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Chapter 217

Matthew was in the back garden of the orphanage . Marsha, one of his many siblings with whom he shared no blood relation, had caught a mouse and taught it tricks .

“Oswald, sit! Lie down!” Marsha said to the very ordinary mouse in her palm .

It simply stared up at her, not listening .

“Good boy . Here’s your reward,” she said, giving it some breadcrumbs .

The mouse immediately stood on its hind legs, took the crumbs with its front paws and began eating hungrily .

“Marsha, this mouse just wants to eat . You definitely haven’t tamed it,” said Matthew in an exasperated tone .

Marsha puffed up her cheeks . “That’s not true! Oswald likes me more than your bat likes you, Matthew-niichan!”

“M-my Nightwing likes me too! He never flies away from me even when I lift it up!”

“He’s still a baby, so he can’t, can he! He’ll definitely fly away once he grows up!”

“That’s not true! He ate food out of my hand earlier today!”

Marsha’s mouse was named Oswald, and Matthew had a young bat named Nightwing .

The reason that Matthew and Marsha were trying to tame animals was because Tamers were currently very popular among the children in the orphanage .

The reason for this popularity was Vandalieu’s visits to the orphanage to make donations, during which he had been accompanied by Fang, Maroru, Urumi and Suruga .

Despite the fact that it was winter and not many animals were around, the children had found small animals that might be good pets and were trying to tame them .

Some, like Marsha, caught mice while others, like Matthew, caught baby bats that had been abandoned in the attic… Once spring came, it was likely that the children would be trying to take the frogs and snakes that came out of hibernation .

This was because the orphanage’s food situation had improved to the point that there was not only enough food for the orphans, but enough to feed the small animals as well .

Vandalieu, the cause of this taming trend, was dealing with it appropriately . He had told the children to show him any animals they had caught . This was so that he could cast the ‘Sterilization,’ ‘Disinfect’ and ‘Bug Killer’ spells to prevent the children from catching any diseases from the mice and bats .

“Hey, don’t fight,” said the nun Seris as she entered the back garden, having noticed their argument .

“But Seris-oneechan, Matthew-niichan’s…!” Marsha whined .

“Marsha told me I haven’t tamed Nightwing!” Matthew complained .

“Marsha, Oswald will be bothered if you talk so loudly,” said Seris . “Matthew, that bat is still just a child, so don’t rush things and raise it patiently until it grows up… and I think you could give it a more normal name,” she added . “Go inside, now . You’ll catch a cold – Huh?”

Right before Seris’s very eyes, a group of masked men leapt nimbly over the walls and dropped into the courtyard .

“Come quietly – Wait, what?” said one of the masked men – the earl’s spies .

Seris, Marsha and Matthew stood completely still, staring at them . The spies froze as they realized that they were the only ones there .

They were supposed to be capturing Aggar and his companions, but where in the world had they gone?

Seris let out a scream . “What are you, kidnappers?! Thieves?!” she shouted at the spies .

The spies came to their senses and realized that they were holding their weapons and the ropes for tying up Aggar and his companions; they looked like kidnappers or thieves themselves .

“P-please don’t harm the children!” Seris begged the spies .

“Fall back! Retreat!” one of the spies shouted .

Marsha let out a terrified scream as well .

“Damn you! Take this!” shouted Matthew, throwing stones at the spies .

Vestra, having heard the screams, came running . “What’s the matter?! What happened?!”

The spies fled the scene with great haste . They succeeded in leaping over the walls once more, but their minds were greatly shaken .

Just where had Aggar and his friends disappeared to?

There was snow in the courtyard . But Aggar and his friends’ footprints weren’t in the snow… Where the hell did they go?! Did they fly away or vanish like mist?! the captain of the spies wondered, bewildered .  But… how do we report this blunder to the earl?




Having entered the courtyard of the orphanage through the back door, Aggar and his companions crept behind the boy and the girl, the first two children that they would be kidnapping . They intended to put cloth bags over their heads from behind, cover their mouths through the cloth and carry them out .

