-Majesty-kun… you’re really enjoying it,” said Zandia, looking at Vandalieu with stiff cheeks.

To be more precise, though, it was more of a feast for the monsters that had spread out behind him.




Behind Vandalieu, the insectoid monsters were greedily devouring the fruit, flower nectar and plants. Pete and the Huge Gluttony Warm looked as if they intended to make the entire field bare.

“Let’s eat…” said Eisen, who was adding the southern fruits to her own fruit from time to time.

… Other than her, the plant-type monsters were sitting in the distance, peacefully bathing in the sunlight.

“I thought it would be best to eat up as much as possible while we can,” said Vandalieu’s clone. “If we do that, Pete and the rest will last for quite a while. I get the feeling that we’re being watched from time to time, but I’ve already gotten used to it.”

“Being watched, you say. Could it be Gufadgarn-san…sama?” said Darcia.

“Probably? Now that I think about it, I don’t know what Gufadgarn’s face looks like,” said Vandalieu.

He couldn’t tell who was watching them even when he gazed back with the Abyss Skill.

He had seen the statue of Gufadgarn that stood in the Dark Elf nation, but his appearance had been simplified so much that it wasn’t much of a reference.

In many cases, statues and illustrations that accurately depicted evil gods would have mental effects on those who looked at them, so this was a necessary measure.

“Well, it’s staring at us but it’s not saying anything, so it’s probably fine,” said Vandalieu. “For now, I’ve got to stock up on all kinds of nutrients.”

“Umm, you don’t have to be in such a rush, do you?” said Darcia.

“No, apparently a huge tsunami floods the entire floor after about half a day,” said Vandalieu.

The truth was that this entire floor, which resembled a sightseeing spot, was a trap for challengers.

It was a floor that tempted challengers that had just managed to overcome difficult challenges and defeated those who lost their will to continue the harsh trial.

“And all of the food here spoils easily, including the alcohol. Not that it matters with my Preservation spell,” said Vandalieu.

The supplies were better than nothing, but the fact that it only lasted a short time was something that needed to be considered.

“… When Father and his party faced the trial for the first time, they apparently retired here. They were defeated by the tsunami,” said Iris, remembering Godwin’s party of the past.

“Well, I suppose it can’t be helped,” said Eleanora. “Gizan and the others must have been absolutely exhausted, both mentally and physically, from having cleared this far into the Dungeon with no prior information.”

The two of them were collecting shells on the sandy beach rather than swimming in the water.

“Also, Your Majesty, Father wanted the alcoholic coconuts as a souvenir, or for you to ask Gufadgarn how to cultivate the coconuts, but… I do not mind if you ignore that request,” said Iris.

“No, I think they are an interesting plant so I’m going to take them back with us, but… I wonder if they can be cultivated here?” said Vandalieu, who was poking at one of the alcoholic coconuts.

He was looking at Isla and Bellmond, who were fishing from a rocky area. It seemed that even fishing from the shore was possible on this beach.

“KYAAAAH!” Bellmond screamed.

“Wait! Calm down! Don’t swing your tail around!” shouted Isla.

It seemed that while Bellmond was focused on fishing, a large crab had pinched her tail with its pincers. She continued to let out a piercing scream and swing her tail around wildly, dealing severe damage to the crab and the rocky area around her.

Isla was hastily using her collar’s chain, which was now more flexible due to Vandalieu’s work on it, to hold Bellmond down.

“It’s so peaceful,” said Darcia.

“… Won’t this floor be destroyed before the tsunami happens?” said Eleanora.

“It might not last half a day,” said Vandalieu, narrowing his eyes as he listened to the sound of rock being smashed in front of him and Pete and the others eating behind him.

“Van, we’re finished changing Jobs! I’m a Dark Armor Heavy Club User now!” Pauvina declared loudly, emerging from within Sam’s carriage.

“Congratulations,” said Vandalieu. “But you mustn’t shout out your own Job, Pauvina.”

“I see. I’ve become a Dark Armor Heavy Club User,” Pauvina said, putting her hands over her mouth. This did little to suppress her voice, however.

But then her smile faded and her shoulders dropped as disappointment appeared on her face.

“There was no Magical Girl Job…”

It seemed that Pauvina, who had received a transformation staff prototype from Vandalieu, had been aiming to become the second magical girl after Zadiris.

“You can’t use magic yet, after all,” said Vandalieu.

Pauvina couldn’t use magic. Even if she transformed, she could only physically hit things, so it probably couldn’t be helped that the option hadn’t appeared for her.

Thus, it could be assumed that the system had picked up on her being a ‘heavy club-user that fought while wearing Dark Copper armor,’ giving birth to the Dark Armor Heavy Club User Job.

“Boy, even my Job has become Wizard Princess!” Zadiris declared proudly, puffing her chest out as she emerged from Sam’s carriage after Pauvina.

It seemed that even the god of Jobs had acknowledged her as a magical girl.

