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Chapter 1347
Chapter 1347 – Nangong Liuyun woke up (1)

Su Luo unblinkingly stared at First Elder, after seeing him finally release these two, her heart loosened .

Little Stone swept a faint glance at Su Luo, then glared at First Elder as he arrogantly flipped his sleeves: "Now you can roll . "

His tone was supercilious, but it had an indescribable killing intent . First Elder was extremely unwilling in his heart, however, under Ancestor Mo's bloodthirsty gaze, he could only very regretfully release those two people .

Finally, First Elder looked at everyone at the scene with a deep gaze, then determinedly left . Only with strong strength could one truly rule over this continent .

Only at this moment did First Elder come to realize the truth, these years, because of Northern Mo's royal family, he finally realized what he had missed . Because of these worldly matters, he actually delayed the great matter of cultivating . At that time, Ancestor Mo, who was on equal footing with him, now was at the summit of the saint rank, while he still stayed at the commander rank .

Thinking up to here, First Elder's face became unusually pale, his footsteps staggering as he quickly left .

After First Elder left, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan very quickly crawled up and excitedly rushed towards Su Luo!

Beichen Ying excitedly looked at Su Luo from head to toe, and with an incredulous and excited expression, said: "Are you guys okay?" Beichen Ying had been continuously worried about Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun, who were being chased to be killed by the entire Central Palace .

Zi Yan could also hardly hide her excitement, and held Su Luo's hand, not letting go: "Luo Luo, the matter just now, we are lucky to have you guys, otherwise Beichen Ying and I would certainly have ended up miserably . Our necks would certainly be twisted broken by that First Elder . "

Su Luo silently swept a glance over them: "How did you guys muddle along to such a miserable degree? Wasn't there only one Mo Yunfeng chasing to kill you guys?"

"We had dispatched Mo Yunfeng, but… . . " After quickly glanced at Ancestor Mo, in a split second, his entire face turned pale . His body swayed and almost fell down .

Su Luo unhappily patted his shoulder: "Youngster, what are you doing?"

"Luo Luo, he, he is… . . " Just now, the conversation between Ancestor Mo and First Elder, they had heard everything very clearly . If they didn't remember wrong, just now, First Elder had called this person Ancestor Mo .

Ancestor Mo, Ancestor Mo, wasn't he the Elder Ancestor Mo from Mo family? They had just killed Ancestor Mo's grandson Mo Yunfeng ah . Beichen Ying gave a howl and pulled Zi Yan to a distance of ten meters away . Su Luo said in annoyance: "Only now did you recognize that he is Ancestor Mo? Too late . "

Little Stone had his hands behind his back, and calmly gave a humph . Then, he turned around and walked eight steps away, showing off and swaying, in an instant, leaving a mighty rear view behind, directly entered the wooden room .

"He, he, honorable old man……" Even Beichen Ying's tone trembled slightly . Ancestor Mo ah, that was an existence even First Elder had to kneel before . Now, he personally said to his face that he killed the other party's grandson, this, this… .

"He's gone now, why are you still running? Moreover, just this ten meters' distance, if he wanted to kill you guys, just with extending his hand, he would be able to reach you guys, why would he allow you guys to run?" Su Luo's forehead twitched, helplessly beckoning to Beichen Ying, "Quickly return . "

Beichen Ying slowly returned, hesitatingly murmured: "His Honorable old man… . really won't blame us?" "Really won't blame you guys . " Su Luo gave him an affirmative reply .

"Then, so to speak, this Ancestor Mo… . isn't the real Ancestor Mo?" Beichen Ying leaned close to Su Luo's ear and carefully asked in a whisper .

Seeing his fearful and trepid little appearance, Su Luo was immediately provoked into laughter . This head could not be considered too stupid, at least, he was a lot smarter than First Elder . He was still able to figure out this much .