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Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 – White Jade Bridge (4)

Su Luo smiled faintly . She threw a glance with a smile which wasn't a smile at her: "Don't need to trouble the Jade Lake's fairy to labor over it . Nangong Liuyun will definitely help me cross the bridge . "

Su Luo naturally knew what words would hit Li Yaoyao the hardest .

When Li Yaoyao heard these words, the hands by her side clenched tightly into fists, with an irritated expression, she glared at Su Luo: "Then we'll wait and see!"

"En, we will have to wait and see . " Su Luo said with a smile .

After she finished saying this sentence, Su Luo covered her lips, and lightly coughed twice, as if she was spent .

Nangong Liuyun's heart ached seeing her like this and he transferred more spirit energy to her . With great difficulty, he had managed to nurse her body back to health by a little bit .

"Miss Li, just taking care of yourself will be fine . " Nangong Liuyun swept an annoyed glance at Li Yaoyao .

Li Yaoyao had a breath stifled in her throat, she nearly suffocated from holding it back .

If other people had said this, Li Yaoyao wouldn't have cared . But the person who said this just so happened to be her Third Senior Brother, whom she cared about the most .

Heaven knows that his every word and action, every expression, were enough to destroy her .

Right now, he was staring at her with a face full of annoyance…

Li Yaoyao tightly bit down on her lower lip, almost drawing blood .

Situ Ming wanted to say something, but the oppressive power of an expert coming from Nangong Liuyun's body was truly too strong . So much pressure, that he didn't dare budge .

Nangong Liuyun humphed heavily, and did not feel like paying more attention to Li Yaoyao again .

His attention was all placed onto the white jade bridge .

Beichen Ying stood by Nangong Liuyun's side, looking at the white jade bridge . His expression was serious and grave: "The white jade bridge is endlessly long . Everywhere, there is danger on it, impossible to defend effectively against it . "

Nangong Liuyun calmly stood in place for a long time . His lanky body was tall and straight, just like a pine tree .

He stood with hands behind his back, immediately giving him a respectable and extraordinary temperament which imposed fear onto others .

He heard Beichen Ying talk endlessly without getting to the point and didn't say anything . He had an indifferent and cold expression in his eyes .

"Who will go first and who will go last?" Beichen Ying finally asked .

Nangong Liuyun's pair of long and narrow, beautiful eyes were deep and unfathomable .

"You guys go first . " Nangong Liuyun's dark red lips slowly hooked into a smile, and his eyes were as bright, clear and dazzling as crystal stones .

Beicheng Ying had always looked to Nangong Liuyun as the leader . Since Nangong had said so, he would naturally comply .

"Alright . The two of us will go first . Then what about you two?" Beichen Ying glanced at Su Luo with worry .

Nangong Liuyun possessed remarkable abilities . How could this white jade bridge be a problem for him? The only thing he was worried about was Su Luo .

"You don't need to worry, I have my plans . " Nangong Liuyun's beautiful eyes were handsome like bright stars, and profoundly mysterious .

Beichen Ying said something to Zi Yan, then the two of them prepared to set foot onto the white jade bridge .

"Wait a minute!" Luo Haochen, who had been silent all this time, suddenly called out .

"What? You guys want to be the first to cross?" Beichen Ying raised his eyebrows with a smile that wasn't quite a smile .

"You really guessed right . We want to be the first to cross . Elder Brother Beichen, is it possible for you to let us?" Luo Haochen smiled from ear to ear as he walked to in front of the Beichen Ying pair .

Beichen Ying frowned .

There were both dangers and favorable circumstances involved with being the first to cross the white jade bridge .

Because the first to cross would have no experience and serve as a sacrificial reference . It could be said they were like a probing stone .

If they were the first to pass, there naturally would be many benefits . Although they didn't know the grading criteria, but being the first across would be shown some consideration in points, okay .

Luo Haochen, who had already gotten one round of benefits, naturally wouldn't let this go .

Only he and Luo Dieyi knew just how much of a defiance of nature were the benefits of the light beam .

Those kinds of benefits were worth them using their lives to risk it all for .

"You guys are sure you want to be the first to cross?" Beichen Ying had both his hands crossed behind his back . His lanky body stood tall and straight where he was .

His brows knitted slightly, clearly not very happy .

"I hope Brother Beichen will help . " Luo Haochen had a firm expression on his face, not allowing for refusal .

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