But the Elf girl with long, silver hair quietly stood up .

“… You have crossed the line,” she said in a flat tone as she turned around to face the would-be kidnappers .

“It really is an Elf . Since when was there an Elf orphan here… Wait, Elves develop more slowly after they reach the age of ten . Are you one of the nuns?” one of Aggar’s companions asked, confused by the appearance of an Elf girl that had not been a part of their plans .

This orphanage was privately managed, and it was located in the slums . Aggar and his companions were city guards, and it was difficult to say that they were dedicated to their jobs . They were not particularly thorough when patrolling the slums, and there was no way that they would know the races and names of the orphans and nuns at the orphanage .

“Don’t bother talking to her, you fool! Who cares if she’s an orphan or one of the nuns, hurry up and kidnap her!” Aggar shouted quietly, displaying a surprising amount of caution .

His companions began moving forward again .

Since they had already been noticed, they took knives from their pockets, intending to threaten the children to capture them .

“If you scream or make any noise, I’m going to stick this knife in your belly . Hey, stand up already, you brat!” one of Aggar’s companions shouted as he forcefully reached out at the shoulder of the boy, who was still crouching and facing the other way .

But as his fingers touched the boy’s old, patch-covered jacket, they silently slipped right into it .

“Huh…?” he uttered, bewildered .

With a bubbling noise, what the man had thought was a boy of about ten years of age turned into a red-black fluid that began to suck the man in .

The man let out a scream . “W-what the hell is this?! H-help me!”

“I-it’s a Slime, a Mimic Slime that disguised itself as a brat! If we don’t help him quickly, it’s gonna dissolve and eat him!” one of Aggar’s other companions shouted .

The bubbling noise grew louder .

Kühl, the Satan Blood Mimic Slime that had disguised itself as a boy, let out a groan that made no attempt to conceal his discontent .

He had a refined taste; he didn’t want these people’s disgusting meat .

He was not trying to pull the man in to eat him, but to capture him .

“Shit, I should have brought my spear!” Aggar cursed .

The man being pulled in began gurgling as his face went under Kühl’s surface .

“Hurry up and find the core! He’s going to suffocate before he gets eaten!” one of the other men shouted .

All of them were repeatedly trying to stab Kühl with their knives, and this may have worked against an ordinary Rank 2 Slime, but Kühl was a Rank 11 Satan Blood Mimic Slime . Stabs with small knives by Aggar and his companions, who were just ordinary guards in terms of strength, wouldn’t harm him even if they aimed at his core .

“Shit! Oi, you’re the one who tamed this Slime, right?! Make it stop!” Aggar shouted, giving up on freeing his companion and pointing his knife towards the girl instead . “If you don’t –”

“I see . You intend to challenge me… Very well . It is too late to say that you are reckless and foolhardy,” said Gufadgarn, the evil god who resided in a vessel that had the form of an Elf girl, as she directed a cold gaze at Aggar .

“What are you…”

A line appeared on Gufadgarn’s nose . It stretched from her forehead to between her legs .

And with a creaking noise, Gufadgarn opened .

Aggar screamed .

Gufadgarn’s body was opening vertically as if it were a gate . From the darkness within, a countless number of enormous insect legs reached out to pull Aggar in .

“You are a fool . But I am sure that such words are impossible to understand for a creature that does not even notice that it was spared by the mercy of a great being,” Gufadgarn murmured .

“S-stop! Help, no, PLEASE!” Aggar begged desperately as the mysterious insect legs took hold of him and drew him in .

“You should have made your choice before you came through that door… before you crossed the line that you should not have crossed,” Gufadgarn said coldly .

Aggar was completely absorbed within Gufadgarn’s body, which closed again and returned to normal . His muffled screams vanished as the space within was cut off .

“A-Aggar?! Aggar’s been eaten!” one of the two remaining guards shouted .

“Run, we need to run!” shouted the other .

The two of them gave up on rescuing the one that had been captured by Kühl to escape from the orphanage .

