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Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448 – The final decisive battle (1)


Su Qing struck first to gain the advantage, without saying a word, she directly attacked after getting on the stage .

Fortunately, Su Luo already was guarded against this in her heart . In the wake of Su Qing’s attack, Su Luo’s finger flew to make a complicated hand seal .

At this moment, slices of ice knives shot towards Su Luo’s throat and between her eyes!

“Raging sea of fireworks!” Su Luo shouted in a low voice . From the ground, four fire serpents rushed out like a flood, whirling into a circle, blocking those densely-packed ice knives .

After Su Luo blocked this attack, suddenly, everyone under the stage sat up and took notice .

“Originally thought facing a ninth-ranked expert, Su Luo would wilt after one move . Didn’t expect she was able to block it . ”

“It’s the first move, who knows . Maybe Su Qing didn’t exert herself . ”

“Now everything is hard to say ah . ”

Everyone still maintained their doubtful attitude towards Su Luo’s strength . But there were some that frowned slightly .

Because just at the moment Su Luo released her move, the fluctuations in spirit force she caused clearly was not an insignificant fifth rank could put to use .

Therefore, Su Luo certainly was not fifth rank, very possibly, she was above eighth rank .

On the stage .

Su Qing’s complexion became slightly frosty .

“Didn’t expect you could block thirty percent of my strength . Su Luo, I actually underestimated you . ” Finished speaking, a twisted and sinister smile flashed through Su Qing’s eyes .

Su Luo smiled faintly: “Even if you used all your strength, so what?”

“Good! You’re courting death, cannot blame me!” A poisonous light flashed in Su Qing’s eyes .

One could only see her hands move like the cloud, suddenly, within a ten meter range around Su Luo’s body, a circle appeared . It was an cage made from ice and snow, about ten square meters in size!

Just like this, Su Luo was trapped in this cage made from ice and snow .

Moreover, this ice and snow cage wasn’t a motionless one . It was rotating non-stop, spinning and spinning until people’s eyes became dizzy .

Inside this cage, Su Luo’s figure seemed to be extremely not good .

Inside the ice and snow cage, the temperature, in an instant, dropped to the lowest . Su Luo continuously released her fire element .

But, after all, Su Qing was ninth rank, the strength difference of even one rank was huge .

Although Su Luo did her utmost to block, her fire element flowing out in endless stream, but in comparison, she was still repressed by Su Qing .

Seeing that the temperature was getting lower and lower, Su Luo’s heart had a bad premonition .

The corner of Su Qing’s mouth hooked into a bloodthirsty cold smile: “Su Luo, you just go to hell!”

Two years before, Su Luo had forced her until she gave up all hope . That kind of humiliation tortured Su Qing for a full eight hundred nights, every night .

In the dark palace, it was just this hatred that supported Su Qing to walk through that inhuman cultivation to improve her strength .

If she didn’t have this unforgettable hatred, very likely, Su Qing would have fallen earlier from the pain under layers of thorns .

Inside the ice and snow cage, Su Luo’s brows pursed tightly .

The disparity between the ranks was even greater than she had imagined, making her somewhat at a loss as to what to do .

The temperature of the ice and snow cage continuously went down, Su Luo’s face and hands were covered in a thin layer of frost .

Su Luo knew that in the wake of time passing, if she still were unable to get out of the ice and snow cage, she would freeze to death here .

“Hahaha, Su Luo, I suffered untold hardship and used all my effort to cultivate to the ninth rank to come find you for revenge . Your strength is weaker than an ant’s . I really look down upon you!”

Su Qing’s attitude was arrogant and brash, her laughter mocking and derisive . Su Luo’s people, hearing this, wished they could rush up and slap her several times .

Zi Yan couldn’t sit still, so angry that she nearly jumped up: “This Su Qing is too excessively rude!”

Nangong Liuyun reclined on the back of the chair, his expression seemed careless . But the finger that continuously tapped on the armrest revealed his mood slightly .

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