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Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 – Master instructs (13)


Su Luo was between muddle-headedness and sleep, when the pain unexpectedly arrived .


Really painful!

Su Luo almost felt as if her skin was being torn apart, inch by inch, then slowly reassembled .

This kind of pain simply made Su Luo want to bolt . Almost made her take out Celestial Spirit Water to wash all the Burning Blood Medicine clean off . But as long as she thought of Nangong Liuyun . Thought of his pair of eyes that had expectation and joy when he knew her strength, Su Luo just bit her teeth and pressed on .

Compared to the acute pain right now, last night’s pain was like being bitten by mosquitoes, easy for her to disregard .

All the tendons and muscles in Su Luo’s body were being contorted, twitching, every one of them was good .

The sweat on Su Luo’s forehead was like rain, flowing down like dripping water .

Her eyes were bloodshot and exploded out in a fury . Both hands grabbed the side of the medicinal cauldron, her ten fingers inserted in deeply .

Her sweat mixed with tears and also the juice from the Burning Blood Medicine as it seeped into the middle of the medicinal cauldron .

The night was unprecedentedly long .

So endlessly long that it almost made a person go crazy .

Countless times, Su Luo wanted to knock herself out . Only after passing out would she then not feel the pain . But with one sentence from Grandmaster Rong Yun, she abandoned this thought .

“The consequence of fainting would decrease the result by a lot . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s words sounded by Su Luo’s ear .

“Goddamn it!” Su Luo cursed, but because of her contorting and twitching, she bit her lips again .

Su Luo’s lower lip had already broken from being bitten, like badly mangled meat, the blood dripping down in a steady flow .

“So painful…”

The pain reached the pinnacle, but she still needed to remain clear-headed . This was simply maltreatment . And Su Luo still voluntarily, willingly, spontaneously accepted this maltreatment .

Her determination to become strong supported her willpower .

Because Su Luo knew, Master gave her the Burning Blood Medicine to strengthen her body . This was sufficient to demonstrate many problems . The biggest problem was that inside the Secret Roaming Dragon territory was very dangerous . Even Master felt that if she went in, she would die nine times out of ten . Only because of this, he chose to use such a nature-deflying method to make her become stronger .

The Secret Roaming Dragon Territory was so dangerous that Su Luo didn’t want to become Nangong Liuyun’s burden . She didn’t want him to be injured again because he was protecting her . She wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with him . To welcome the enemy together, and not to be protected very well behind his back .

For this goal, no matter how much bitterness she had to eat, and the pain, Su Luo still felt it was worth it .

“Ah… . ” The painful and hoarse voice gradually transmitted out from inside the medicinal cauldron .

Su Luo firmly bit her lips, not allowing herself to yell out loud .

Because this wasted too much energy .

Now, Su Luo sat cross-legged inside the medicinal cauldron . Her spirit and concentration had increased by a lot . Very quickly, she entered the altruistic state of cultivation .

Although it still hurt until her body twitched, but at least this diverted her attention .

Unconsciously, dawn broke up . The white colors of dawn gradually appeared in the east .

Having endured the entire night, Su Luo’s body gave a burst of violent shuddering . Afterwards, she slowly slid down the wall of the medicinal cauldron as she sank into a deep sleep .

Don’t know how long she slept, Su Luo was swayed by the sunlight that was harsh on the eyes .

When she opened her eyes, the floor inside the room was full of sunlight .

It gave a really warm feeling .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth slowly hooked into a smile .

When Su Luo realized, she started to examine her own body .


What’s strange was that every one of her eight veins felt as if they had been sorted out . Su Luo discovered that compared to before, her veins had already clearly expanded and grown tougher . After testing her body once, Su Luo discovered that her body had clearly become stronger .

After putting on the appropriate clothing, Su Luo ran out like a wisp of smoke . Her footsteps were lithe and her breathing was even .

“Master!” Su Luo stood in front of Grandmaster Rong Yun in high spirits .

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