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Chapter 1324
Chapter 1324 – Frantic along the whole way (9)

Be that as it may, Deputy General A and B's hearts were still sulking, anxious to the extreme .

"Enough, you two go calm the soldiers down properly, to avoid the swaying of their morale and to prevent mutiny taking place . " Mu Zifeng dispatched these two capable subordinates out .

Before, he firmly resisted the attacks from that ninth-ranked expert, and his body had received serious internal injuries .

After the two capable deputy generals left, Mu Zifeng forcefully propped up body couldn't hold up any longer, and mouthful after mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth . So intense as if he could vomit out all his disintegrated internal organs .

It was a long while before Mu Zifeng, panting coarsely, could lie on the bed again .

Two armies faced off, one side full of surging flame, the other side full of anxiety and grief .

However, Su Luo's arrival, could she change this situation?

Su Luo still didn’t know that the experts Northern Mo's First Elder sent had arrived so quickly to the battlefield . Moreover, they immediately participated in the battle soon after arriving, helping Northern Mo obtain an unprecedented victory .

Now, it was a moonless night with high winds, the bright moonlight was obstructed by thick clouds, only faint rays of light penetrated through it .

On such a night, visibility was very low .

But for Su Luo, there wasn't any difference from normal .

Looking at the rows of tents standing tall up ahead, the corner of Su Luo's lips curled into a strange, cold sneer .

Northern Mo's million-strong army was stationed within a one kilometer range . Because they had been victorious in battle, right now, they were holding joyful meetings before bonfires .

Outside a tent, was guarded by a squadron of soldiers .

These soldiers, within the Northern Mo's army, were considered a very strong fighting force, because the weakest among them was at the fourth rank . But for Su Luo, they were merely ants, that could be exterminated just by jabbing a finger .

This time, Su Luo had some appreciation in her heart . When she went to Amethyst Thorned Island to fish, it was when she was merely at the third or fourth rank, didn't expect that after merely a blink of an eye's effort, she could look back at these fourth-ranked soldiers as ants .

No wonder so many people would want to climb non-stop to the peak on the road to becoming an expert, because the greater the strength, the higher one stood .

Su Luo, while thinking this, her figure shot into the tents like a demon .

Because she was using teleport, in just a blink of an eye's effort, Su Luo had arrived inside the tent .

When Su Luo appeared, her luck really wasn't particularly good!

Because her figure had just appeared when she discovered she was directly facing a soldier, who was roasting a whole goat on the fire .

This soldier saw Su Luo appear from empty air and was completely scared stupid . He was just about to loudly scream 'ghost', but before he could, Su Luo's dagger slid across his neck, and the poor soldier was immediately silenced forever .

Standing in the middle of a path with people coming and going, the chances of being discovered was very high ah . Su Luo thought about it, and a crafty light shone in her eyes .

Since she had to do something big in the middle of Northern Mo's army, then it was important to prepare everything beforehand . As it was so easy to meet this soldier, then she should first borrow his clothes . Su Luo sized up this soldier, and discovered he wasn't really big and tall, therefore,she was very satisfied with the outfit .

Dragging this soldier's corpse into the tent nearby, Su Luo, in passing, hid him under the bed . Then, she clapped her hands and strutted out of the tent .

At this moment, Su Luo's body was covered in martial attire, the helmet on her head pressed down pretty low, and also, it was in this pitch-black night, as a result, Su Luo's chances of being exposed was very low .

Su Luo had just infiltrated into the troops .

On the other side, Ancestor Mo's figure abruptly appeared in mid-air .

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