But as they turned around, they saw that the door that they had come through had vanished .

“What?! Why…?!”

Aggar and his companions had not noticed that the door had been connected to a labyrinth ruled by Gufadgarn, the evil god of labyrinths .

The men had walked into the place of their execution .

“Do you want women, boys? Then come and eat me,” a voice said .

One of the men let out a dull scream as he was struck from behind with a fruit that was as hard as steel, and now there was only one left .

“Do you want children? Then come and play house with my daughters,” said another voice .

The last man was surrounded by monsters that were a combination of women and bees . He was eaten alive, and then there were no more .

Kühl made a questioning noise .

“… Luciliano’s order was for three more ‘new test subjects . ’ You captured two, Kühl… I wonder if there’s going to be a problem with that broken jaw?” asked Quinn, looking at the third man .

“That can be fixed,” said Eisen .

And with that, this place that resembled the back garden of the orphanage fell silent .




Meanwhile, Bachem, the Guild Master of the Morksi branch of the Tamers’ Guild, was in the reception room of Duke Alcrem’s mansion .

Tackard, the current Duke Alcrem, had summoned Bachem here saying that he wanted to hear what he had to say . Bachem had flown here on his tamed Huge Wyvern .

“It seems that this boy named Vandalieu and the Dark Elf that calls herself his mother are quite strange, and more importantly, quite exceptional . But it seems that they are acting under some special circumstances or for their own purposes,” said Tackard, a man with a drooping face who was approaching middle-age .

Naturally, what he had wanted to hear about was Vandalieu, who had appeared in the city of Morksi, the second Dhampir to appear in the kingdom .

Bachem had answered all of Tackard’s questions . Of course, Vandalieu was protected by the rules of the Tamers’ Guild, and there was almost no information available, so he had simply ended up telling Tackard everything he knew .

But Bachem wasn’t a spy, and he hadn’t been investigating Vandalieu .

“Duke, what I have just told you is information that almost everyone in the city already knows . Even the information regarding his tamed monsters could have been told to you by any of the city’s Tamers or Adventurers’ Guild members,” said Bachem .

Indeed, what Bachem had told Tackard was just information that would not be strange for anyone in the city to know, and information regarding his tamed monsters, which had been a Black Dog and Murder Rats at the time Bachem left the city .

This information could have been learned by a spy after a single day’s investigation, and it was not enough to deduce Vandalieu’s circumstances and intentions .

This wasn’t worth going to the effort of summoning Bachem, who wasn’t employed by the duke, to report .

“Hmm, I apologize for calling you out here so forcibly . But I did not have unreasonable expectations that you or I would be able to know or find out the inner thoughts of this Dhampir boy… Vandalieu Zakkart,” said Tackard .

Bachem had no obligation to report information about Vandalieu to the duke’s family, as he hadn’t committed any crimes .

Despite being harassed by the Commerce Guild, Vandalieu was continuing the operation of his food cart as if nothing had happened . He already had skills worthy of being called a capable tamer . He had associated the food carts in the back alleys with himself using Goblin and Kobold meat . His mother had summoned a familiar spirit of Vida .

All of this information was not something for Bachem to have to report to Tackard Alcrem . That was the job of the earl of the city of Morksi, and the intelligence agency that served the duke’s family .

“But you are likely the only one who could tell me about that boy’s nature . For some reason, he makes no attempt at registering at the Adventurers’ Guild, and Earl Morksi has only sent messengers to him once . As for the Commerce Guild…” Tackard trailed off . “I could not possibly summon the nuns at the orphanage or the rookie guard at the city’s gate . So, Bachem, what do you think of the boy’s character?”

“So that is why… However, I do think he is promising, but I do not know what he thinks of me . Thus, I cannot say anything with certainty . From my conversations with him, I thought that he is a very adult-like boy . He is calmer than and more rational than one would expect from how old he physically appears to be,” said Bachem .

“I see . Is there anything else that you have noticed?” Tackard asked .

