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Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 – Duel (7)


Luo Haoming’s mouth hooked into a taunting sneer: “Time is already over . ”

“The incense hasn’t died out . ” The judge glanced at Luo Haoming and said indifferently with a taunt face .

But at the same time, his gaze was staring closely in the direction of the gate . The anxiousness in his gaze was hard to conceal .

The mockery on Luo Haoming’s face became increasingly strong . He coldly sneered: “Then continue to wait a bit . ”

If Nangong Liuyun was tactful, then he definitely wouldn’t appear at this time .

But once the fight started, fists and feet have no eyes . At that time, whether he lived or died was not something he had the final say in .

He was such a new rising star, any of the older gifted genius would have a wish to kill, this also included Luo Haoming .

A bloodthirsty sneer flashed through Luo Haoming’s eyes, he was hoping Nangong Liuyun would come . Because he really wanted to extinguish this gradually rising star in the cradle .

Time passed in seconds and minutes, seeing that the stick of incense was about to burn out .

At this time, a lot of people under the stage had uncertain expressions .

Emperor Jing’s expression became increasingly more complicated .

Emperor Jing stared fixedly in the direction of the entrance, unblinkingly watching it, afraid of missing a bit of news .

But no matter how closely he stared . No matter how much he hoped . All along, Nangong Liuyun’s figure never appeared in his eyes sight .

“How could it be like this!” Emperor Jing clenched his fist in a death grip, his expression was tangled .

There was only Nangong Liuyun, such a seeded player, from Eastern Ling . If he voluntarily forfeited, then Eastern Ling was completely finished!

At this moment, Emperor Jing basically had already ruled out Su Luo .

As for before, when Su Luo defeated Beichen Ying, Emperor Jing had unconsciously assumed that Beichen had thrown the game . From his perspective, if it was based on real strength, Su Luo would be slapped to death once she got on the stage . So, he never had any expectations towards Su Luo .

Just at this critical moment when Emperor Jing and everyone looked up with hope . Just as the incense tip was burned almost to the last second——

Nangong Liuyun slowly arrived .

That pitch-black as ink eyes flashed with an expression that looked disdainfully down at the world . He had bright eyes and white teeth, with lips like dark red cinnabar . The outline of his jaw was noble, healthy and ice-cold .

The him right now wore a black robe . A faint wind brushed by, and the tassels on the jade belt danced lightly and wantonly . He took gracefully steps as he came over slowly . Every movement of his was a prominent display of extreme elegance and respectfulness, without losing a bit of his domineering aura .

Under the gazes of the nearly one hundred thousand people present, Nangong Liuyun looked like a super strong expert from ancient times, proudly walking towards the stage .

Under ten thousand gazes, he indifferently stood in front of Luo Haoming .

To be honest, Luo Haoming’s looks were in fact pretty good . His temperament was also outstanding . Originally, before the appearance of Nangong Liuyun, he absolutely was the focus point of everyone present . The target of everyone’s worship .

But after Nangong Liuyun appeared, it’s as if his body gave off dazzling light like the sun . That innate aura of a leader and incomparable charm, deeply attracted everyone present .

“Worthy of being His Highness Prince Jin . Only just standing there, makes one want to kneel down on both legs with head to the ground in worship . ” Among the crowd, someone said this, being deeply moved .

Li Yaoyao, like a fool, watched Nangong Liuyun walk closer and closer . He finally walked onto the fighting stage .

Her fists clenched tightly! Why, wouldn’t he lower his head a little to take a glance at her? Such an outstanding male, why didn’t he belong to her?

Li Yaoyao bit her lips heavily, and a dark red very quickly came from the lower lip, blood rolling down drop by drop .

Nangong Liuyun stood on the stage as if no one else was present, with an arrogant and indifferent expression .

Luo Haoming’s brow rose slightly .

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