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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Submit to me and prosper or oppose me and perish

“Is Prince Jin really famous?” Su Luo asked, even her body’s previous spirit didn’t know much about Prince Jin .

“Of course Prince Jin is famous, in this world there is no one more famous than Prince Jin . It is said that Prince Jin’s talent is number one on the continent and in the last 5000 years, his talent is ranked second . Miss, what do you say . ”

“… . ” Listed as number two in the last 5000 years? Isn’t it too exaggerated?

“Obviously its not only because of this . Right now, Prince Jin is a tri-elemental mage . Three elements! Most people don’t even have one element, but Prince Jin is cultivating all three elements at the same time!” Lu Luo’s face was full of worship . With starstruck eyes, she continued . “It has been said that tri-elemental mages have many opportunity to achieve divinity . The number one talent had long ago achieved divinity and obtained eternal life . ”

Prince Jin, Nangong Liuyun, is that powerful? If that was true, then “winner becomes king, loser becomes queen” is not something he would careless throw around . With his talent, it wouldn’t be hard for him to steal the throne .

While Su Luo was still engrossed in these thoughts, a magnified face suddenly appeared before her eyes .

The narrow and elegant face, under the perfectly shaped eyebrows with a pair of black godlike eyes, looked like the work of a master sculptor .

She recently saw this perfect face this afternoon, so she could not have mistaken this person… . Unless this was an illusion?

Su Luo was thinking about using her hands to rub her eyes but a large pair of hands grabbed hold of her delicate hands . Nangong Liuyun’s pair of obsidian eyes observed Su Luo with a hint of mysterious smile . “What, do you not recognize this king?”

“Nangon Liuyun?”

“Sure enough, this king is already in your heart, otherwise you would not impatiently inquire about this king . Am I right?” Nangong Liuyun’s thin masculine red lips bent into a silly smile .

Su Luo stared at him unblinkingly as she stressed each sentence . “It is said that Nangong Liuyun is coldly arrogant, haughty, cruel, stern, and obsessive about maintaining his personal space . If anyone touches his hand, no matter who it is, he will cut off their hand . If someone accidently bumped into him, no matter whom, he would make mincemeat out of them… . Are you really that Prince Jin?”

Su Luo’s gorgeous eyes gazed at the large hand holding her own . Her voice was crystal clear as the corners of her mouth tilted into a relaxed smile .

Nangong Liuyun leisurely glanced at Su Luo with a pair of piercing eyes that glowed like the eyes of a wild wolf; frigid and searing .

At the moment, he was unlike the lazy laidback person from the afternoon . Now, he seemed more serious and vigilant .

At this moment, a gust of freezing wind started to surround the courtyard all the way up to the roof . This wind seemed to condense the surrounding air into ice and made it hard for people to breath .

His forbidding atmosphere containing a barely suppressed killing intent, chilling bloodthirsty, and a “submit to me and prosper or oppose me and perish” kind of domineering air . It seemed like if he stamped his foot, this entire Eastern Ling Empire would be shaken by a level three earthquake .

Under his forceful and domineering gaze, Su Luo’s gaze was as clear as water . Its surface was as calm as ice; placid, tranquil and composed .

Suddenly, his mouth curved into a bemused expression and then the weather immediately changed from hazy frost to clear blue skies . The ice seem to melt into bubbling spring water full of blooming flowers .

Nangong Liuyun’s laugh was like the cherry blossoms in March; gentle, beautiful and intoxicating .

His smooth white hands gently held her delicate jade-like hands as he smiled tenderly . “Girl, what are you afraid of? It’s not as if this king is going to eat you . ”

In this staring contest of clashing wills, no one was able to get the upper hand in this silent war . Nangong Liuyun was pleasantly surprised by this result . He thought that he had perhaps accidentally discovered a rare pearl, or a jadeite within a pile of rocks .

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