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Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457 – Su Qing dies (4)


Nangong Liuyun lifted his eyes, looking at the Su Luo on the stage being watched by ten thousand pairs of eyes . His eyes were full of smiles . His family’s Luo Luo could be a cute, adorable girl, she could also be Her Majesty the Queen worshipped by everyone . Really was…really like her .

Nangong Liuyun extended out his long and jade like finger, lightly placing it over his heart . The heart there beat faster than twice its normal speed and more .

Luo Luo, my heart . Without you, I would not be complete .

At this moment, every powerful family in the VIP seats had different expressions .

The master of Beichen Palace had a warm smile: “A very short several years . From a good-for-nothing waste to a ninth rank . On this continent, there has never been such a brilliant, outstanding and super talented person . ”

The master of Green Jade Palace at his side slowly shook his head: “Did you forget that person from the legend?”

“That person ah…don’t mention it, don’t mention it . ” Beichen Ying’s father waved his hand .

Just what kind of character, that even his father didn’t dare to mention? When Beichen Ying entered, he heard this dialog and couldn’t help but be secretly curious .

However, when Beichen Ying asked, his old man slapped him on the head: “Being curious killed the cat! Don’t ask things that shouldn’t be asked!”

As a result, Beichen Ying could only rub his nose and run away .

On the stage, Su Luo, who was resplendent as the most precious pearl, walked down from the stage, step by step .

Just now, Su Zian was sitting there foolishly, but seeing Su Luo walk down, his entire person seemed to have gone mad as he threw himself on her . He loudly yelled: “Su Luo, you slut . For good or bad, Su Qing is still your older sister ah . She is your older sister, how could you!!!”

However, before Su Zian even got close to Su Luo, a powerful wind strike slapped him flying .

Su Zian was heavily tossed to the ground . The fall badly battered him until he was dizzy with blurred vision . When he struggled up and was about to continue cursing Su Luo, he discovered that standing by her side was this country’s His Highness Prince Jin .

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were overcast and ruthless . Just one glance sweeping by would make a person’s heart give birth to fear .

“Su Zian, you can get lost!” Very few people knew the things that made His Highness Prince Jin angry . Because the people that provoked his anger, the overwhelming majority had already left this mortal world, aside from Su Luo .

Su Zian felt suffocated by that gas in his throat that wouldn’t go up or down . Choking this back simply was about to give him internal injuries .

Circumstances were stronger than him, Su Zian absolutely couldn’t do anything about it . He could only pant with rage and toss his sleeves to walk away!

“Stop!” Su Luo coldy uttered .

Su Zian stopped and turned his head back .

Su Luo said in an ice-cold tone: “Su Zian, your habit of indiscriminately calling people daughter is extremely bad . I don’t want there to be a next time . If there is a next time, I imagine Su Qing would be very happy to have a close relative to go accompany her . ”

Su Zian’s back cooled down in a flash .

He actually criticized Su Luo in such a public place with numerous people . The only reason was to make Su Luo’s reputation to be extremely terrible, make her live under the pressure of public opinion and among the rumors .

If he couldn’t live well, he also didn’t want Su Luo to live well . It was just that simple .

Therefore, he kept dunking the basins of feces on Su Luo’s head .

Everyone likes to gossip, therefore, this matter would certainly spread out . At that time, even if Su Luo had one hundred mouths, she still wouldn’t be able to dispute it . But he was counting the chickens before they were hatched for this good plan of his . If Su Luo wanted to destroy it, she only needed to say one sentence .

Su Zian was so angry that his skull hurt . However, recalling His Highness Prince Jin’s threat, he glared at Su Luo, panting with rage . He just turned around and started to walk away .

“You actually don’t want your daughter’s body? In this world, how could there be such a fickle and cold-natured father like you!” Su Luo deliberately denounced in a loud voice, “Letting a close relative’s body dry in the wilderness . Don’t tell me this is the latest rule your Su Manor had drawn up?”

“Of course not!” Su Zian was forced by Su Luo until there was no place to retreat . There’s nothing else he could do, so he could only run up to the fighting stage . When he saw that bitter expression of Su Qing’s, you could imagine how conflicted his heart was .

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