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Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – To have come about with no effort (6)

This was too much of a coincidence right? Adding in the five pieces that he had spent an enormous sum to buy, how did it come out to be exactly fifty green-colored crystal stones?

Just at this moment, Steward Xu hurriedly walked over . His face had a rarely seen smiling expression, and he excitedly said to Ling Feng . “Good news! Extremely good news! The Mercenary Union has passed along some information saying that there is a client with quite a few green-colored crystal stones in his hands . However, he wants you to double the original price before selling . ”

“Even this is good news?” Su Luo stroked little Meng Meng’s soft white fur, and laughed lightly .

“If it can save His Highness, then gold coins are not a problem!” Steward Xu had become beyond worried due to having found zero green-colored crystal stones even after cutting all afternoon . Now, he wished that he could exchange mountains of gold and silver for green-colored crystal stones .

A look of disgust flashed across Ling Feng’s eyes . “Before, they would not sell a single one, but now, they have even started to try to raise the price? Steward Xu, go and remove that announcement . ”

“This…” Steward Xu became agitated .

“Be at ease, we have found the required number of green-colored crystal stones . ” Su Luo said with a smile . As for where she had obtained them, Ling Feng didn’t dare to interrogate her . At most, they could just wait for Nangong Liuyun to wake up and explain it to him, and then let him deal with it .

Inside the room .

When Apothecary Leng saw that huge sack of crystal stones, he couldn’t stop being fearful for a long time . The moment he saw that crystal stone shining with a deep blue radiance, his pair of eyes was almost sucked into the eye sockets . For a very long time, his pupils couldn’t come out .

The always cool-headed Apothecary Leng, the aloof and remote Apothecary Leng, like Ling Feng, also started to stammer . “ Is it, is it really a blue-colored crystal stone?”

In his life, he had only gotten to glance at it for a short time, since it was always in others’ hands!

He didn’t even have the qualifications to touch it!

For a moment, he felt moved, then excitement followed . He felt that this trip was truly worth it!

That blue-colored crystal stone radiated a rich, pure spirit air, that permeated throughout the room . It made him feel as if his spirit was had been cleansed .

Ah, a blue-coloured crystal stone…

How could this be possible? In spite of everything, they had really been able to collect so many crystal stones within the short period of one day . Moreover, it also contained a blue-colored crystal stone, which was extremely rare and coveted by people everywhere . This was truly inconceivable .

At this moment, Apothecary Leng had surmised that His Highness Prince Jin had an unimaginable amount of mysterious manpower and resources .

Su Luo saw that Apothecary Leng’s eyes were so mesmerized by the blue-colored crystal stone, so much so that they couldn’t leave it . She curiously asked . “ Apothecary Leng, can a blue-colored crystal stone replace green-colored crystal stones? There won’t be any problems, right?”

“There are problems, of course there are problems!” His train of thought was interrupted . If it was switched to the normal Apothecary Leng, he would have started yelling at her a lot earlier . Right now, he wouldn’t even dare to breathe loudly, afraid of profaning that pure, blue-colored crystal stone .

“What kind of problem?” Su Luo and Ling Feng both became anxious .

“Of course there are problems! Putting such a good piece of blue-colored crystal stone in, at that time, the resulting refined medicinal pill will have double the effectiveness!” Apothecary Leng chuckled while stroking his few strands of his goatee . He was laughing, and was very pleased with himself . “Throughout this old man’s entire life, I have never received such great material . This time, I will be able to refine a pill that will be unrivaled . ”

This old guy’s talk really made people’s heart jump in alarm .

But at the same time, both Su Luo and Ling Feng let out a breath of relief .

It looked like, Nangong Liuyun could be saved right?

“Then, why aren’t you leaving to quickly refine it now?” Su Luo urged without delay . The earlier Nangong Liuyun could be saved, the quicker her feeling of guilt would be eliminated .

“Good, good, good, this old man will go now, will go now!” Apothecary Leng’s mood could not be described by only the one word for ‘good’ .

The pill refined from this process, aside from helping His Highness Prince Jin, it also had great benefits to himself .

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