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Chapter 131-132

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Chapter 131 – Wearing iron shoes could break what you’re searching for (2)

“It really is difficult . ” Apothecary Leng frowned .

Su Luo was completely mystified and was in a perplexed state . She quietly walked to the side and asked Steward Xu . “What are green-ranked crystal stones?”

There were actually people who had never heard of green-ranked crystal stones? Steward Xu was stunned, and with an astonished expression, looked at Su Luo .

“What’s wrong? Is not knowing so strange?”

Steward Xu first nodded his head, then shook his head . Afterwards, he quietly coughed before answering Su Luo . “As everyone knows, if you want to quickly promote your cultivation, there are two ways . One way is to focus and concentrate on practicing, the other way is to absorb the spirit force from a crystal stone . Also, people who follow the first path will definitely not have access to crystal stones, so they can only depend on themselves and practice . It can be said that crystal stones are extremely important to people who practice cultivation . ”

There was actually such a thing? Su Luo frowned without a word .

No wonder, before, she was the rumored good-for-nothing,so naturally she would know nothing about practicing cultivation .

Steward Xu continued to say . “It’s said that crystal stones are also divided into seven types based on their characteristics . It follows closely with the spirit strength system, and is divided into: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple, altogether seven types . However, there are very few crystal stones on this continent . Moreover, the most abundant are the three types- red, orange and yellow . There are very few green-ranked crystal stones . As for the three types after that; cyan, blue and purple, they are even rarer . ”

Therefore, wanting to find green-ranked crystal stones within such a short period of time, how could it not be an extremely difficult matter?

“With the imperial family’s strength, there ought to be some in the Great Inner Storehouse for materials . However, this place is a great distance away from the imperial capital . Even if you were to ride on the Dragon Scaled Horse, there still won’t be enough time . ” Steward Xu was so anxious that he was pacing around in circles in the room .

Su Luo was also worried and anxious .

What crystal stone? In the end, what kind of stuff was it! Let alone asking her to search, she had never even seen it before .

Ling Feng suddenly stood up and directly ran out . , leaving behind only one sentence . “I’ll go search!”

Ling Feng took Prince Jin’s writ plate (1) to the garrison within the city . He turned the warehouse there upside down, almost making the provincial governor suffer an anxiety attack . Even then, he was only able to collect three green-ranked crystal stones .

There were a lot of red, orange and yellow crystal stones, but these were only treasures to ordinary people . Whereas to Nangong Liuyun, as a sixth-ranked martial artist, these crystal stones were already useless .

Ling Feng immediately ran to the Mercenary Union and issued a task to collect green-ranked crystal stones .

One green-ranked crystal stone could be exchanged for one hundred thousand gold coins!

This exchange ratio was extremely high, therefore, the entire city became lively from excitement . Countless people began to transmit this information .

Finally, Ling Feng escorted a carriage of stones and returned to the manor .

When Su Luo came out, she coincidentally saw Ling Feng, carrying a basket full of rocks that weighed two thousand kilograms, hurriedly walking into the courtyard .

“Quickly, everyone get a basket of source stones, if anyone can cut out a green-ranked crystal stone, the reward is five hundred kilograms of gold!” Ling Feng heroically said .

Once the order was spoken, suddenly, all the subordinates within the manor were filled with passion .

People, because of wealth, could receive Heaven’s punishment and get wiped out from the earth .

What’s more, this wealth could be gained in an upright and proper manner .

“These are the stones?” When Su Luo’s gaze landed on these stones, she couldn’t help but be somewhat distracted . Why did she feel that these dense mass of stones were somehow familiar-looking, as if she had seen it before in some place?

“These are the source stones for crystal stones . ” Ling Feng lowered his voice to explain . “Source stones are very strange, no matter how strong the martial artist, they still cannot see into the stone at a glance . Within these source stones, some only contain regular rocks, while other, once cut, would reveal red ,orange, even yellow and green crystal stones . Without cutting into the source stones, nobody can tell . ”

Su Luo fixed her gaze on these dense mass of stones, and a light flashed in her mind . “These are the source stones for the crystal stones?”

1) A writ plate from the royal family is usually a gold, handheld plate that has words carved on it . People holding one from the royal family, basically identifies them and their power . The plate given by the emperor himself represents his words, so everyone would kneel and obey when they see it .

