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Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512 – Become famous with one battle (8)


Li Yaoyao shook from head to toe .

“Senior Brother…” Li Yaoyao’s voice trembled from excitement .

This was the first time Senior Brother, explicitly said to help her kill Su Luo . How could Li Yaoyao not be excited?

Li Yaoyao once entrusted her desires to many people, but every one of them disappointed her . Even Li Aochen thoroughly disappointed her .

But she knew that if Senior Brother went out, Su Luo would absolutely die without a burial site!

Because Li Yaoyao knew, even Nangong Liuyun was not Senior Brother’s opponent .

If Senior Brother wanted to kill Su Luo, it’s as simple as crushing an ant .

“But it’s not right now . ” Dongfang Xuan’s hidden gaze looked at that pair of jade annulus not far from them . His mouth hooked into a strange smile .

Li Yaoyao nodded: “Because Grandmaster Rong Yun is present . ”

“Yes . ” Dongfang Xuan’s tone was pointed, low and faint . His long finger hooked Li Yaoyao’s charming nose, “You want her to die now?”

Li Yaoyao firmly nodded: “Really wish she would die immediately!”

“As to this…” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were hidden and deep like an ancient well, profoundly mysterious, “Can consider it . ”

“Really?” Li Yaoyao opened her eyes wide from being pleasantly surprised .

“Since it’s my family’s Yaoyao’s wish, naturally must go all out to meet it . ” Dongfang Xuan pampering pinched her nose, “Smile a bit, Senor Brother likes when Yaoyao smiles the most . ”

Li Yaoyao immediately showed a dazzling smile that was like summer flowers .

Not far away .

Su Luo’s eyes looked in Li Yaoyao’s direction, as she frowned slightly .

“Li Yaoyao is really not an ordinary person ah . ” Su Luo lamented repeatedly, “Situ Ming’s dead skeleton hasn’t even cooled yet, and now she again hooked a Dongfang Xuan . ”

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes lifted up slightly .

Seeing Dongfang Xuan’s figure, he had a not-so-good premonition .

“Doesn’t Li Yaoyao desperately love you? Could it be Dongfang Xuan doesn’t even care a little about this?” Su Luo stroked her chin, sinking into deep reflection on this .

Nangong Liuyun patted her head: “Don’t think nonsense, let’s go . ”

Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo to walk towards the outer area .

At this moment, the originally very lively crowd everyone voluntarily made a path that was enough for two people to walk shoulder-to-shoulder, letting them leave .

Su Luo couldn’t help but recall that time, recall that two years ago, she was also on this battle stage .

At that time, her reputation wasn’t so prominent .

The same winning against the opponent, the same way of leaving, being pulled by Nangong Liuyun’s hand . But at that time, everyone’s gaze towards her was mostly loathing and despising .

But now, Su Luo’s gaze swept their faces, those joyous expressions, expressions of worship, was enough to prove that their view of her had completely changed .

A little more than two years’ time, and Su Luo had finally torn off that label of being a good-for-nothing on her forehead .

The her right now was already ninth rank . The tenth-ranked Li Aochen had personally admitted defeat to her .

Surveying the entire Eastern Ling dynasty, how many were her opponents? She could even walk this continent horizontally .

At that time, Jade Lake’s Li family chased to kill her time and time again . If they still hadn’t grown eyes and came over to provoke her… . Su Luo secretly humphed in her heart .

“Let us directly return to the gambling house . ” Beichen Ying ran over in high spirits from behind her .

Zi Yan also followed behind with an excited expression .

“How is it? How much did we win this time?” Su Luo asked with all smiles .

Fortunately, she came out of closed-door cultivation in time, otherwise, the three hundred thousand crystal stones she bet before would have all been lost .

“This number!” Beichen Ying gestured a number towards Su Luo . Directly scaring Su Luo until her heart trembled .

“How could it be so much?” Su Luo said in disbelief .

“Besides the three hundred thousand crystal stones we bet on the outside, we also accepted other people’s bets . Then, by chance, the great majority of the people didn’t think highly of you . Hehe, this let our betting house get a small advantage okay?” Beichen Ying smiled with incomparable complacency .

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