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Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569 – Master instructs (4)


Just when Luo Haoming’s feet were about to land heavily, Su Luo gathered all her spirit strength in her body and a Nothingness of Space enveloped Luo Haoming’s body . At the same time, she controlled the speed in her own Nothingness of Space!

Luo Haoming was stupefied by the Nothingness of Space that suddenly arose for a bit . Taking advantage of his short period of being distracted, Suo Luo did a flip and landed on Luo Haoming’s back . The dagger in her hand ruthlessly slid across his neck .

Su Luo’s speed exploded to her fastest, but what made Su Luo depressed was that when she cut at Luo Haoming’s neck, she couldn’t break his defense .

At this moment, there wasn’t even a trace on Luo Haoming’s neck .

Luo Haoming very quickly returned to his senses . He laughed sinsterly, his hand reaching back and grabbing Su Luo before she had time to dodge .

Luo Haoming’s hand was like an iron plier, strong and powerful, almost making Su Luo cry out in pain from being gripped .

The bones in her wrist almost broke into pieces from being gripped .

Just at this moment, the most miserable thing happened to Su Luo .

One only saw Luo Haoming use both hands to grab Su Luo on his back and give Su Luo a fierce toss forward!



A violent noise sounded, and Su Luo’s entire person was smashed in front of Luo Haoming, tossed to the ground like a sandbag .

But how strong was Luo Haoming’s strength? Although Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space slowed down his speed by a bit, but it had no way to decrease his strength ah .

Now, Su Luo was so ruthlessly smashed to the ground . Her five viscera and six bowels almost shifted . Her whole body seemed to have been broken into tiny pieces .

Su Luo was in so much pain that her vision blurred . With great difficulty and pain, she half-opened her eyes . At this moment, Luo Haoming’s figure blurred in front of her eyes, unable to be seen clearly .

“So painful…” Su Luo groaned repeatedly .

Luo Haoming slowly walked towards Su Luo, approaching step by step .

Sensing danger approaching, subconsciously, Su Luo wanted to shift backwards . But what made her depressed until she cried was that she simply could not control her own body .

Although she subconsciously wanted to dodge, but she was in so much pain that she couldn’t move .


Luo Haoming laughed sinisterly and crazily, looking like a bloodthirsty lunatic . His gaze was like an ice sword, staring fixedly at Su Luo . Finally, he shouted: “Loathsome girl, go die!”

Soon after, Luo Haoming lifted his foot up high, not showing mercy for the fairer sex——

Master, if you don’t make a move soon, your disciple will be stamped to death! Su Luo cried out in her heart, wanting to cry but lacking the tears .

It’s not that she didn’t want to dodge, but rather that she just couldn’t control her own body .

Just at this time, suddenly, Su Luo felt her gaze blur . The foot that was about to step on her belly suddenly disappeared .

Su Luo half-opened her eyes and discovered that the scene had already changed in front of her .

“Master…” Su Luo called with a trace of faint blame .

Such a ruthless master ah, sitting there so calmly . While leisurely drinking tea on the side, watching her being fiercely beaten .

Grandmaster Rong Yun helplessly looked at Su Luo and took a deep breath . Then, he tossed her a pill for injuries: “Eat it . ”

“Oh . ” Su Luo took that very pretty medicinal pill . She took a glance and discovered that she didn’t recognize it . Then, without thinking, she swallowed it .


The medicinal pill entered her stomach, and a warm aura slowly rose from her dantain . Soon after, with the speed the eye could see, it traveled all through her body like a water snake, with a speed that astonished people .

In less than one hour, just now, Su Luo who was on her last breath and about to die, suddenly could jump up . Once again, her body was restored to its original strong state .

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