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Chapter 132 – Wearing iron shoes could break what you’re searching for (3)

“Yes . All of it came from the nearby specific crystal stone mining sites and I picked up only the ones with most potential . But to cut out a green-ranked crystal stone is still very hard . ” Ling Feng’s forehead was wrinkled since the beginning . His entire attention was focused on the scene of a crowd of people cutting stone . His gaze was like an eagle’s, unblinkingly watching .

However, according to Ling Feng and Apothecary Leng’s words, green-ranked crystal stones were really rare . Even if over ten thousand orange crystal stones were cut out, you still may not find a single green-colored crystal stone .

Although this bunch of source stones were all of the best quality with the highest potential, however, after an afternoon of cutting, a total of five hundred red-colored crystal stones, one hundred orange-colored crystal stones, and five yellow crystal stones were cut out . As for green-ranked crystal stones, not even a shadow of them was seen .

After seeing the outcome, Ling Feng’s expression was very ugly .

“Go bring back another batch of stones! I don’t believe that I can’t even cut out a single green-colored crystal stone!” Ling Feng loudly commanded . He was so anxious that his entire palm was sweating . His heart was clearly worried clearly, he was full of fear and dread .

Su Luo asked Apothecary Leng . “In the end, how many green-colored crystal stones will be enough?”

Shouldn’t you at least give a range, after all?

Apothecary Leng thought about it and said . “ The more the better, however, at the very least, fifty green-colored crystal stones . ”

“Fifty?” Su Luo was depressed . Ling Feng had flipped the entire city upside down and had found three green-colored crystal stones . Apothecary Leng opened his mouth and immediately asked for fifty, wasn’t the difficulty too extreme?

Apothecary Leng answered . “In fact, it doesn’t necessarily require green-colored crystal stones . If there were cyan-colored crystal stones, then ten is enough . For blue-colored crystal stones, only two will be enough . If there is a purple-colored crystal stone, not to mention one, just a little piece will contain enough spirit strength . ”

Su Luo become despondent .

Green-colored crystal stones were already hard to come by, not to mention the rarity of finding cyan-, blue- and purple-colored crystal stones on the entire continent? This was impossible .

She saw Ling Feng running over to cut stones, and Su Luo’s mind lit up .

How could she have forgotten? There were more than ten dark-coloured mass of source stones in her space! At that time in Elder Zi Huo’s cave, she had nearly abandoned them, but she swept them up when she found that they could expand her space .

Su Luo found a secluded place and with a thought, her spirit entered her space .

The space was a little crowded, but in that crowded space, what did Su Luo see?

She unexpectedly saw little Meng Meng, her contracted spirit pet which was originally a dragon, but had his body changed into a puppy . He used a human-like manner to sit on the floor with legs crossed, in front of a pile of source stones the size of a small mountain . But the him right now was unexpectedly cupping a source stone with both hands . He… .

Su Luo thought her eyes were seeing things . so she rubbed her eyes . But the scene in front of her eyes did not change .

Her cute and adorable to the point of making people burst, little spirit pet, like peeling a banana, was, from top to bottom tearing strips off from the source stone .

Yes, even if it was a master like Ling Feng, he would still need specialized tools to cut the source stone, because source stones were unusually hard . Even a master would have a difficult time destroying the stone .

However, her adorable little Meng Meng could peel it like a banana or an orange, petal by petal, pulling it apart . Afterwards, he would stuff the peeled crystal stone into his own mouth, chewing with ‘crunch, crunch’ sounds as if it was very delicious!

Wait, wait!

What did she just see?

Su Luo only felt a flash of green pass by her eyes, this familiar green color was something she had only recently seen .

This was definitely not real!

Ling Feng had turned the city upside down looking for green-colored crystal stones, yet the result was that her little spirit pet would swallow the green-colored crystal stone as if they were snacks!?

Unexpectedly, how could he just casually peel out a green-colored crystal stone?

Su Luo suddenly had the feeling that she was facing the wind, causing her cheeks to stream with tears . This luck stuff, was too f*cking important! This must be the characteristics of a person!

Su Luo rushed over, with one hand, she picked up her little spirit pet, her smile was sinister and sly . “Looting, huh! If you value your life, immediately spit out the stuff you just swallowed . ”

The adorable little dragon, with his wet, wretched large eyes looked at Su Luo . His two paws desperately covered his little mouth, no matter what, he wouldn’t relent and open his mouth .

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