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Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 – His Highness Prince Jin (6)

“Release me!” A thread of helplessness flashed across Su Luo’s heart .

Damn it! How could she have forgotten? This man was ruthless towards others but even more toward himself!

Before when he forced her to use a dagger to pierce himself, it should have been sufficient to illustrate this point . So hateful, she had actually forgotten and she dared to hold a dagger to threaten him again! Damn it!

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth was still lifted into a careless smile . He lowered his head, his distance to Su Luo was decreasing, getting closer and closer . Seeing her vexed expression, he gave a knowing, demonically charming smile . Then once more he seized her breath .

Damn it, this guy should just go and die!

Right now Su Luo had provided a cage to entrap someone else, but instead she maneuvered around so much while leading the prey, that she had ended up trapping herself inside .

Could she be so ruthless as to stab him? Clearly she couldn’t do it .

It had been very difficult for her to save him, so how could she once again injure him?

Therefore the dagger in her hand quietly fell to the floor .

Nangong Liuyun released her . He laughed wantonly with a demonic charm .

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that dagger sink underwater . When it hit the ground, Nangong Liuyun’s mood seemed to have become extremely good . His entire persons seem to be radiating with health and vigor as if he had obtained his life’s greatest desire . It was so great that that the atmosphere around him also brightened .

He found that he had discovered Su Luo’s weakness . His Luo girl was truly cute, really cute .

Just at this time .

All of a sudden a ruthless, cold expression flashed through Nangong Liuyun’s eyes .

What Su Luo did not know was right now, outside on top of that thousand year old ancient tree a sharp feathered arrow was being aimed at her vital point .

This was a master whose entire body was shrouded in black cloth, with not even a strand of hair exposed .

He was hiden in the tree branches, concealing his figure among the lush leaves, motionless, like a hidden snake waiting for the right time to spray out its poison to kill a person .

Suddenly his hand loosened, and the feathered arrow split the sky, bursting out as it was murderously launched toward Su Luo .

This arrow, due to it being blocked by the window, had gone completely undetected by Su Luo . Even if she became aware of it she still couldn’t have avoided it with her level of skill .

This was because the person who launched the arrow had high martial arts skills, absolutely above the sixth rank, completely not someone Su Luo could stop .

Due to Su Luo’s instinct that guard against danger, her body slightly trembled . She instinctively wanted to dodge .

Just at this moment, Nangong Liuyun lowed his head and once again seized her red lips . He wrapped her entire body within his embrace . He protected her by wrapping her so tightly that they were joined seamlessly .

Just then, that bright silvery arrow broke through the window and entered, carrying with it the sound of thunder, five thousand kilograms of force, and a murderous air .

If Nangong Liuyun hadn’t advanced to the seventh rank, then he would either have had to use his body to block this arrow or let Su Luo die; these would have been the only two possible choices .

The enemy was forcing Nanong Liuyun to choose: either choose to save his own life or save the woman who was a good-for-nothing!

It was clearly obvious that the enemy figured that Nangong Liuyun loved himself and his own life the most . It was also evident that the other party wanted Su Luo to look on helplessly and clearly see how cruel Nangong Liuyun will treat her by letting her die .

The person who launched the arrow had calculated all these details, included all the possible circumstances into this plan . Now the black masked person’s gloomy and cold expression had a cruel smirk, as if victory was insight .

However, the reality made him frown .

Because he would never have anticipated that in such a short time that even with Nangong Liuyun’s serious internal injuries, he would advance to the seventh rank .

Could only see Nangong Liuyun caused the pool of water to stir up like a geyser, the white colored water changed into a dragon in midair, silently roaring and swallowed that arrow .

Swift like the wind, quick like lightening .

Moreover, when Nangong Liuyun counterattacked, he was unruffled as before still kissing Su Luo . His figure was as steady as a boulder, with not a bit of tremor .

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