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Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425 – Roaming Dragon List (23)


There weren’t many people left, up until now, nobody had drawn the empty place lot . Su Luo suddenly had a bad premonition…

That empty place lot couldn’t be left for her again right?

This would definitely be a good thing for others, but for Su Luo, it was simply the worst .

Although Su Luo looked calm on the surface, her heart was extremely anxious ah . Her pair of eyes would glance at the stage from time to time .

When there were only five people remaining, that empty place lot still hadn’t been drawn out . This simply was…Su Luo’s heart was very vexed .

Four left… .

Three left… .

Two left… . .

Just at this moment was when the second to last person’s turn, time seemed to stop at this second .

Now, there were only two lots left on the stage .

One was the empty place lot, the other would be battling with the only seventh-ranked competitor .

The remaining twenty-five people’s strength was already clearly understood by everyone .

Besides Su Luo, this insignificant fifth rank that could still mix with the top twenty-five, there was another seventh rank that had superb luck . Able to stand among the top twenty-five based on a seventh rank strength, it could be said it was a kind of luck .

The mouth of the second to last person hooked into an icily-arrogant smile . Soon after, he drew a lot .

“That person is… . ”

“Oh heavens, that is Luo Haoming! Last Roaming Dragon List’s number one Luo Haoming!”

“Oh heavens, my idol, my Mr . Perfect!”

Immediately, everyone present became impassioned .

Luo Haoming’s contemptuous gaze swept his surroundings . Finally, his gaze stopped on Su Luo’s body .

It couldn’t help but be said that Luo Haoming had a pair of very beautiful eyes . Pitch-black like the night, abstruse with a never-before-seen beauty, very mysterious .

When his gaze landed on Su Luo’s body, Su Luo suddenly had a tense feeling of facing a great enemy . Such a strong pressure, such a vigorous murderous aura .

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly and had no choice but to admit, the her right now simply wasn’t at the same level as Luo Haoming . If he wanted to kill her, it was as easily as a turn of his hand .

Luo Haoming carelessly tossed the lot he had drawn to the host .

The host, who was full of a provocative manner, seemed to tremble somewhat with fear in front of Luo Haoming, looking very tense .

His pair of hands firmly clasped that lot, when he opened it and looked, he immediately let out a breath of relief: “Empty place! Young master Luo’s lot is the empty place one!”

In fact, the pressure on the host was huge too .

Since earlier, the people above had sent down an order . The order was that he couldn’t let Su Luo draw the empty place lot again .

But not long before now, another powerful force threatened him, forcing him to think of ways to let Su Luo draw the empty place lot .

And these two powers, neither were forces that the host could afford to provoke . Therefore, his heart was very much tangled .

Now it’s good, Luo Haoming had drawn out this empty place lot with tens of thousands of people focused on him . All the problems now had easily been solved .

Looking at the spectators under the stage, you would know that it was most fitting for Luo Haoming to draw this lot for the empty place .

“It actually turned out to be Luo Haoming who drew the empty place lot . ”

“This is naturally more normal . The empty place lot should be given to His Highness Prince Jin, Luo Haoming, these kind of champions in the contest, the super seeded players . ”

“That’s right, that’s right . This will make people accept it wholeheartedly . ”

“Hahaha, then should it be said that this time, Su Luo will really fight?”

“Yes ah, yes . But her luck really was pretty good . This time, she is matched against the only seventh rank among the top twenty-five experts ah . The rest of the experts are all at eighth rank or above ah . ”

“Isn’t Su Luo only at the fifth rank ah? Faced with a seventh rank, shouldn’t she directly concede?”

“I hope that person won’t be bribed . Then like the last time, to voluntarily concede the match . ”

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