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Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 – Recoil of Madness (3)

This crystal stone, when Su Luo was cultivating, had all of its spirit powers inside absorbed by Su Luo . Now, all that remained was an empty shell .

Clenching this empty shell, the smile at the corner of Su Luo's mouth widened even more .

Su Luo remembered, at the time when she was leaving, Master had given her a bottle of black medicinal liquid . He had warned her that if it wasn't critical, she mustn’t use it rashly . This black medicinal liquid was a poison that eroded away a person's mind, especially those cultivating at a critical juncture . Once a person's strength of mind was eroded by this black medicinal liquid, it was extremely easy for that person to suffer Recoil of Madness .

In the Nine Different Palace Halls, because Su Luo was always protected by Nangong Liuyun, so she had no opportunity to use this bottle of black medicinal liquid . But now… . .

Su Luo's eyes flashed and the corner of her mouth hooked up . Elder Ancestor Mo, this bottle of black medicinal liquid will be given to you to enjoy . You must, by all means, not be too polite .

Su Luo poured the black medicinal liquid into the empty crystal stone shell, after filling it up, she sealed the entrance . Then, she handed it over to the golden vine: "Deliver this crystal stone over to where that purple-colored crystal stone was . "

Although the golden vine didn't know what Su Luo was thinking, however, it firmly carried out Master's orders . It wrapped up this crystal stone and very carefully moved towards the front of this elderly man . The closer it got to Old Man Mo, the more cautious its movement would be .

Finally, the Variant Acacia Tree's golden vine carefully placed that crystal stone full of black medicinal liquid in place, then, it wrapped up another purple-colored crystal stone and quietly retreated .

This back and forth, the golden vine's courage also increased, its movements also becoming more skillful .

Very quickly, the six purple-colored crystal stones in front of Old Man Mo were all changed into crystals containing the black medicinal liquid .

Su Luo could be regarded as having considered well, she made those crystal stones' exterior look exactly like a purple-colored crystal stone . At first glance, it really looked like a purple-colored crystal stone . Let alone to say that the black medicinal liquid, although it had the the word 'black' in its name, it was actually a transparent, colorless liquid . Its color had nothing to do with the color black . This black mainly pointed to the fact that after entering a person's brain, it would form black spots .

There was still one that remained…

Just when the golden vine was about to follow the set pattern and retrieve the last purple-colored crystal stone, suddenly, the spirit power around Old Man Mo lightened a lot .

Not good! Su Luo secretly cried in her heart, she had no time to think . She immediately instructed the golden vine to retreat . Forget about that last purple-colored crystal stone, it’s more important to preserve one's life .

When the golden vine withdrew into Su Luo's sleeves like a bolt of lightning, that Elder Ancestor Mo sitting there grabbed the last purple-colored crystal stone and started to cultivate to absorb it .

His eyes didn't open and were still tightly closed .

Following the gradual reduction in the spirit force in the purple-colored crystal stone, the spirit force in Old Man Mo's body gradually increased .

Su Luo shrank behind a stone pillar and adjusted her own heartbeat and breathing to the lowest speed . Now, she was like a hibernating cobra, motionless and concealed, as if she was dead . Only like this was she fortunate enough to escape Old Man Mo's senses . Otherwise, even a hundred Su Luos weren't enough for him to kill .

Old Man Mo, at this moment, had arrived at a critical juncture during cultivation, one purple-colored crystal stone was far from fulfilling his need . One could see his eyes closed as he grabbed the second purple crystal stone in passing .

At this moment, Su Luo's heart jumped to her throat .

She wanted to leave, but Old Man Mo's perception was clearest at this time . The spirit force he released filled the air all around . As long as Su Luo moved even a little, he would be able to sense her . As a result, Su Luo motionlessly pressed tightly to the wall, pretending as if she didn't exist .

Old Man Mo held that crystal stone with his right hand, and didn't even think before absorbing the spirit force in that crystal .

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