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Chapter 101-103

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Chapter 101 – In enemy hands (2)

She definitely didn’t want that kind of tragedy to occur to her own body .

Since that was the case, all she could do was to wait and see .

She was pushed to the front by Er Huang . While walking slowly, Su Luo’s thought process was like electricity . Plan after plan rapidly went through her head, as she thoroughly searched for a way to escape her predicament .

She struggled to break free of the ropes that bound her hands behind her back, but sadly found that the red rope actually became even tighter . The rope tightened so much that it practically cut into her flesh . Su Luo sucked in a cold breath and immediately abandoned this method .

“Tch——” Er Huang scoffed, “You think it’s just an ordinary rope? Truly laughable! That is the Restraining Spirit Rope! Someone who has no spiritual power actually wants to force it open? Dream on!”

Spirit strength, was it? After her sealed space had been opened, Su Luo was no longer that good-for-nothing without a bit of spirit power!

However, Er Huang once again opened her mouth and interrupted Su Luo’s sweet dreams, “Even if you have spirit strength, without knowing the method, then you are only trying to no avail!”

Su Luo suddenly became frustrated .

Alright, this method could also not be used .

While walking, Su Luo pretended to trip over her own feet and fell to the ground, with her back against the wall .

In an instant, she pulled out the new dagger from her space to cut the rope . To her displeasure, she discovered that the rope couldn’t be cut!

Okay then, she had to think of other ways .

Er Huang with a sneer, looked at her: “Stop trying, you can’t escape! Obediently come with me to the Jade Lake Palace!”

“Even though you know that I’m a space mage, you still use this method to invite me? You’re not afraid that I’ll blacken your name in front of your master?” Su Luo tried to use words to divert her attention .

“Blacken my name? You really think that you’re a notable person?” Er Huang laughed mockingly, casting a sidelong glance at Su Luo, with a face full of disdain, “Could it be that you don’t know that there is a magical technique called Control Intentions? It can directly control the human mind, making people into walking corpses . Do you really think that after you arrive at the Jade Lake Palace, you are able to choose?”

Control Intentions? Like walking corpses? Su Luo’s heart was palpitating with fear .

On the surface, Su Luo kept a wronged and lonely expression, but in her heart, she was secretly coming up with ideas .

This Jade Lake’s fairy’s maid must be killed before she meets up with the Jade Lake’s fairy! Su Luo absolutely could not let Er Huang leak out her secret, or else her life in the future would not be peaceful .

They eventually reached the end of the long secluded tunnel, and they had already walked past the long, winding underground river . Although Su Luo had racked her brain, she still had not thought of an escape plan . She could not help but be secretly anxious .

Now, speaking of the Jade Lake fairy’s side .

At the side of Nangong Liuyun, there currently stood the figure of a tall man dressed in black clothing . His entire body was wrapped in a black robe . He was standing rigidly straight, giving people a cold and harsh kind of feeling .

Nangong Liuyun received him . His gaze was devilishly charming and ruthless, revealing an ice-cold majestic light: “Are they all present?”

“Yes . ” The black -clothed man was very respectful . “Three thousand members of the Tigerwolf regiment have all been gathered, awaiting Your Highness’s command . ”

“Search the Sunset Mountain Range with full force, you must find her!” Nangong Liuyun’s face was a bit pale . Underneath his seemingly unperturbed eyes, was concealed a hawk-like penetrating sharp edge . His body was covered in a solemn and murderous aura . “If you can’t find her, then there’s no need to return to this king!”

“Yes sir!” The black-clothed man’s straight and tall body bent down in a bow . He paid his respects and then turned around .

He lifted his hands . Immediately, three thousand people, shrouded in black robes, split into groups of ten, scattering in all directions to search .

Standing nearby, the Jade Lake’s fairy had her fists clenched, looking at Nangong Liuyun once again speaking his desires, her serene and undisturbed face had a trace of fury that was difficult to conceal .

