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Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 - Nine Different Palace Halls (5)

However, he continued to commit suicide until there was no way out . While Nangong Liuyun once again was tut-tutting on the side closing in on him .

The situation afterwards, was simply Second Brother forcing him to move, step by step, everything was all pushed forward by him .

Wherever Nangong Liuyun wanted him to go, after he pondered over the potential moves and results, he still could only move that step Nangong Liuyun had arranged .

He continuously resisted, continuously seeking ways to break out of the enclosure, but he was powerless .

Tricky and unpredictable, everything was within a turn of his hand .

This round of chess make Beichen Ying's heart extremely depressed and disheartened .

However, he had just stood up, when he suddenly felt a heat slowly rise from his pubic region .

Beichen Ying stared blankly at his second brother and was immediately speechless .

"What are you waiting for . " Nangong Liuyun gracefully and languidly cast him a glance .

Compared to Beichen Ying's excitement, Nangong Liuyun seemed a lot more calm .

"Eh, oh!" Only then did Beichen Ying come to his senses!

This chess game was not played in vain, Nangong was using the power of his tenth rank to pressure him to a critical point . At the last moment, Nangong helped him break through .

Beichen Ying had already been stuck at the beginning of the eighth rank for a long time and couldn't breakthrough . Now, under Nangong Liuyun's pressure, his confined spirit power unexpectedly began to loosen .

Beichen Ying, without saying anything further, sat cross-legged and sank into this moment of enlightenment .

The corner of Su Luo's mouth stuck up slightly .

Every layer of the Nine Different Palace Halls was dangerous, Beichen Ying was very fortunate to be able to break through at this time .

The people on Li Yaoyao's side saw Beichen Ying playing chess, and then all of a sudden, he sat down in a moment of enlightenment . Each and every one of them looked at each other in dismay .

Even playing chess could lead to a breakthrough? Impossible right?

Just at this moment, the black clouds in the sky changed, a countless amount of spirit power gathered around Beichen Ying's body .

Beichen Ying simply felt a vast and limitless amount of spirit power coming together into one, like a sharp blade thrusting towards him, thin as a cicada wing's shield .

For a moment, it was like a violent huge wave breaking through a dam . The spirit power grandiosely and madly rushed forth along the way .

On top of Beichen Ying's head, rays of light continuously sprung up, until finally, it all converged into a sphere that entered into his head .

"Even like this you can advance a rank?" The Luo siblings simply became flabbergasted from watching .

Beichen Ying broke through from the beginning of the eighth rank to the middle of the eighth rank .

Just when everyone was bewildered and without waiting for them to take a breath .

One after another, rays of light once again entered Beichen Ying's entire body .

"Heavens, oh heavens, this is impossible, right?" Luo Dieyi's mouth was opened wide as she foolishly stared .

Luo Haochen was also in disbelief .

Those spirit power that didn't enter Beichen Ying's body once again converged, and finally, became a ball of light that flew into Beichen Ying's mind .

"Peak of the eighth rank? All of a sudden, in such a short time, he is already at the peak of eighth rank?" Luo Haochen muttered to himself .

Ever since he was buried underground with his body seriously injured, the old ancestor of his family had taken out a spirit medicine that had been collected for countless years for him to use .

At the same time, five experts in his family was sacrificed, using a secret method to cut off a portion of their spirit power for him to use . Like this, he was only able to be promoted to the peak of the eighth rank .

However, that bastard Beichen Ying, just sat down to play a game of chess and was then promoted? Moreover, he was even promoted two ranks in a row?

How could you ask Luo Haochen to endure this ah?

At this moment, everyone present had cast their gazes towards Nangong Liuyun .

Beichen Ying's advancement absolutely had something to do with him!

When everyone was still dumbstruck, Beichen Ying slowly opened his eyes .

Nangong Liuyin indifferently glanced at him: "Your state still hasn't taken shape, it needs to be strengthened in battle . "

The implication being that he needed to battle, battle and battle once again .

Through endless battles, his state would stabilize and thereby, he would truly to be in control of the strength at the peak of eighth rank .

"Ok!" Beichen Ying excitedly nodded his head repeatedly!

The past two years, he had eaten enough suffering in the Magical Beast Forest . Only through fighting without sleeping was he able to be promoted from the seventh rank to the eighth rank .

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