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Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 – White Jade Bridge (13)

Whereas Su Luo, who was in a dangerous situation, had a relaxed and leisurely expression without a trace of alarm .

Just at this moment, Nangong Liuyun had finished making the complicated seals with his hand .

Suddenly, in the sky, a lightning dragon serpent shaped leapt by!

Immediately following were countless number of lightning dragon serpents that approached like a torrential rush . All of them smashed towards the ground!

The water that Nangong Liuyun sprinkled before, none of the Iron-spined Cheetahs had paid it any mind, completely ignoring it .

But now, it finally showed its usefulness .

The places where the thunderous lightning passed, one could only hear a burst of crackling sounds .

The sounds would not end!

Those Iron-spined Cheetahs that had rushed up, suddenly had their bodies wrapped around by the lightning dragon serpents .

Those purplish-red sturdy bodies were completely enveloped among the flaming lightning serpents .

Each and every one of the Iron-spined Cheetahs were like hanging neon lamps, flickering incessantly .

Su Luo simply gasped in amazement while watching this .

What kind of amazing scene was this?

Wasn't Nangong Liuyun too cool, okay?

Running to mid-air like this, then sprinkling down several basins of water . Then, he had lightning after lightning smashing down, afterwards, he was able to wrap up these Iron-spined Cheetahs at the summit of ninth rank to a stop .

Nangong Liuyun leisurely stood in mid-air, his gaze was serene and godlike, aloof and remote as he looked down at the masses .

And those Iron-spined Cheetahs that were wrapped up by the flaming lightning dragon serpents were like the lowly ants . Even though just one of these Iron-spined Cheetahs released in the world could overturn a country .

Nangong Liuyun, seeing Su Luo's shocked little expression, secretly rejoiced in his heart and raised an eyebrow, being proud of himself .

Recalling what Su Luo had said before, our Highness Prince Jin, with a flap of his hand, tossed an Iron-spined Cheetah into the protective covering .

The Iron-spined Cheetah that was tossed into the protective covering had the lightning around it already erased by Nangong Liuyun .

Because our Highness Prince Jin loved his family's Luo girl the most, wherefore would he allow her to be injured even a little bit?

Even though the lightning around it was erased, this Iron-spined Cheetah was already gasping its last breath .

According to normal evaluation of its health, the only thing left of this Iron Spined Cheetah was a layer of blood and fur . It was so weak that it was more or less dead .

How great of a rapport did Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun have?

Su Luo immediately understood his intent with this Iron-spined Cheetah that was tossed in .

She rummaged around her sleeves and took out that Yan Hua dagger .

Even though the Iron-spined Cheetah was almost dead, its fur was still tough with thick flesh, other weapons simply could not cut through .

Even using the Yan Hua dagger, Su Luo felt it was still difficult .

Su Luo, as an assassin, when killing a person was how direct and efficient?

However, now faced with the motionless Iron-spined Cheetah allowing her to slaughter, Su Luo wished to cry but lacked the tears .

Because she almost couldn't cut into its defense .

"Slice, slice——"

The Yan Hua dagger in Su Luo's hand that was incomparably sharp and cut things as if they were hair, cut at the Iron-spined Cheetah's neck .

Nangong Liuyun, who was in mid-air, originally stood there leisurely, inadvertently shot her a glance and saw her sawing-like movements, he nearly stumbled and fell down .

He gracefully supported his forehead and turned his face away, pretending not to have seen it .

Su Luo, who was inside the protective covering in order to show the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls that she wasn't a person to be ignored or disregarded, was busy trying very hard .

Su Luo, at her peak after pouring in spirit force, could stab this Iron-spined Cheetah to death with one thrust of the sword . But now, she could only cut it little by little .

Su Luo originally thought of getting the little divine dragon or the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox to help . But after entering this white jade bridge, don't know what was the matter with those two spirit pets that had entered her space, no matter what, they couldn't come out .

Su Luo thought to herself, letting her spirit pets help her might not be in accordance to the rules .

As a result, the pitiful Su Luo could only hold the Yan Hua dagger by herself and, with grinding sounds, sawed away .

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