She never would have thought that Nangong Liuyun would actually send the Tigerwolf Regiment into the Sunset Mountain Range!

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Chapter 102 – In enemy hands (3)

Others would not know, but she knew . The lowest level in the Tigerwolf Regiment was at the third rank . Their average strength was at fourth rank . With such a strong team entering the forest… … She hoped that Qin Ning had already killed that slut and destroyed both the corpse and the evidence . Otherwise, this affair would become problematic .

Even more infuriating to the Jade Lake fairy was that this Tigerwolf Regiment had been secretly trained with painstaking effort, personally by Nangong Liuyun . These were his secret troops and one of his greatest trump cards . She had never thought that Nangong Liuyun, because of Su Luo, would reveal these troops .

This spoke volumes of Su Luo’s position in his heart!

This discovery, almost made Jade Lake fairy grind her teeth to dust!

“Third senior brother, is there a need to launch such a large campaign? Maybe Qin Ning has already found Su Luo . After all, the Tigerwolf Regiment is formed from five years of your blood and sweat . ” Jade Lake fairy had a perfect smile, similar to a warm summer breeze .

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of beautiful eyes were bright as stars, his face pallid yet resolute: “If the Tigerwolf Regiment can be exchanged for Luo girl’s safety . Don’t mention one troop, even if it’s all of them in the regiment, why would I be unwilling to part with them?”

As long as his Luo girl was safe, regardless of the price, he would pay it .

A malicious expression flashed across Jade Lake fairy’s eyes . She was only nearly able to continue maintaining her gently smiling face, except for a slight stiffening at the corners of her lips .

However, Nangong Liuyun was no longer looking at her, he had closed his eyes and started to heal his injuries through cultivation .

He had to quickly recover his strength, his Luo girl was still waiting for him .

Speaking of Su Luo’s side, she still did not know that Nangong Liuyun had already sent men out searching for her .

Being escorted by Er Huang like a criminal, Su Luo did her best to stall for time enroute, but eventually, she still needed to face the inevitable conclusion .

Seeing that they would be reaching that thousand-year-old ancient tree in another hour, Su Luo’s heart grew extremely anxious .

She guessed that the Jade Lake fairy would be at that thousand-year-old ancient tree . If Su Luo waited until she was in the Jade Lake fairy’s grasp, the situation she faced would be far different from the present . By then, it would be even harder to escape .

Su Luo’s heart was secretly worried .

Suddenly, just past the mountain peak, Er Huang’s footsteps stopped .

Her eyes coldly gazed at Su Luo, sneering: “Damnable girl, with your eyes circling around, still thinking to escape?”

Su Luo smiled sweetly and bluntly replied: “Haven’t you heard it before? Fugitives who don’t want to run aren’t good fugitives . ”

“Oh? Then you must be really disappointed . ” Er Huang raised the back of her blade and gestured at herself .

“What are you going to do?” Su Luo’s heart had a faint sense of dread .

“You’re not thinking about alarming everyone by shouting when we are near the camp, with the notion of attracting his highness Prince Jin’s attention, right? Say, how can I possibly give you such a chance?” Er Huang laughed treacherously . “So Miss Su, I will just have to work a little harder and carry you back . ”

“Hey, I’m very heavy!” Su Luo panicked .

“No problem, I can carry you . ” Er Huang laughed shadily with a measuring look .

With her words barely finished, Er Huang struck without warning towards the back of Su Luo’s neck with the blunt side of her blade .

If she were to be knocked out, she would really become fish meat on the chopping board, to be taken advantage of . Su Luo started to panic in her anxiety, but she could not come up with any solution .

Presently, both her hands were bound by a red rope made of an unknown material, with the slightest movement causing it to constrict even tighter . By now, it had already cut into her flesh . If she moved again, it would probably slice off her hand .

Extreme anxiety filled Su Luo’s heart, yet there was nothing she could do .

However, the goddess of fortune had always stood on Su Luo’s side .

