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Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469 – New drawing of the lots


“Like this is also good . My favorite is to pretend to be a pig, then eat the tiger . ” Su Luo laughed extremely happy .

Nangong Liuyun rubbed his chest area .

That place really had some blood rolling over .

But it did not manifest its seriousness .

Luo Haoming and Dongfang Xuan were both formidable opponents .

Arriving at this stage, Nangong Liuyun had no way to meddle with the matter of drawing lots . Like before, when he wanted his family’s Luo girl to draw good lots and such, was something he couldn’t do anymore .

Following this, one could only depend on luck .

Nangong Liuyun hoped he could draw Luo Haoming or Dongfang Xuan . Besides him, no one else could withstand their attack .

“The best scenario would be to let Luo Haoming and Dongfang Xuan draw each other . Let the two of them fight a ‘you live I die’ battle . ” This was what Su Luo said .

After the top seven were selected, very quickly, the competition for four to advance among the seven would start .

Four advancing out of seven, was the same as always . It would still depend on drawing lots to be carried out .

On the stage, Su Luo stood there like before .

A competition where four out of seven would advance, could be considered entering the end . Therefore . there was an unprecedented amount of people watching this .

Ever since Su Luo displayed her real strength, everyone completely overturned their conclusion of her from before . Because, she had the strength to kill Su Qing, which convinced everyone .

It was not like before, where everyone had finished drawing the lots and the last lot would belong to her . This time, her turn to draw lots was pretty close to the beginning .

The first to draw lots was Beichen Ying .

Beichen Ying drew the lot with number one on it .

“Alas, going to be the first to go compete ah . ” Clenching this lot, Beichen Ying sighed .

Su Luo smiled: “Here, the weakest person is you, how about I draw you?”

“Don’t!” Beichen Ying had an expression of suffering hardship, hurriedly waving his hand, “Little great aunt, this kinds of things, must not be said irresponsibly . You must, by all means, not draw my lot!”

“Why?” Su Luo blinked her clear, large and monochrome eyes .

“In short, I don’t want to compete with you . ” Beichen Ying firmly and seriously nodded .

“That can’t be said for certain ah . ” Su Luo laughingly blinked her eyes .

“No, absolutely not!” Beichen Ying madly shook his head .

Even if he was matched against Luo Haoming, he didn’t want to be matched against Su Luo . Because Su Luo’s trump cards were simply too scary .

However, it’s not Su Luo’s turn, so don’t know which number she would draw .

Following it was Zi Yan’s turn to draw lots .

Zi Yan drew number three .

But her luck was really bad, because following after her, Senior Brother Dongfang Xuan directly drew number four .

Dongfang Xuan’s ice-cold gaze stared at that lot, then turned his head to look at Su Luo . The corner of his mouth hooked into a bloodthirsty sneer, “Escaped again . ”

Such an ice-cold gaze that suddenly made Su Luo’s heart shiver .

However, Su Luo very quickly returned to her senses, glaring back at him with a frosty gaze .

Dongfang Xuan’s cold eyes disdainfully glanced at Su Luo, then turned around and left .

After he got off the stage, Li Yaoyao happily rushed up, wrapping herself around Dongfang Xuan’s sleeves .

Dongfang Xuan spoilingly patted her head, bending down and saying several sentences by her ear .

The smile on Li Yaoyao’s face became even more elated . She turned around, proudly sending Su Luo a provocative glance .

That gaze, besides being full of hatred, it also contained the emotion of endlessly being pleased with herself .

Coming in contact with Li Yaoyao’s gaze, Su Luo raised an eyebrow with a ghost of a smile .

“Su Luo, you just wait to die!” Li Yaoyao silently mouthed these words . Then, she wrapped herself around Dongfang Xuan’s arm and swaggered off in a high-profile manner .

Su Luo faintly smiled . Wait to die? This matter really was uncertain .

At this time, it was Su Luo’s turn to draw lots .

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