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Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 – Master instructs (12)


An intense pain came from Su Luo’s mind . In the wake of this pain, Su Luo’s figure flapped forward and directly fell down . She sank into a swamp-like darkness .

Outside of Nothingness of Space, Grandmaster Rong Yun slowly sighed . His expression was changeable .

He lifted his hand and the Yan Hua dagger covered with blood appeared in his large palm .

Yan Hua dagger was originally covered with blood, but in a split second, this dagger had swallowed all the blood . The mysterious iron was very clean, similar to a peeled egg, sparkling and translucent, burning with a white light .

“You have also been sealed ah . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun seemed absent-minded, his finger stroking the dagger .

But the dagger didn’t react at all .

Grandmaster Rong Yun smiled, putting away the dagger . His hand waved, and Su Luo, who was in Nothingness of Space, returned to the real world .

“Master…” Su Luo’s voice was extremely weak, like a newborn kitten .

After Grandmaster Rong Yun fed Su Luo the exact same medicinal pill as yesterday, Su Luo discovered that the painful wound earlier that almost took her life, was healing at a speed the naked eye could see . Originally, the meridians that were cut, she could clearly feel them continuously being fixed .

Could this medicinal pill be more miraculous? Su Luo blinked her eyes and swallowed .

Originally, she thought Rebirth of Flesh Pill was already miraculous, but she never expected that Master’s strong medicinal pill that he took out made the Rebirth of Flesh Pill seem weak . Su Luo really couldn’t put it in her eyes again .

“Wait until you get promoted to Emperor rank, you can also refine it . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun said faintly .

Emperor rank? Su Luo swallowed her saliva .

Now, she wasn’t even a Master-ranked Apothecary, to say Emperor rank? She didn’t even have the time to dream of it .

“This time’s fight, how do you feel?” Grandmaster Rong Yun asked mildly .

Now, after swallowing the pill, Su Luo’s wound had already formed a scab . Although it was somewhat itchy, but it didn’t hurt .

Su Luo scratched the back of her head, her voice carrying a bit of hesitation, “Strength to resist seems to be a bit stronger . If it was yesterday, Luo Haoming, this dagger strike, would have taken my life . ”

Grandmaster Rong Yun nodded and also shook his head: “Still too lacking . ”

Okay . . Su Luo was speechless . Her starting point was too low . Her body’s foundation started at the second rank, in one day’s time, it leaped up to fourth rank, something others could only achieve after several years . But for her, she only needed one day’s time . Master still looked down on it… . Master’s requirements were really harsh .

“Go to the medicine refining room . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun waved his hand to drive Su Luo away .

Go to the medicine refining room . Could it be the matter yesterday would be repeated again? Su Luo, with her head full of suspicions, arrived at the medicine refining room with quick steps .

At one glance, Su Luo saw that tall barrel of Burning Blood Medicine and also the clean medicinal cauldron .

Recalling last night’s unforgettable pain, cold sweat started to emerge from Su Luo’s forehead . Although before, in one night’s time, her body could become strong . Other people needed to cultivate for many years, but with regards to her, it was merely a night’s time . But that bone-chilling pain that tore through the heart… .

A hesitant expression appeared in Su Luo’s eyes .

But Su Luo reacalled Nangong Liuyun, who continuously sustained injuries in order to protect her . She recalled Luo Haoming, who could kill her with a lift of his hand . Recalled the responsibility she had on her shoulders… . Su Luo bit her teeth and firmly walked to the side of the medicinal cauldron .

After taking off her clothes, Su Luo sat inside the medicinal cauldron and took the Burning Blood medicine on the side and slowly smeared it on her body . As if she was smearing on a facial mask .

Very quickly, Su Luo became a thoroughly bloody person .

Like last night, burst after burst of dizzy feeling attacked her .

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