Bachem searched through his memory, but he couldn’t think of anything in particular . “He is expressionless and he speaks with a flat tone, but I do not think he does not have emotions or is suppressing them; he is likely simply the kind of person whose emotions are not expressed on his face or in his voice . And I think he has a kind personality . At the very least, he is not short-tempered . ”

If Vandalieu wasn’t kind, he wouldn’t tame a stray dog or donate to an orphanage… And he had visited the orphanage personally to interact with the children, rather than as a publicity stunt .

On top of that, short-tempered people could not become Tamers . For tamed monsters to become as attached to their owners as Vandalieu’s, patience was required in addition to compatibility . That was what Bachem thought .

“I see . The views of someone who has directly met and spoken with him are precious, as I expected . I am grateful for your valuable opinion, Bachem,” said Tackard, nodding .

He knew a lot about Bachem, and considered his insight to be trustworthy… though this was also partially because Earl Morksi’s report had been rather strange .

According to his written report, he is always expressionless and his eyes are always empty, as if he is wearing a mask, making it seem that he has no human-like will . The earl suspected that he might be a puppet of the mother, but it does not seem that way, Tackard thought .  The other problem is his mother, who was able to summon a familiar spirit…

“What about the mother?” Tackard asked .

“I have not spoken to the mother personally, as she is not a Tamer… I have only heard her sermon at the Communal Church . However, I have not heard anything bad about her,” said Bachem .

“Hmm… but I have heard that she associates herself with a man who cannot be described as having dignity and nobility . ”

Darcia was treated like a saint after summoning a familiar spirit, but there were also rumors that she was the ‘Starving Wolf’ Michael’s woman .

Thinking that Tackard was referring to this, Bachem shook his head . “I know about the ‘Starving Wolf’ Michael, but it is just a one-sided affair in which he is attempting to court her . Their food cart is located in the red-light district, so she could not help but catch his eye,” he said . “And I do not believe that the man named Michael is as evil as the rumors make him out to be… He is the most pleasant of the red-light district bosses since I was first entrusted with the management of the Morksi branch of the Guild . ”

That was Bachem’s honest opinion .

“I see,” Tackard said with a nod, seeming to have no intention of denying this view . “To begin with, the fact that she has summoned a familiar spirit means that there is no doubt in her character . Alda’s extremists and fanatic worshipers of Bellwood do not hesitate in denouncing Vida as evil, but… if that were the case, Alda would not have allowed her to be resurrected . ”

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He was under the impression that Vida had been resurrected because Alda had forgiven her sins .

This was very far from the truth, but those who believed that Alda was the chief of the gods would not imagine that Alda’s authority could be undone by any other than Alda himself .

If Juliana were unharmed, she may have been a good mediator, but… No, there is no use in thinking about that, thought Tackard, remembering his younger sister that was supposed to have been ‘saved’ by Randolf at his own request .

Juliana had apparently always worshiped a variety of goddesses, and worshiped Vida particularly fervently . Tackard had only learned this information from others; he did not know her personally very well .

Tackard’s father, the previous Duke Alcrem, had suddenly introduced Juliana to him as his half-sister ten years ago . Going against the objections of Tackard and all of his own vassals, Tackard’s father had recognized her as his daughter, given her the surname ‘Alcrem’ and made her a member of the duke’s family .

He had at least made Juliana give up her rights to succeed as head of the family, but even so, his decision had caused much uproar . He had then died bringing her into the family, and Juliana had lived in the city, so she had not been educated as a noblewoman . Tackard had gone through much trouble – those attempting to use her to form connections with the duke’s family had been among the less serious problems; others had tried to trap her and chip away at the family’s influence .

The family had at least managed to make her appear to be a proper noble lady, but because of the circumstances around her birth, it wasn’t simple to offer her to another family as a bride . Juliana had become employed as a knight of her own will, but she had unfortunately been so successful that she was praised as a ‘princess knight . ’ And the main goddess she worshipped was Vida, the goddess of life and love .

Because of that, there were more people who had attempted to use her to cause political problems and harm the Alcrem family’s influence .