Even though she let Su Luo experience numerous catastrophes, even being hunted down by countless people, she would always deliver a pleasant surprise at the very last moment . Just like right now .

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Chapter 103 – Shaken to the core (1)

Just at the crucial moment when Er Huang’s sword was about to cut into Su Luo’s back, suddenly, the vast silhouette of a divine beast emerged from behind Er Huang .

Abruptly, a black whirlwind arrived .

Immediately, the sandstorm left pebbles in its path, and dust covered the sky . A desolate and harsh aura rapidly spread in all directions, even the night had gained a savage, bloody atmosphere .

A familiar omen, an ominous premonition, Su Luo turned around and ran!

“You still want to run!” Er Huang let out a cold laugh, raising the sword and stabbed towards Su Luo’s back .

Su Luo’s heart was extremely anxious .

Er Huang was enough trouble, why had the Venerable divine dragon also came back to, join the action? Didn’t she and her treasured son already return home?

This situation was really that when it rains, it pours! All the misfortune had been encountered by her . Su Luo felt her heart crying out that it was unfair .

Er Huang’s sword fiercely struck out, however, the moment it came within twelve centimeters (1) of Su Luo, it stopped .

The sword tip sat there frozen in midair, unable to advance even another centimeter forward .

Moreover, in this life, Er Huang would never be able to advance forward a single centimeter more .

It was because at this moment, her body seemed to be held in place . Her entire body was stiff as iron, standing there like an ice sculpture . Her jaw could not stop shuddering, cold sweat pouring down her forehead . She seemed to be enduring a great deal of pain .


Only the sound of a loud –BOOM– could be heard .

Su Luo used all her strength to thrown her entire body forward, protecting her head and firmly lying on her stomach on the ground .

It was only after the noise had ended that she had unsteadily stood up and looked back .

With this one look, even she, who had seen countless bloody scenes, could not help but be speechless .

Er Huang’s entire body had exploded . Her limbs were scattered all around, and blood was splattered all over the place . The flesh on her body was charred to a crisp, even her skeleton had almost turned into powder . The ground was drenched in blood, marked with smears of guts and gore . This was a scene that could make anyone seeing it to throw up .

Su Luo turned around and wanted to run, but the divine dragon had already appeared in front of her .

Facing the divine dragon’s pair of ice-cold eyes that were like an ancient abyss, Su Luo’s heart involuntarily trembled . A chill that she had never felt before slowly rose from the soles of her feet to the rest of her body, to her limbs and through her bones .

She even felt that her back was trembling .

Just now, Er Huang’s body exploding was clearly the divine dragon’s handiwork .

It only had to wave a claw, and Er Huang had exploded tragically, not even leaving behind a skeleton . Thinking about how from the start she had kidnapped its treasured son… Su Luo felt her forehead covered with cold sweat .

All of a sudden, the enormous divine dragon in front of her changed shape, before Su Luo’s eyes, unexpectedly appeared the uttermost beautiful and handsomest man!

A head of silvery, snow-white hair that poured down in torrents, lightly and wantonly dancing in the wind . It curved lovingly and was inseparable from that beautiful face, poetic and picturesque like a painting .

A noble and stern face, with an expression clearly written in four characters: I alone am supreme .

This, this person… could this be the Venerable divine dragon that was chasing her and trying to kill her earlier? Actually, it was not a dragon mother, but a dragon father?

Su Luo felt as if her throat was being choked, unable to say a word .

“Insignificant human . ” The Venerable divine dragon’s phoenix eyes narrowed, a murderous aura flashed from the depth of his eyes .

Su Luo had all along kept a close watch on the eyes of the Venerable divine dragon . Upon seeing the murderous intent, without having to think, she immediately dropped down in a protective posture and rolled into a big hole beside her .

1) one cun = 3 . 715 cm or 1 . 46 inches . It measures the width of a person’s thumb at the knuckle . Here the author used three cun, so about 12 centimeters .

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