“With this, my next Rank increase will no doubt be to ‘queen,’ will it not?!” said Zadiris.

“Yeah, that’s right!” said Zandia.

“Yes…” said Vandalieu.

“Eh… I’ll be cheering for you,” said Eleanora.

“Zadiris-san… I think it’s important to believe,” said Iris.

Only Zandia, the Zombie Princess, had given an enthusiastic response. Vandalieu and Eleanora’s were lukewarm, and even Iris was giving Zadiris a pained look.

“W-why are you responding in that way?! Even if you are joking, you should stop! It makes me feel a little uncertain!” Zadiris exclaimed.

“… Only a little, huh,” said Iris.




“Well then, I’m going to change Jobs now as well,” said Vandalieu.

“I-indeed,” said Zadiris.

Putting a stop to his meal, Vandalieu headed for Sam’s carriage.

“Bocchan, why don’t we create more Job-changing rooms once we get out of this place?” suggested Sam. “It seems rather inconvenient to have only a single room.”

The reason for his suggestion was likely because Zadiris had been forced to wait for her turn while Pauvina chose her Job.

Normally, there would be plenty of Job-changing rooms, with the government and every Guild each having one. There would sometimes be periods where lines formed outside them, but periods where they were not used at all would be more common.

It was likely that everyone hated to have to spend costs in building a room that couldn’t be used for anything other than Job-changes just to get rid of the lines that formed once in a while.

“I don’t think there will be any instances of multiple people needing to change Jobs at once after we leave the Trial of Zakkart, but… maybe it would be better to have one more,” Vandalieu said as he entered the Job-changing room and touched the crystal ball. “Now then, the Jobs are –”

《Jobs that can be selected:【Disease Demon】,【Spirit Warrior】,【Whip Tongue Calamity】, 【Vengeful Berserker】,【Dead Spirit Mage】,【Dark Healer】,【Magic Cannoneer】,【Dark King Mage】,【Divine Enemy】,【Creation Guider】,【Fallen Warrior】,【Insect Nin】,【Destruction Guider】,【Enchanter】,【Dungeon Master】,【Demon King】,【Chaos Guider】》

“… Never mind the other two, why is ‘Demon King’ there?”

He could understand Dungeon Master. His current Job was Labyrinth Creator, so Dungeon Master was probably its superior version.

He could somewhat understand Chaos Guider. It probably allowed him to guide others into chaos. It was the fifth Guider-type Job, but four or five of them were similar to each other.

But what about Demon King? Would it be good as a Job?

“I’ll pass on Demon King for now,” Vandalieu whispered, despite the fact that Sam could hear sounds inside the Job-changing room.

He pondered his next Job.

Was Dungeon Master appropriate? But at this point in time, his party weren’t experiencing any inconveniences other than being unable to Teleport outside. There was no guarantee that this Job would immediately allow him to do so, so perhaps it was best to choose one of the other Jobs.

With that being the case, let’s choose the Job with the name that seems like it would be the most useful for challenging the lower floors.

“I choose Creation Guider.”




《The Levels of the Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue), Enhanced Physical Ability (Hair, Claws, Fangs, Tongue), Thread Refining, Cooking, Golem Creation, Alchemy and Abyss Skills have increased!》

《You have acquired the Guidance: Creation Path and Creation Path Enticement Skills!》

《Guidance: Creation Path has combined with Guidance: Dark Demon Path and transformed into Guidance: Dark Demon Creation Path!》

《Creation Path Enticement has combined with Dark Demon Path Enticement and transformed into Dark Demon Creation Path Enticement!》

《The Labyrinth Construction Skill has awakened into the Labyrinth Creation Skill!》




Name: Vandalieu Race: Dhampir (Dark Elf) Age: 10 years old Title:【Ghoul Emperor】,【Eclipse Emperor】,【Guardian of the Cultivation Villages】,【Holy Son of Vida】,【Scaled Emperor】,【Tentacle Emperor】,【Champion】,【Demon King】,【Oni Emperor】 Job: Creation Guider Level: 0 Job history: Death-Attribute Mage, Golem Transmuter, Undead Tamer, Soul Breaker, Venom Fist User, Insect User, Tree Caster, Demon Guider, Archenemy, Zombie Maker, Golem Creator, Corpse Demon Commander, Demon King User, Dark Guider, Labyrinth Creator Attributes: Vitality: 9799 Mana: 2,321,253,359 (+1,160,626,679) Strength: 1807 Agility: 1537 Stamina: 1938 Intelligence: 4023 Passive skills: Superhuman Strength: Level 8 Rapid Regeneration: Level 3 Dark King Magic: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!) Status Effect Resistance: Level 10 Magic Resistance: Level 7 Dark Vision Dark Demon Creation Path Enticement: Level 4 (LEVEL UP! And transformed from Dark Demon Path Enticement!) Chant Revocation: Level 6 Guidance: Dark Demon Creation Path: Level 5 (Transformed from Guidance: Dark Demon Path!) Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!) Strengthen Subordinates: Level 8 Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue): Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Enhanced Agility: Level 5 Body Expansion (Tongue): Level 7 Strengthened Attack Power while Unarmed: Large Enhanced Physical Ability (Hair, Claws, Tongue, Fangs): Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Thread Refining: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Mana Enlargement: Level 5 Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!) Active skills: Bloodwork: Level 4 Transcend Limits: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) Golem Creation: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!) No-Attribute Magic: Level 9 Mana Control: Level 8 Spirit Form: Level 10 Cooking: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!) Alchemy: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!) Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 9 Multi-Cast: Level 8 Long-distance Control: Level 8 Surgery: Level 7 Parallel Thought Processing: Level 8 Materialization: Level 7 Coordination: Level 8 High-speed Thought Processing: Level 8 Commanding: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Thread-reeling: Level 6 Throwing: Level 6 Scream: Level 4 Dead Spirit Magic: Level 7 Artillery Technique: Level 7 Shield Technique: Level 4 Armor Technique: Level 4 Group Binding Technique: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!) Surpass Limits: Fragments: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)