That was why Tackard had not made great attempts to save her after she was captured by the Minotaur King’s horde . Randolf had likely wondered why he would not use the family’s influence and assets to save her, but this country had eleven other dukes, and in the capital, there were more troublesome individuals than dukes .

It was highly likely that such individuals would accuse Tackard of intentionally setting her up to be captured, making her a tragic princess who was captured by a Minotaur King and then utilizing her… then tossing her away .

Tackard was particularly wary of Marshal Dolmad, as such conspiracies were his specialty .

I heard that he was trying to make the young Duke Sauron his puppet until recently, but it seems that Duke Sauron’s rule is not going very well . As someone who is aiming to become the next prime minister, he should be wanting to have something to use against the Alcrem family, Tackard thought .

Dolmad would make Juliana, who was oblivious to all of these things, his puppet . After dealing damage to the Alcrem family’s influence, he would put on a kind outward appearance, dispose of his puppet Juliana in some way and take control over the situation . It was a terrible thing to do, creating trouble and then profiting from it, but Tackard was certain that he was capable of doing something like that .

And the conservative Prime Minister Tercatanis seemed to be concerned that Vida’s resurrection had caused the people’s support to lean more towards Vida rather than Alda .

Politics and religion were separate things on the surface, but there had been plenty of organizations in the past waving the flag of Vida’s religion while they were actually nothing more than groups of insurgents .

Even just a few years ago, the Five-colored Blades had destroyed an organization formed by Lamias . The prime minister couldn’t be blamed for feeling apprehensive about the commoners’ abrupt change in religious beliefs .

It wasn’t as if Juliana only worshiped Vida, but… that didn’t mean that she couldn’t be used as a symbol by such organizations .

Rather than being humiliated and used by nobles in their conspiracies or by groups of insurgents, it would be better for her to be put to rest… No, it is for the honor and rule of my family . This is also one of the duties of someone who was born… was placed in, a noble family, thought Tackard .  Forgive me, Juliana… Hmm?

Suddenly sensing someone’s gaze, Tackard looked behind Bachem .

“Is there something wrong, Duke?” Bachem asked, looking puzzled .

There was nobody behind him . There was nowhere for any creature to be hiding, let alone a human . It was just a wall with a tapestry hanging on it .

“No, I thought I sensed someone’s gaze from behind you… I was just imagining things,” said Tackard .

“Come to think of it, I heard a rumor that when you were a child, people told you that you had the qualities to become a spiritualist for the duke’s family . Perhaps you saw a spirit?” Bachem suggested in a joking tone .

Tackard laughed . “You jest . It is true that I saw them in the past, but I do not even sense their presence now . ”

Could it be Juliana? Tackard thought to himself, even though he was smiling .

He filled his mouth with the now slightly-cold black tea, trying to drive this thought out of his mind .

But he could not forget it; he would find out later that day that he was wrong .

He received a report from Earl Isaac Morksi that there was a woman who appeared to be Juliana in Vandalieu’s care .

Of course, it was hard to say that this was good news for Tackard .




“I’m sorry, the Guild Master isn’t here today,” the receptionist said to Vandalieu, who had come to the Tamers’ Guild .

She was Bachem’s wife, and she had been at the Communal Church during Darcia’s sermon .

“Yes, I heard when I left through the city’s gate,” Vandalieu told her . “But it’s not that I want him to look at my tamed monsters today; I’m here today to buy new collars and change Jobs…”

“New collars? Have your monsters’ Ranks increased? Wow, no wonder my husband says you’re the kind of genius that only comes once every hundred years,” the receptionist said in admiration . “What kinds of collars do you want?”

Vandalieu explained the special characteristics of Fang and the rats . As the rats were indeed new races, the receptionist was very surprised, and the Guild would pay Vandalieu a cash reward .

It seemed that the Adventurers’ Guild was not the only Guild that offered rewards for discovering new races of monsters and capturing them alive or bringing back a body part that proved their existence .

