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Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 - Traveling to Xian's Wood Residence (7)

When it comes to love, the more you loved, the more passive you were, and vice versa .

So, in this war of love, Su Luo held absolute power and authority .

Nangong Liuyun smiled from ear to ear and nodded his head: "This king wants only you alone . "

"There is still that Li Yaoyao, you deal with it properly . " Su Luo gave a heavy snort .

Just how much trouble had this Li Yaoyao brought Su Luo?

At the heart of this matter was Nangong Liuyun this source of calamity .

Nangong Liuyun raised his hand and swore: "I will definitely deal with it properly, I have to . "

From the moment she hurt his family's treasured Luo girl, she had taken the road to her death with no way back .

Seeing Su Luo thinking with her head tilted and those round eyes turning in circles, Nangong Liuyun felt that his family's treasured Luo girl was too adorable .

"What other conditions do you have, tell me all of it now . " Nangong Liuyun curiously and generously waved his hand .

"For the time being I haven't thought of it . " Su Luo thought about it for a really long time, but still couldn’t come up with anything .

It was all because Nangong Liuyun had always spoiled and pampered her to the extremes since the beginning, making it impossible for her to find a bone to pick with him .

The two people confided to each other .

This was the first time they both had clearly expressed their own feelings to each other .

After the confessions, the vague, hazy and blurred feelings were finally certain .

"Luo Luo, let's get married after returning from Xian's Wood Residence, okay?" Nangong Liuyun gazed at her determinedly with deep emotions, his beautiful eyes were full of expectations .

He had never wished for nor hoped for that day to come as much as now .

Was Nangong Liuyun proposing to her right now?

Su Luo's body was startled as she stared blankly . She looked at him somewhat in disbelief .

"This… isn't it a bit too fast?" Su Luo's brain short-circuited .

They had just figured out their feelings, and to get married now? Wasn't it a bit too fast?

Nangong Liuyun thought that Su Luo was unwilling, so he didn't make it difficult for her . He smilingly stroked her soft hair and said: "Everything will be done according to your wishes, as long as you're always by this king's side, then this king had nothing else he want to ask for . "

How difficult was it for Nangong Liuyun to say these words?

In his entire life, only with Su Luo would he be so sincere and held nothing back .

"We will always, always, be together . " Su Luo saw the slight disappointment deep in his eyes, finally, she still nodded her head, "Okay, once we return from Xian's Wood Residence, we'll get married . "

But the nine different palaces in the Xian's Wood Residence was famous for how difficult it was to challenge them . So to pass all nine challenges was even more difficult .

Could they really obtain the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort? Could it really fix her broken body?

Everything was still uncertain .

While chatting, because Su Luo's body didn't have enough physical strength to continue her eyes closed tightly and she sank into deep sleep .

Nangong Liuyun sat on the bed, tenderly and carefully caressed her hair .

"Luo Luo, believe in me, everything will get better . " He tone was as steady as a boulder .

"No matter what, I will have you cured!" Nangong Liuyun's determination was exceptionally firm .

A night without speaking .

Early morning the next day, with the first glimmer of dawn's light, Rong Yun appeared inside the room .

"This is a hundred Vitality Pills . " Master Rong Yun took out a palm-sized white jade bottle from his sleeve, and handed it over to Su Luo .

"Master, this…" Su Luo was somewhat stunned .

These were Grandmaster grade Vitality Pills ah, just take one of this out would make the strong experts fight over it .

But now, her family's Beautiful Teacher had given her a whole bottle .

With regards to his esteemed person these Vitality Pills like a bottle of jelly beans right?

Before that bottle didn't have much, but now, this bottle had a total of a hundred pills .

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