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Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 - The Underground Tomb (11)

Situ Ming did hear Su Luo's words . In fact, he also wanted to change to a more intense way to tame it, but his strength was clearly not enough ah…

As Su Luo had anticipated, no more than a while later, Situ Ming's face overflowed with cold sweat, it rolled and landed on the ground . Perspiration soaked through his chest and back .

Situ Ming could feel his own body's functions gradually decline, spirit force gradually becoming less, but this Chi Xiao Sword, he actually… . like a wildly rushing feral leopard, the more he rushed, the braver it was!

"Puchi!" A smear of blood overflowed from the corner of Situ Ming's mouth . Immediately afterwards . he started to vomit out large mouthfuls of blood one after another .

In the end, Situ Ming could not hold on, just like the two people before him, was directly flicked flying .

"Bang——" A heavy sound echoed . Situ Ming was ferociously knocked against that coffin's stone wall with both internal and external injuries . His luck wasn't good, he was directly knocked out from that impact .

Li Yaoyao stood in place, she wanted to go over, but was also somewhat hesitant…

Su Luo was speechless, Li Yaoyao was a super version of an ingrate that you couldn't raise to maturity .

Su Luo was also too lazy to deal with her, she bumped Nangong Liuyun's arm, with a smile that was full of deep meaning, said: "Quickly go accept the object that suits you . "

Nangong Liuyun was not a good kind of person, on the contrary, if talking about two-faced and cunning, simply no one could scheme better than him .

Su Luo knew, the reason why he wanted Luo Haochen and them to be at the front, he certainly had his own reasons .

Nangong Liuyun robbed Su Luo's head in annoyance: "Stand a bit further, so as not to suffer any side effects . "

"Okay, you should rest assured, I will carefully look after myself . If not, I still have little divine dragon and them to help . " Although Su Luo's body was sickly, however, the troops guarding her were very formidable .

Nangong Liuyun nodded his head, handing Su Luo over to Zi Yan . Afterwards, he walked towards that Chi Xiao Sword, as if on a leisurely stroll in the main hall .

That Chi Xiao Sword's hilt, they had spend a countless amount of mental and physical strength before being able to hold it . But now, Nangong Liuyun only extended his hand, couldn't see how he exerted himself, and his five fingers had already gripped the hilt .

"Just that easily?" Luo Haochen's eyes unblinkingly paid attention to Nangong Liuyun's every movement . His eyes betrayed an amazed expression .

Just now, he had personally tried it, so he knew how strong that prohibition ripple was . It was simply like the gale and large waves on the ocean surface, world-shaking . He also used a hand seal secretly passed on in the family before being able to grip that hilt… . In the end, to what formidable degree was Nangong Liuyun's strength?

Now, gaze after gaze, all congregated on Nangong Liuyun's body .

Under these gazes that watched attentively, Nangong Liuyun's finger tightened slightly, directly after, his expression became slightly grave .

Because he could clearly feel that explosive ferocious strength, like a huge majestic dragon, suddenly rushing towards his body . As if rushing into his four limbs and hundreds of bones .

Such a strong fighting desire!

A majestic, imposing manner with a touch of firmness and violence from antiquity, severely berserk, as if it was the strongest palm strike on earth!


Nangong Liuyun abruptly smashed a palm strike towards that Chi Xiao Sword!

Immediately after——

"Bang, bang, bang!" Nangong Liuyun smashed one fist after another, heavily smashing towards that Chi Xiao Sword . It was as if that was his greatest enemy, showing no quarter .

In succession, it seemed as if he sent out seven thousand, seven hundred and ninety strikes, each of the strikes weighed more than five hundred kilograms .

Speaking of this, it also seemed strange .

That Chi Xiao Sword, in the beginning, was like a furious large dragon, bravely battling, cruel, arrogant and untamable . As if it wouldn't obey anyone…However, under Nangong Liuyun's raindrops-like fist strikes, this Chi Xiao Sword seemed to give off a buzzing crying sound .

That sound seemed to be sobbing, mournful and, at the same time, seemed to be pleading .


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