“Reward money is paid as a collaboration between the Tamers’ Guild, the Adventurers’ Guild and the Mages’ Guild, so be aware that you won’t get more reward money even if you go and report them to the Adventurers’ Guild after this,” the receptionist told Vandalieu .

The existence of new races of monsters was of course necessary to the Tamers’ Guild and Adventurers’ Guild, but also to the Mages’ Guild as they could become the subjects of new research .

“And you’ve even discovered three at once… You might be even more amazing than my husband thinks you are . Aren’t you interested in working at the Tamers’ Guild?” the receptionist asked .

“Sorry, I have other things that I want to do for now,” said Vandalieu .

“I see . As you can see, the Tamers’ Guild is always short on help . If you ever feel like it, please come and work for us, even for short periods of time . We’ll treat you much better than the Commerce Guild . ”

There were many associate members that just handled ordinary livestock, but there were few full members that handled monsters compared to Adventurers’ Guild members .

That was why the Tamers’ Guild was always in need of promising Tamers .

“My husband raised his Wyvern from before it hatched, and he was a famous guy known as the ‘Flying Dragon User’ when he was still young . Not a Lesser Wyvern like the ones that have started to be selectively bred a few years ago, but a real, wild Wyvern . And he even increased its Rank,” said the receptionist boastfully . “Even now, he’s been summoned by the duke’s family, you see . ”

“… Is it alright for you to be telling me that?” Vandalieu asked .

“It’s fine . He’s probably just been asked to train young dragon knights who can’t make their Lesser Wyverns listen to them . He was summoned for the same reason last year, the year before and the year before that, you know?”

Lesser Wyverns were small, Rank 4 variants of Rank 5 Wyverns, which were considered to be the most inferior among dragons . They grew attached to people more easily than Wyverns, which was why dragon knights currently trained to discipline and ride on Lesser Wyverns first .

Once their Rank increased, they became ordinary Wyverns, so while it did take more time than taming a Wyvern, this method had a higher success rate .

… Incidentally, Fang and the rats were also Rank 4 .

“Ah, I’m sorry for getting carried away . I’ll prepare your reward money and collars, so go and change Jobs while you wait,” said the receptionist .

Vandalieu headed for the Job-changing room .

“… Maybe it’s best to have a Golem or spirit follow Bachem’s wife as well, like I did with Bachem,” Vandalieu said to himself .

It was possible that Birkyne or Murakami’s group would target Vandalieu’s associates and friends . Considering that danger, Vandalieu was turning their small possessions into Golems or making spirits follow them .

He wasn’t constantly watching over them, but he would notice if they were ever in danger… Well, it was little more than for his own peace of mind, but he felt far better having done this than if he hadn’t done it .

“Anyway, my Job change…”

Vandalieu turned his attention to the task at hand and touched the crystal ball inside the slightly small Job-changing room of the Tamers’ Guild .



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《Jobs that can be selected: Whip Tongue Calamity, Vengeful Berserker, Dead Spirit Mage, Dark King Mage, Divine Enemy, Fallen Warrior, Insect Nin, Destruction Guider, Dungeon Master, Demon King, Chaos Guider, Hollow King Mage, Eclipse Cursecaster, String User, Demon Ruler, Creator, Demiurge, Pale Rider, Tartarus, Wild Spirit, Dark Battery Cannoneer, Magic Staff Creator, Soul Fighter, God Destroyer, Dream Guider, Qliphoth, Dark Beast User (NEW!), Spirit Therapist (NEW!), Artisan: Transformation Equipment (NEW!)》




As always, there were new Jobs available .

“I suppose ‘Dark Beast User’ is there because of Fang and the others? And ‘Artisan: Transformation Equipment’ is because I’ve made so many transformation staves . ‘Spirit Therapist’… If it’s a spirit version of ‘Body Therapist,’ then it might be because Simon and Natania’s training is making progress,” Vandalieu murmured to himself .

Considering these options, Vandalieu wavered, but considering that he often guided people and gave them divine protections in his dreams, he thought it would be best if he could do so a little more consciously, so he went with the choice that he had originally planned .

