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Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 – Between life and death (3)

At the same time, he arranged an imprisonment with a range of one hundred meters, confining Su Luo's movements .

He just didn't believe that this time, he would still let Su Luo escape!

This time, the white-clothed person used one hundred percent of his strength!

This thrust had all his strength placed in it .

He opened his eyes wide, afraid that this time, his vision would blur once again .

However, he didn't know that he would never be blurry-eyed again .

Because he had already fallen down for eternity, never to wake up again .

Nangong Liuyun's berserk golden fist that emitted an endless violent energy, heavily smashed towards his back .

All of the white-clothed person's bones rapidly cracked, shattering into pieces . Until finally, he turned into a lump of minced meat, falling softly to the ground .

Up ahead, Su Luo staggered and almost fell down .

Nangong Liuyun turned around and went to her, with quick steps, he caught her and placed her tightly in his embrace .

"Luo Luo . " Nangong Liuyun stared at her nervously, examining her body from head to toe .

From the moment he saw that long sword thrust towards Su Luo until now, Nangong Liuyun's figure still trembled slightly .

"Damn it!" With this examination, Nangong Liuyun got so angry that he nearly went crazy .

His precious Luoluo—these days, he had carefully attended to her with all of his heart . And with great difficulty, he had finally gotten a little healthy color from Luo Luo . Now, her body's internal organs and veins were in disorder, even more, the lapel of her coat was mottled with bloodstains .

Falling into his embrace, Su Luo opened her pair of weak eyes . The corners of her mouth slowly formed a gorgeous smile: "Nangong, I just knew you would rush over . "

Nangong Liuyun's pair of icy, gloomy, cold and bloodthirsty eyes . At the corners of his eyes, he restrained them slightly but it was full of self-blame .

"Luo Luo… I almost—I almost lost you again…"

He had vowed before that he would never let her get hurt again; he had vowed to protect her well . But now, she was hurt right in front of his eyes .

A breeze caressed his jet-black as ink hair . That beautiful and exquisite appearance was full of heartache and guilt .

Su Luo smiled weakly: "Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault . "

"No, it's my fault!" Nangong Liuyun said, "The Snow Lion would never attack us without cause or reason . The reason for this is well worth thinking over!"

Nangong Liuyun's gaze turned to that white-clothed person's badly mutilated body . His pitch-black, ink-like eyes emitted a faint, hidden light with a strange measuring look .

No one knew what Nangong Liuyun was thinking .

"The wounds on your body…" The bright red blood on the front of Su Luo's body deeply stung his pair of eyes .

Nangong Liuyun's pair of eyes narrowed slightly, springing up with a ruthlessness .

"The little divine dragon left to hunt down the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox . Hopefully he can capture it . " Su Luo weakly rested her head against his chest . Rubbing against it for a moment, searching for a comfortable position to lean against .

Earlier, when she was avoiding the white-clothed person, she used teleport twice in a row, almost exhausting all of her strength .

At this time, she always felt as if oxygen was being extracted out from her brain, leaving a blank sheet . Moreover, she felt so nauseated that she wanted to vomit .

Seeing Su Luo's pale appearance, Nangong Liuyun once again hated that he wasn't an Apothecary .

"We'll go look for the little divine dragon . " He had never been the kind of person to sit and wait for death or to entrust to chance rather than show initiative . His policy was always to take the initiative to attack .

With a quick turn of his agile body, Nangong Liuyun got up and slapped awake the Dragon Scaled Horse . Very quickly, they were far away from this bloodstained, snow covered ground .

"Were all three beasts killed?" Su Luo, who had suffered excessive blood loss, kept feeling like her whole body was cold and was unable to stop shivering .

"I killed two . " Nangong Liuyun's appearance was cold and stiff, and his gaze was extremely cold like iron . However, when he spoke to Su Luo, his gaze was so tender and warm that water could drip out .

"Releasing the tiger back into the mountains will cause no end of trouble . " Su Luo's tone carried regret, that didn't disperse for a long time .

The Snow Lion species' race, because it had low numbers, so they were very united . Moreover, they liked to hold grudges; they would certainly seek revenge .

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