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Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 – The last challenge (6)

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A sly sneer opened up on his handsome face: "Dare to chase after me? Court death!"

Nangong Liuyun used both hands to form seals, one after another, seals soared to the sky from his hands .

"The one courting death is you!" The iron tower-like strong man finally said his first sentence!

A layer of metal with a golden luster covered the right arm of the iron tower-like strong man . This metal with golden luster continuously extended to his entire body, covering his enormous body .

This metal with golden luster was his strongest defense .

Right now, his protective cover came out because this rainstorm actually contained a strong corrosive nature . If he didn't protect himself, his physical body would be injured by the burns .

Nangong Liuyun watched as he protected his entire body, inch by inch . His eyebrow rose up slightly, a treacherous smile flashing through his eyes: "Really? Then let's see who’s the one that finds it!"

His words had just finished when Nangong Liuyun rushed towards the iron tower-like strong man with the manner of a starving wolf!

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The iron tower-like strong man also rushed towards Nangong Liuyun like a cheetah!

The two people were at daggers drawn, life or death could happen at any moment!

Watching as the two people were about to meet, the seals Nangong Liuyun's hands formed were finally finished .

"Enjoy it well~~!" Nangong Liuyun's figure suddenly lowered like what the Cheng Ying Sword did before he slid towards the ground .

This moment, the iron tower-like strong man was already guarded against this move .

His huge leg that was flickering with golden lights suddenly kicked towards Nangong Liuyun!

Want to run? Not going to be that easy!

Just when the iron tower-like strong man's leg was about to kick Nangong Liuyun, an unforeseen event suddenly happened at this moment .

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One could only see in mid-air, a very lofty lightning appeared!

The lightning was like a dragon serpent, in a second, suddenly, the scorched thunderous lightning struck down!

This scorching thunderous lightning wasn't looking for just anyone, with rumbling sounds, it aimed at the iron tower-like strong man and directly smashed down .

That metal with golden luster covering the iron tower-like strong man's whole body was thin as fish scales . In a split second, it was directly hit by the thunderous lightning!

A dragon serpent-shaped lightning rapidly wandered about his body .

The iron tower-like strong man's huge body immediately stiffened in place . That leg maintained its extended posture . This action looked comical and ridiculous at the same time .

Just at this moment, a countless number of lightning had formed into a sphere in mid-air .

This thunderous lightning was not inferior to the one used to smash Fairy Yan Xia from before .

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Nangong Liuyun's sleeves lifted effortlessly, and that lightning ball, flickering with white light, was like a powerful thunderbolt that refused to listen, with rumbling sounds, it exploded onto the iron tower-like strong man's body!

The iron tower-like strong man, seeing this, his face immediately lost all color!

Lightning system, among all the elements, it's the system with the most formidable attack power .

In addition, Nangong Liuyun was a tenth-ranked lightning system expert .

Moreover, the iron tower-like strong man was first soaked by water, and took the initiative to cover himself in golden metallic scales . Everything all doomed him to this tragedy .

The iron tower-like strong man, in the next instant, wanted to withdraw the golden metallic scales protective cover . But his movement was slowed, in a flash, having already been struck by the first lightning .

A battle between experts, in a flash, several tens of killing moves would have already been used!

Therefore, when that explosive rumbling thunderous lightning smashed down, the iron tower-like strong man didn't have time to withdraw the golden metallic scales . His entire body was directly hit by the ball of lightning .

The ball of lightning exploded over his forehead .

For a moment, white light glittered, fiery flames with lightning, it was like the most dazzling fireworks, so beautiful that it would enchant a person .

Of course, the iron tower-like strong man, whose body was in the middle of this thunderous lightning, his feeling wasn't that wonderful .

Right now, he was smashed dizzy by this ball of lighting that he wasn't guarded against .

His body inside the golden metallic scales was like a roasted chicken wrapped in mud . He was directly roasted until well-done .

This iron tower-like strong man with well-developed four limbs and simple mind didn't know that before Nangong Liuyun even stepped on the stage, he had already planned the way this iron tower-like strong man would die .


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