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Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412 – Roaming Dragon List (10)

Su Luo was able to control these gamblers’ heart .

That youth hasn’t seen the world, how could he deal with this kind of situation? Immediately, he was somewhat at a loss as to what to do .

At this time, an elderly man that continuously coughed slowly walked out from inside .

He waved his hand and the surrounding liveliness was halted by his imposing manner . Afterwards, he coldly said to Su Luo: “Jade Lake’s Li family is as good as their words, won’t cheat the young nor old . I ask that this Miss don’t start a rumor . ”

Su Luo coldly raised an eyebrow: “Start a rumor? Then I’d like to first ask, who is really starting a rumor, everyone say, am I right?”

“Yes!” The gamblers at this time were unprecedentedly united .

This elderly man was an elder that followed at Li Yaoyao’s side protecting her . He was dispatched down here by Li Yaoyao, originally, she wanted to have him taunt Su Luo . But who was to know that this Miss was so clever and eloquent . Her mouth was what was called nimble ah, directly forcing a person to have nothing to say .

Under thousands of staring eyes, this normally icily arrogant elder, whose nose was pointed to the sky, also couldn’t do anything about this . He could only, for the time being, yield first and let that youth apologize to Su Luo .

Su Luo waved her hand: “Naturally, someone needs to apologize, however, that person is not you . Now, without delay, first convert my winnings into crystal stones . ” Su Luo tossed the receipt over .

One to five bet ah, this one hundred green-colored crystal stones, in a flash, became five hundred green crystal stones . This money-making speed was simply too fast for even a horse rider on a horse to catch up to .

If they didn’t know Su Luo’s identity, if they didn’t know the solitary Ke Liqiu was killed by an expert at Su Luo’s side . This large bag of crystal stones would attract how many coveting eyes ah .

In a private booth on the second floor .

A Miss wearing a white muslin over her face sat on the yellow rosewood chair . Her hand fiddled with a white jade cup . But through the window opening, she watched Su Luo’s gradually departing figure, and the white jade cup in her hand was crushed into fine powder .

“Eldest Miss——” Elder Li saw Li Yaoyao’s sinister expression, and his heart jumped slightly .

“Clean this up . ” Li Yaoyao coldly snorted, turned around and left the private booth on the second floor .

Su Luo right? Won five hundred green-colored crystal stones right? I don’t believe I can’t make you spit out these five hundred green-colored crystal stones!

Li Yaoyao’s face was twisted, eyes giving off a malicious light .

On top of the fighting stage, the fights had already begun .

When Su Luo returned, the first ten fights had already finished .

Beichen Ying, completely lacking any suspense, won .

The selection of people from the ten powerful families were decided by the families . Whereas the other one hundred spots were based on competition of people really fighting and giving their all to get it . When they were competing at that time, the competition had a name called the list outside of the Roaming Dragon list .

Lan Xuan was very unfortunate, he ran into the number five person on the list outside of the Roaming Dragon List . The two people’s fight could be called within an inch of their lives . Finally, with strength drained and spent, Lan Xuan at last got the place to advance after a lot of hard work .

Among the fight for the top one hundred, Lan Xuan was considered the one that advanced with the most difficulty .

Like Nangong Liuyun, that was so effortless as if he was drinking water . He had just stood on the stage and the judge had just said start . His Highness Prince Jing slightly raised a sleeve, and it was as if he was sweeping away dust, then the opponent was like a kite with broken strings, blown far away by the wind .

However, a fighting champion like Nangong Liuyun was a known seeded player . In the early stages of the competition, there simply was no chance to set up bets, because he was a seeded player that would steadily win and not lose .

So this first match, besides Su Luo, this upset, other people didn’t make a lot of profit .

“Don’t worry, there are still many matches after this . As long as your luck is good, we’ll be able to steadily win every time . ” Beichen Ying’s smile was as splendid as the summer flower .


——while reading《Dad where you going爸爸去哪儿》and writing……a little tired .

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