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Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420 – Roaming Dragon List (18)

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Don’t know what changes would occur when 256 gold threads fused into 128 . Su Luo was full of anticipation as she thought of this .

But now, she didn’t have time, because the competition for fifty to advance into top twenty-five, was today .

Just like the times before, this was still carried out through drawing lots .

But considering all kinds of comments from before, this time, after the assistant judges had a discussion, they unanimously decided that they didn’t need Su Luo to personally draw lots .

Wait until after everyone had finished drawing, the last remaining lot would be given to Su Luo . If it was like this, there wouldn’t be any dirty tricks right? No one could control this to use dirty tricks okay? After all, there were fifty people .

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After the host announced it, the spectators under the stage all felt it was fair, only then did their comments went down .

Because Su Luo had won twice, and also because of all kinds of talks about dirty tricks, this time, a lot of people had bet on Su Luo’s win . In the end, it forcibly reduced Su Luo’s compensation rate to 1 for 0 . 1 .

If one was to bet five hundred grams of silver, in the end, one only earned fifty grams of silver . If she lost, then all the bets would be lost .

If it was like that, a lot of people thought of Su Luo’s fifth rank strength…… They secretly muttered, athough Su Luo’s master was the head judge, he couldn’t do it so obviously right?

Therefore, a lot of people once again turned to bet on Su Luo losing .

Just in this kind of disorderly atmosphere, Su Luo stood on the stage .

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“Number seven . ” Beichen Ying proudly shook the engraved plate in his hand in front of Su Luo .

This time, they weren’t separated in groups of A and B, because altogether, there were only fifty people, so there simply was no need .

This time’s rule was, number 1 was matched with number 50, 2 matched to 49, and so on . Beichen Ying’s number 7 was matched to number 44 .

Who was number 44? Su Luo cast a glance at the place opposite of Beichen Ying . She didn’t recognize that person but she seemed to have seen him once .

Although she didn’t know who his opponent was, however, Su Luo knew why he would be so pleased with himself .

In order to earn a fortune with his gambling, Beichen Ying had directly dispatched the mercenary union’s intelligence department . He sorted out all the information for the top fifty strong experts . He even gave it to Su Luo to have a look .

The important people to pay attention to were all circled with a red pen . That person in front of Beichen Ying, at the moment, Su Luo swept by his name after one glance and it showed he wasn’t an important person . So, according to Beichen Ying’s strength, this fight was naturally a steady win .

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Lan Xuan and their group all had drawn good lots .

Su Luo stood there like a statue, boredly watching the lots being drawn, one by one .

Just when Su Luo was bored to death, a sinister gaze shot towards Su Luo . It immediately woke Su Luo up, giving her a thorny feeling .

Su Luo subconsciously looked towards that figure .

That was a graceful woman dressed in black from head to toe . Her figure was slim and elegant . However, she wasn’t able to see her face, because her entire face was covered by a screened hat . Dark muslin hung down all around the screened hat, mysterious and also somewhat strange .

This Miss……was interesting . The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a shallow smile, if her luck was good, she hoped she would be fighting with her .

“I hope I will fight with you!” When this Miss walked by Su Luo’s side, she threw out an ice-cold sentence in a threatening manner .

Su Luo immediately started to laugh .

If possible, she very much wanted it too .

This would depend on luck .

Su Luo personally looked and saw that the number the Miss in dark clothes with the screened hat held was number 13 . If Su Luo wanted to battle with her, she needed to get number 38 .

13, 38…… These two were both unlucky numbers . Su Luo curled her mouth, in any case, she was unable to decide, she could let Heavens arrange things .