“I select ‘Dream Guider,’” he said out loud .




《You have acquired the ‘Dream Path Enticement’ and ‘Guidance: Dream Path’ Skills!》

《The ‘Dream Path Enticement’ and ‘Guidance: Dream Path’ Skills have merged with other Skills to become ‘Dark Dream Demon Creation Path Enticement’ and ‘Guidance: Dark Dream Demon Creation Path!’》

《The Levels of the ‘Dark Dream Demon Creation Path Enticement’ and ‘Guidance: Dark Dream Demon Creation Path’ Skills have increased!》




Name: Vandalieu Zakkart Race: Dhampir (Mother: Goddess) Age: 11 years old Title: Ghoul Emperor, Eclipse Emperor, Guardian of the Cultivation Villages, Holy Son of Vida, Scaled Emperor, Tentacle Emperor, Champion, Demon King, Oni Emperor, Trial Conqueror, Transgressor, Black Blood Emperor, Elder Dragon Emperor Job: Dream Guider Level: 0 Job history: Death-Attribute Mage, Golem Transmuter, Undead Tamer, Soul Breaker, Venom Fist User, Insect User, Tree Caster, Demon Guider, Archenemy, Zombie Maker, Golem Creator, Corpse Demon Commander, Demon King User, Dark Guider, Labyrinth Creator, Creation Guider, Dark Healer, Disease Demon, Magic Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior, Bestower Attributes: Vitality: 124,978 (Increased by 25,757!) Mana: 4,799,781,976 (+3,359,847,383) (Increased by 1,178,128,303!) Strength: 15,508 (Increased by 1,650!) Agility: 11,066 (Increased by 1,417!) Stamina: 16,983 (Increased by 2,576!) Intelligence: 23,527 (Increased by 1,271!) Passive skills: Monstrous Strength: Level 1 Rapid Regeneration: Level 8 Dark King Magic: Level 5 Status Effect Immunity Magic Resistance: Level 9 Dark Vision Dark Dream Demon Creation Path Enticement: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Chant Revocation: Level 8 Guidance: Dark Dream Demon Creation Path: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 10 Strengthen Subordinates: Level 10 Deadly Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue): Level 1 Enhanced Agility: Level 7 Body Expansion (Tongue): Level 8 Strengthened Attack Power while Unarmed: Large Enhanced Body Part (Hair, Claws, Tongue, Fangs): Level 9 Thread Refining: Level 7 Mana Enlargement: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!) Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Strengthened Attack Power while activating a Magic Cannon: Medium Enhanced Vitality: Level 10 (NEW, LEVEL UP!) Enhanced Attribute Values: Reigning: Level 1 (NEW!) Active skills: Bloodwork: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!) Transcend Limits: Level 6 Golem Creation: Level 5 Hollow King Magic: Level 3 Precise Mana Control: Level 1 (Awakened from Mana Control!) Cooking: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Alchemy: Level 10 Soul Destruction Fighting Technique: Level 2 Greater Multi-cast: Level 1 (Awakened from Multi-cast!) Surgery: Level 8 Embodiment: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) Coordination: Level 9 Super High-speed Thought Processing: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!) Commanding: Level 9 Thread-reeling: Level 6 Throwing: Level 8 Scream: Level 7 Dead Spirit Magic: Level 8 Demon King Artillery Technique: Level 2 Shield Technique: Level 7 Armor Technique: Level 7 Group Binding Technique: Level 5 Surpass Limits: Fragments: Level 6 Unique skills: God Devourer: Level 6 Deformed Soul Mental Encroachment: Level 8 Labyrinth Creation: Level 3 Demon King: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!) Abyss: Level 7 Divine Enemy Soul Devour: Level 6 Vida’s Divine Protection Earth’s Gods’ Divine Protection Group Thought Processing: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Zantark’s Divine Protection Group Control: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Soul Form: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!) Demon King’s Demon Eyes Origin’s Gods’ Divine Protection Ricklent’s Divine Protection Zuruwarn’s Divine Protection Perfect Record Technique Surpass Limits: Soul: Level 1 Mutation Induction (NEW!) Demon King fragments: Blood Horns Suckers Ink sacs Carapace Scent glands Luminescent organs Blubber Jaws Eyeballs Proboscis Fur Exoskeleton Jointed legs Antenna Claws Compound eyes Gills Auxiliary brain Tumors Blood Vessels Tongue Lungs Fins
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Venom glands Bones Skin Treasure orb Demon Eyes Nerves Stomach Membrane Wings Curses Experience gained in previous life not carried over Cannot learn existing jobs Unable to gain experience independently




