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Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566 – Master instructs (1)


“En . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun nodded, “Able to sense it . ”

A piece of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods? Su Luo already had two pieces in her hands . If she could find another in the Secret Dragon Territory, that really… .

“There are still ten days before we leave . Master and you guys won’t go?” Su Luo stared at Grandmaster Rong Yun in a spoiling manner .

“Can’t go in . ” Not because they didn’t want to go, rather, they couldn’t enter . Grandmaster Rong Yun was also helpless .

A piece of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods, what family, which power didn’t want it? But they just couldn’t go in, worrying people to death .

“Master should rest assured, this disciple will certainly return with the map piece for you . ” Su Luo said, as if making a solemn vow .

“You are just this certain?” Grandmaster Rong Yun humphed indifferently .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up in a crafty smile, her right hand opening . Very quickly, a sparkling translucent light flashed by, and a shabby map appeared in the palm of her hand .

“Master, look . ” Su Luo happily handed over the map for Master to look .

Grandmaster Rong Yun accepted it without much hope . After sweeping it once, his expression changed . Soon after, he used a disbelieving gaze to look at Su Luo . His expression was complete disbelief .

“This…how is this possible?” Even Grandmaster Rong Yun, this kind of absolute strong expert, was shaken by Su Luo’s largesse .

A section of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods .

The ten great powerful families and those powers hidden in the dark . Who didn’t want a piece of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods? But these powerful families and powers all came up empty-handed, whereas Su Luo already had two pieces .

There were only four sections to the map of the Secluded Necropolis of the gods . Su Luo, this weak greenhorn little girl, actually had two sections of the map .

Grandmaster Rong Yun took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in his heart .

“You, this girl!” Grandmaster Rong Yun extended his huge palm to rub her head with strength .

He never expected that she would bring such a pleasant surprise to him . You must know, so many powers, including himself, hadn’t found a single piece of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods .

“It’s just luck . ” Su Luo was praised until she embarrassedly scratched the back of her head, “The first piece was from Su Manor, when I went to steal Celestial Spirit Water . This piece of the map was hidden in that box, so I took it together . ”

Just took it together? The blue veins on Grandmaster Rong Yun’s forehead jumped out .

Otherwise, how could she have inserted in this chase from the dark ah? She even casually took it back .

“As for the second piece of the map, that was hidden in Jade Lake’s Li family’s heavenly spirit cup . After breaking the cup, this section of the map automatically flew into my hand . ” Speaking of the second part of the map, Su Luo felt embarrassed . This was simply earning it for free . She didn’t spend any strength and got this piece of the map to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods that every influential power longed for .

“You, this girl, really is a lucky star . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun really was impressed by Su Luo’s luck .

This kind of luck, it would be impossible to find another person with it in this world .

“I also don’t know . But it’s real that my luck is good . ” Su Luo nodded her head to express her agreement . Several times when she sank into desperate straits and was on the verge of death, she would always get a lucky break to avoid disaster . If you were to say she had bad luck, even Su Luo didn’t believe it .

“But just relying on luck is not okay . To walk in this world, the most important is still to rely on strength . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun handed the two pieces of map that was pieced together back to Su Luo .

“This disciple knows . ” Su Luo blinked her eyes, “Master, maybe you should keep these sections of the map?”

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