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Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 – Critical moment of life and death (7)

The iron tower-like strong man's palm slapped towards Zi Yan .

Zi Yan only felt all the bones in her body nearly break apart in this instant .

The intense pain made her four limbs go numb, as if this body wasn't hers anymore .

However, Zi Yan clenched her teeth and endured the pain . She tore away the iron tower-like strong man's clothes at his neck, and dumped all the corrosive powder that Su Luo gave her straight down his neck!

Such a huge bottle of corrosive power was all dumped inside!

The iron tower-like strong man felt as though a little ant was making small movements at his back . So, another palm slapped towards Zi Yan again, directly sending her flying away .

Under such a strong palm strike, Zi Yan spit out blood non-stop . She felt as if her internal organs were about to break into slags .

Beichen Ying's pair of eyes were bloodshot as though he wanted to rend things apart, and he shouted: "This daddy is going to kill you!"

From childhood till now, nobody had ever summoned such a strong killing intent from young master Beichen!

Beichen Ying threw a heavy punch at the iron tower-like strong man's chest .

But the created effect was very weak .

The iron tower-like strong man straightened his chest, and Beichen Ying's punch seemed as if it was receiving endless resistance, and was actually heavily smashed back .

Following this strong force, Beichen Ying's body was sent flying once again .

Beichen Ying fell very similarly to the ground as Zi Yan .

The two of them exchanged a bitter laugh .

"It seems… this time… we… difficult to escape calamity…" Blood kept violently rushing forth from Zi Yan's mouth .

Tears also rushed out like spring water .

These tears were not for herself, but for Su Luo .

Had Su Luo kept the stone for herself, then one of the two tenth-ranked strong men would have been eliminated .

Luo Luo gave it to her, but she wasted it like that… the pain in Zi Yan's heart was a hundred percent stronger than the pain on her body .

Beichen Ying wanted to laugh, he only curled the corner of his lips, when a mouthful of blood rushed out .

His injuries were not much better Zi Yan's .

"Ninth rank… so it turned out be this strong…" Beichen Ying repeatedly smiled bitterly .

A pity, in this life, he would never be able to cultivate to the ninth rank . His life was about to end on this stone stage .

His gaze looked down .

He saw Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun standing together, her eyes which were looking at him were filled with deep concern… .

To have such a moment when she was truly concerned for him, his life was not wasted .

Beichen Ying endured the pain and put on a smile for Su Luo .

Su Luo's eyebrows shot up immediately in a frown: "Beichen Ying, you big idiot! What are you smiling for, quickly go face the enemy!"

Su Luo wished she could rush up and violently hit that big idiot for a period of time .

Things were at a crisis on the stage, he still had the leisure to smile?

Now, the iron tower-like strong man, step by step, walked closer to Beichen Ying and them .

However, his body was obviously affected by the corrosive powder, his back twisted this way and that way . He snarled in a low voice, obviously enduring great pain .

Beichen Ying was reminded by Su Luo, and lifted his head to see that iron tower-like strong man yell in pain .

However, what's the use? Now, he didn't even have the strength to stand up .

Su Luo wished she could beat those two idiots to death .

"Really about to be infuriated to death by you two! Spirit pinballs! The spirit pinballs you guys won before as a reward!" Su Luo shouted loudly at them .

Su Luo clearly remembered, during the second challenge, they had won first place . At that time, the reward was two spirit pinballs . Su Luo didn't see them use it along the way, so now, she reminded them in a loud voice .

This reminder from Su Luo was like pure enlightenment for the two of them . They felt like they had woke up from a dream .

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