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Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 – Showdown between experts (4)


Li Yaoyao’s eyes were full of tears, with a scarlet red complexion like an ignited raging inferno .

Subconsciously, Li Yaoyao’s hand stretched out to reach for it, making Dongfang Xuan’s eyes even brighter .

Sensing the peculiarity in Dongfang Xuan, Li Yaoyao was so anxious that she almost cried . Then, she hurriedly, in a flurry, took her hand back to protect her nakedness .

Dongfang Xuan’s eyes jumped like two flames . The flame was on the verge of exploding like the sparks that started a prairie fire . Very quickly, it ignited into a boiling hot blaze .

What to do? How? Li Yaoyao was so anxious just like a cat on a tin roof, running around in circles .

Just at this critical moment, Li Yaoyao could clearly feel…

Li Yaoyao urgently screeched: “Ah!!!”

Li Yaoyao wanted to run, but Dongfang Xuan’s pair of hands… .

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Li Yaoyao’s pair of eyes opened wide from being overwhelmed with shock . She was almost about to pass out .

An overwhelming pain rushed towards her that was earth-shattering .

Unprecedentedly humiliating and enveloping her like an ugly cloud .

Very, very unforgettable!

She thought she could use Dongfang Xuan as a backer, but she never expected that this backer could be so ruthless . To brutally rob her most precious thing away and think she was very willing!

Li Yaoyao trembled from head to toe due to the pain, tears falling down like rain .

Just at this moment, suddenly, Dongfang Xuan’s brows tightly puckered .

His body moved, and he had already finished tidying up his clothes . Li Yaoyao was placed on the bed with a flip of his hand .

Senior Brother would let her off just like this?

However, before she could celebrate, she saw the spots of blood on the bed .

The blood was like a sharp sword, deeply stabbing into her eyes .

She… . lost her most prized innocence!

Li Yaoyao’s entire complexion became pale . Battered and exhausted, she lied on the bed face up, with a lifeless expression in her eyes . She seemed spiritless .

Outside .

Elder Ancestor Mo appeared in the courtyard .

Of course, in order to shift the blame to Central Palace’s Mo family, Su Luo simply didn’t even bother to disguise Little Stone . Rather, she let Elder Ancestor Mo appear in his normal appearance .

“Elder Ancestor Mo?” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were half-narrowed, his voice was low, carrying a trace of doubt .

However his good thing was interrupted halfway, Dongfang Xuan was naturally angry in his heart . But this anger was naturally hidden well when encountering Elder Ancestor Mo, this huge character .

The Little Stone who was draped in Elder Ancestor Mo on the outside, frowned .

He didn’t even waste a word and directly made a move against Dongfang Xuan!

Dongfang Xuan coldly said: “What is the meaning of Elder Ancestor Mo? Don’t know where I had offended you?”

Dongfang Xuan was anxious ah, because he could clearly sense that strong power on Elder Ancestor Mo’s body . That aura could only belong to a super strong expert, the him right now was powerless to resist .

However, the Little Stone draped in the shell of Elder Ancestor Mo had no expression, hand extended out like an iron plier .

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