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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:10:58 PM

Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 – Cheng Ying Sword (3)

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However, the Cheng Ying Sword remained deadly still… .

Suddenly, Li Yaoyao's body swayed .

"Yao Yao!" Situ Ming cried out in alarm, gave a loud shout and suddenly rushed up to hold Li Yaoyao .

The moment he came in contact with Li Yaoyao, Situ Ming suddenly felt a strong suctioning force coming through from the center of his palm…

"Damn it!" Situ Ming cursed, the strong spirit force in his body, like overturned seas, rushed out, suddenly pushing out that suctioning force . Soon after, he pulled on Li Yaoyao and quickly fell back .

After falling back, Situ Ming wiped away a handful of sweat .

If it wasn't for him falling back so quickly, maybe his spirit force would also be sucked away .

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"Yao Yao!" Situ Ming lowered his head and saw a pale, white as paper complexion .

Having lost a huge amount of spirit force, now, Li Yaoyao's complexion was very unsightly . Not a trace of blood was on her face, moreover, she had sunk into a deep, unconscious state .

Everyone was all endlessly apprehensive .

No one had expected that this Cheng Ying Sword would be so terrifying .

Now, everyone could clearly see, just now, Li Yaoyao was pouring her spirit force into it…

Just at this moment, suddenly, the outside black-colored air condensed into a cylinder and abruptly smashed towards their direction!

One could only hear the sound of a 'boom' .

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The entire ground shook violently .

Although the attack didn't enter, however, this area's protection seemed to have loosened a bit .

Everyone's complexion all changed .

"Not good . The black-colored air has assembled, this protective area can't be maintained for much longer!" Luo Haochen's complexion was very ugly, carrying a faint trace of anxiety .

Nangong Liuyun's eyes narrowed slightly, faintly sweeping a glance at the very formidable, murderous-looking black-colored air stream . His expression was the same as before, and in an indifferent tone, said: "Continue . "

"That's right! Didn't that little ginseng person say? Pull out this Cheng Ying Sword, then everything will be fine!" Luo Haochen excitedly pushed Luo Dieyi .

However, Luo Dieyi's thoughts were a little different from Luo Haochen's .

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Even though Luo Haochen fiercely pushed her in the back, she still remained unmoving . She merely gazed guardedly at Zi Yan .

From her perspective, now, the only one who could threaten her was Zi Yan, as for Su Luo, that sickly appearance, she couldn't even stand up straight . How could she even pull out the sword? This was simply impossible .

As a result, Luo Dieyi saw Zi Yan as her greatest rival .

Zi Yan wrinkled her brows, impatiently glaring at her: "When all’s said and done, are you going up or not? Simply say something ah . "

Luo Dieyi was still thinking it over very hard, weighing the pros and cons .

Very clearly, this Cheng Ying Sword needed to absorb enough spirit force before being able to pull it out . Just now, Li Yaoyao's spirit force was sucked out until she was dry, now, it had already absorbed a lot of…

Now, to go up there was a possibility of obtaining the Cheng Ying Sword, also the possibility of helping Zi Yan get it… .

"Luo Dieyi, there is no more time for you to waste, since you won't go up, then I'll go! Wait until I get Cheng Ying Sword, afterwards, don't say I didn't give you a chance . " Zi Yan rolled her eyes in annoyance .

She saw Luo Dieyi still remain silent, then gave a cold snort, and walked towards that Cheng Ying Sword .

Zi Yan took a deep breath, sank into a horse stance, and the right palm, inched bit by bit towards the Cheng Ying Sword . Finally, steadily grabbed onto it .

Her speed and strength was not inferior in any aspect to Li Yaoyao .

Now, everyone's gaze was focused on Zi Yan's body .

Zi Yan… now bore the weight of everyone's hope .

If she pulled out Cheng Ying Sword, then the black-colored air would automatically retreat, then everyone would be safe…

Luo Dieyi bit her lower lips, her heart continued to be intertwined . An even more complicated expression was in her eyes .


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