Unique skills: God Devourer: Level 3 Grotesque Mind: Level 9 Mental Encroachment: Level 7 Labyrinth Creation: Level 1 (Awakened from Labyrinth Construction!) Demon King Fusion: Level 9 Abyss: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Divine Enemy Soul Devour: Level 3 Vida’s Divine Protection Earth’s Dark Gods’ Divine Protection Demon King fragments: Blood Horns Suckers Ink Sacs Carapace Scent glands Luminescent organs Blubber Jaws Eyeballs Proboscis Fur Exoskeleton Jointed legs Antenna Curses  Experience gained in previous life not carried over  Cannot learn existing jobs  Unable to gain experience independently




The lower floors of the Trial of Zakkart, which the party would soon face, apparently contained trials and riddles directly related to the creation-oriented champions’ special abilities and the things that they had created in the past.

Thus, Vandalieu wasn’t surprised that the Levels of Skills related to creating things, such as Golem Creation, Cooking and Alchemy, had increased.

But he hadn’t expected the Thread Refining and Venom Secretion Skills to increase in Level as well. Perhaps there was a bonus to things created from his own body.

As for Abyss… why had its Level increased? Was it because he had continuously been stared at by (presumably) Gufadgarn?

“But Labyrinth Creation… does Creation Guider give bonuses to creating Dungeons?” Vandalieu wondered.

He tried Teleporting, but it was impossible. But perhaps he would be able to create an A-class Dungeon once he returned to the surface.

“Well then, I suppose I’ll go and tell everyone.”

His Guidance had begun to sound even more dangerous, but he had already decided not to care about that anymore.




Job explanation:

Labyrinth Creator

A Job that can be acquired by those who can create Dungeons.

As Mana is needed to create Dungeons, the Mana Attribute Value is the one that increases the most, and as for Skill bonuses, the Job allows the acquisition of Skills such as Labyrinth Construction (or a superior version) and Space-Attribute Magic.

In addition, it can be assumed that there are slight bonuses to creation-oriented Skills such as Construction, Engineering and Carpentry.




Name: Pauvina Race: Half-Noble Orc Age: 6 years old Title: None Job: Dark Armor Heavy Club User Level: 0 Job history: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Club User, Heavy Club User, Beast Club User, Guardian Warrior Passive skills: Night Vision Superhuman Strength: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!) Enhanced Vigor: Level 1 Physical Resistance: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!) Increased Attack Power while equipped with a Blunt Weapon: Medium (NEW!) Increased Defensive Power while equipped with Metal Armor: Medium (NEW!) Increased Defensive Power while equipped with a Shield: Medium (NEW!) Mental Resistance: Level 3 (NEW!) Intuition: Level 1 (NEW!) Active skills: Club Technique: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!) Throwing: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!) Armor Technique: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!) Shield Technique: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Surpass Limits: Level 4 (NEW!) Housework: Level 1 (NEW!) Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 3 (NEW!) Dismantling: Level 2 (NEW!) Unique Skills: Garess’s Divine Protection (NEW!) ■■■■■’s Divine Protection (NEW!)




She has acquired the Dark Armor Heavy Club User Job; it could be assumed that this is a subtype of Club User or Magic Club User that fights while wearing Dark Copper armor.

Even ignoring the size of her body, she appears older than Vandalieu; if she were a human, she would be equivalent to about nine years old in age. Her Skills are equal in Level to a B-class adventurer’s, and with her already-high Attribute Values increased by Guidance: Dark Demon Creation Path, her fighting strength is at the point where she can aim for a promotion to A-class.

She was given a long, thin object by Vandalieu in her dream, and she now possesses the divine protection of Garess, the god of warriors. Divine protections are never bad, so she doesn’t mind not knowing what kind of divine protection it is.

She has somehow acquired a resistance Skill that protects her from effects on her mind, but it can be assumed that she has acquired this because she is frequently in the company of Vandalieu and his companions.

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