“I thought that the ‘Bloodwork’ Skill that Leveled up from drinking Mom’s blood every day and my ‘Enhanced Vitality’ Skill would finally awaken into new Skills, but I guess things aren’t going that well . And my Attribute Values are now all over 10,000,” Vandalieu murmured as he examined his Status and left the Job-changing room .



Name: Gufadgarn Rank: 13 Race: Evil god’s vessel Level: 78 Title: Evil God of Labyrinths, The Evil God behind Vandalieu, Adherent of Vandalieu, Champion Fanatic, She who creates trials Passive skills: Special Five Senses Mimicry: Elf Girl Rapid Regeneration: Level 10 All Attributes Resistance: Level 10 Enhanced Attribute Values: Vandalieu: Level 10 Enhanced Attribute Values: Guidance: Level 5 Mana Enlargement: Level 5 Active skills: Super Precise Dimensional Magic Mana Control: Level 10 Dimensional Magic: Level 5 Trap: Level 10 Silent Steps: Level 10 Coordination: Level 10 Commanding: Level 1 Unique skills: Grotesque Mind: Level 10 Evil God of Labyrinths: Level 10




The vessel of Gufadgarn, the evil god of labyrinths . Her consciousness and a portion of her power resides in it . Her experiences as a god have become Skills, so they are extremely polarized .

The vessel perfectly resembles an Elf girl, and it would be almost impossible to discern her true identity from her appearance, the scent of her body and her presence, but… the inside of her body is a Dungeon, and Gufadgarn’s true vessel, which has the form that she had before she became a god, lies within .




Name: Kühl Rank: 11 Race: Satan Blood Mimic Slime Level: 11 Title: Fake Vandalieu Passive skills: Blunt Damage Nullification Hunger Resistance: Level 3 Predator’s Super Restoration: Level 1 (Awakened from Predator’s Restoration!) Precise Body Form Manipulation: Level 3 (Awakened from Body Form Manipulation!) Secreted Poisonwork: Level 1 (Awakened from Venom Secretion!) Magic Resistance: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!) Superhuman Strength: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!) Physical Resistance: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Self-Enhancement: Guidance: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Enhanced Attribute Values: Mimicry: Level 2 (NEW!) Active skills: Silent Steps: Level 7 Bloodwork: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!) Surpass Limits: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!) Grow: Level 6 Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!) Coordination: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!) Charge: Level 3 Parallel Thought Processing: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!) Long-distance Control: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!) Infest: Level 4 Mimicry: Level 3 (NEW!) Unique skills: Vandalieu’s Divine Protection




Kühl, who has become a Satan Blood Mimic Slime after his Rank increase . He has the ability to camouflage so flawlessly that one would have to touch him to find out what he is .

But he is apparently particularly proficient at disguising himself as Vandalieu .




Job explanation: Bestower

A Job that allows one to induce mutations in those they have guided by bestowing a part of themselves (whether it be a part of their physical body or their spirit form) . It is unclear as to whether it can be called a ‘job’ as in an occupation, but it is displayed as a Job on the Status .

The mutations induced by this Job are not like transformations from human races into Vida’s races; they are mutations that are not influenced by any gods of this world, including Vida, who may be a parent of their original race .

This power is similar to that of the Demon King and evil gods .

Thus, it is likely that Vandalieu is the only one capable of acquiring this Job .