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Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 - The Underground Tomb (6)

"He said that this black air is very tasty, extremely filling . " Su Luo speechlessly had her hand on her forehead .

Having heard what was said, everyone's eyes spun around like a mosquito-repellent incense coil……

Su Luo, this large-tailed wolf, once again turned into a good-natured sheep, and stroked the Ginseng Baby's little head, revealing a smile of someone about to kidnap a child: "Could it be that this black air is your daily food?"

"Yeah ah yeah ah . " Little ginseng baby nodded his head in haste .

Su Luo gracefully gazed at the sky, speechless .

As it turned out, this strange black air was provided as Ginseng Baby's food ah . It turned out that their group of people had terrible luck, just so happened to encounter it .

Perhaps it was really very filling for Ginseng Baby, but for them, this was an existence that was extremely fatal ah .

Su Luo once again smiled and asked: "Since this black air is very filling, then it is a pity to waste so much of it, right? There must be a way to stop it, right?"

The little ginseng baby cocked his head, with a perplexed expression: "Ni lei bi fu qi ah?"

"What is he saying?" Beichen Ying, seeing them, one big one small, whispering, and the black air here once again gradually closing in, asked urgently .

"He said that this black air is his food, he even very hospitably wanted to invite us to eat it . " Su Luo's voice hadn't fallen yet and, sure enough, she saw Beichen Ying's constipated face .

"Eat, eat, eat?" Beichen Ying's eyes were opened wide like copper bells, disbelieving this to the extreme .

Su Luo shrugged her shoulders: "The original words were exactly like this . "

For a period, everyone was speechless, inside the room, it was filled with a strange quiet .

Su Luo once again continued her tempting, coaxing plan: "We won't eat it, do you have a way? Tell Older Sister, ok?"

Watching as the black air got closer and closer, everyone continuously retreated……

The Ginseng Baby used a pitying gaze to look at Su Luo: Beautiful Older Sister was really foolish, such tasty stuff and she didn't even want to eat it .

"Yao ba fu . Gong wu zao lie . " Ginseng Baby waved his hand, gallantly and valiantly walked around to in front of them .

Who would have thought that Ginseng Baby would actually go towards that coffin .

Beichen Ying secretly pulled at Su Luo's sleeves: "What did this little plump baby say?"

Su Luo's expression was unperturbed: "He said he had a way, we just follow him, it would be correct . "

"But……" That coffin's location was encircled with thick fog-like air, a dense black area, like being covered by a dense dark cloud . If one touched even a little of it, wouldn't they be turned into fine powder?

"This matter hasn't gotten that bad . " Su Luo's eyes shone .

Because she found that wherever the Ginseng Baby went, that black air was actually absorbed by him, automatically freeing up a very small path .

"Let's go . " Nangong Liuyun made the prompt decision, pulling Su Luo to follow closely behind the Ginseng Baby .

The rest, seeing this, also caught up, one after another .

Behind the coffin, there was a small piece of earth that wasn't corroded by the black air .

Up ahead of this place, was a slightly high stone altar, two double-edged swords were inserted into the stone altar .

A double-edged blue sword with dazzling brilliance .

A double-edged black sword that was so dark it lacked light .

Don't know how long these two double-edged swords had existed, and like that coffin, its entire body emitted an ancient aged aura .

At the moment, the little ginseng baby stood in that place, pointing at the two double-edged swords up ahead, he said to Su Luo: "Di ji bo qi lei, zou kou yi ba . "

"What?" Beichen Ying now directly took Su Luo as the official translator . Every time little ginseng baby said a sentence, he would then asked about the sentence .

"He said to pull out these two double-edged swords, then we'll be fine . " Su Luo smilingly said .

"Just this simple?" Beichen Ying still didn't believe it, he took a step to directly pull out the double-edged swords, "Since it's like this, then, I'll keep trying everything in a desperate situation, and give it a try . "