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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:10:40 PM

Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 – Critical moment of life and death (6)

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This iron tower-like strong man's speed was simply too fast . Zi Yan had only been up there for a few seconds and she was already in a losing position . Moreover, she had become fish meat on the sacrificial altar, allowing the other to manipulate .

"Zi Yan, the stone, quickly use the stone!" Su Luo shouted loudly towards the stage .

"Crack, crack——" Zi Yan felt her bones being gradually pulled longer .

Bean-sized droplets of sweat formed on her forehead, and rolled down . The enormous pain made her lose consciousness a bit .

Su Luo's words immediately stimulated her back to consciousness .

That's right, she still hadn't used the secret weapon Su Luo just handed to her . She absolutely won't admit defeat like this!

Zi Yan did her best to endure the pain, clenching her jaw and using all of her strength, she smashed that stone she had clenched tightly in her hand towards the man's forehead resolutely!

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Now, Zi Yan was lifted up high, so this position made it easy for her to reach the iron tower-like strong man's forehead .

The iron tower-like strong man thought it was an ordinary stone, so he didn’t pay it any attention .

But this unconcerned attitude led to a very serious outcome .

Although the little stone was unwilling, but he saved Zi Yan regardless .

When the stone was smashed towards the iron tower-like strong man's forehead, a fierce raging flame exploded on his forehead .

This flame seemed to contain the whole world's strength . A distant and very ancient breath seemed to come from afar .

The forehead of the iron tower-like strongman was directly hit head-on .

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Now, how could he have the time to care about Zi Yan's life or death . His hands loosened and Zi Yan fell straight down to the ground . Zi Yan's reaction was very quick, she did a somersault and quickly fled .

This iron tower-like strong man now had gone completely crazy!

He hugged his head in pain, jumping around constantly . He cried, screamed and roared in pain!

His formidable palms sent out endless murderous palm strikes of wind, as if he could lessen the pain like this .

The fire on his head continued to burn, no matter what, it couldn't be extinguished .

Just kept on burning fiercely like this .

This iron tower-like strong man didn’t last long, afterwards, he directly fell over on the ground and closed his eyes in regret .

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He really died too unjustly, too unjustly .

But who told Su Luo to have a treasure like the little stone?

Zi Yan watched everything with a dumbfounded expression, for a long time, she couldn't return to her senses .

"Just, Just like this, he died?" Zi Yan turned to look at Su Luo .

If she could kill the iron tower-like strong man so easily, what could she possibly be afraid of?

Su Luo suddenly felt speechless: "That stone can only be used once . After using it, there will be no spirit force left . "

Zi Yan looked at the stone in her hand, as expected, the original red color of the stone had now turned black . Moreover, she could not feel any spirit flatuations within .

At this time, the sound of explosion came from behind Zi Yan .

Zi Yan turned around to see the scene of Beichen Ying being hit flying by the iron tower-like strong man .

Zi Tan tossed the stone back to Su Luo . Her body was like a bullet as she rushed towards that iron tower-like strongman .

"Are you looking to die? Quickly get out of the way!" Beichen Ying shouted angrily while covering his chest .

How could this woman enjoy sticking her head out for other people so much? Just like a monkey climbing a tree, her movements were very nimble .

That's right, at this time, Zi Yan took the iron tower-like strongman for a tree, she took advantage of his unprepared state, and rushed up his body in two to three strides .

Beichen Ying was afraid that she would be slapped into a meat patty, therefore, doing his best to endure the pain, he crawled up . He dashed forward, and attacked the iron tower-like strong man head on .

By now, Zi Yan had already climbed on the iron tower-like strongman's back, looking as if she was being given a piggyback ride by him .