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Chapter 1589: 1589
Chapter 1589 – To confess his real feeling (1)

The night was cool as water .

Beichen Ying was emotionally tangled as he stood in the garden . With both hands crossed behind his back, he lifted up his head to look at the sky .

“Say it, for what matter did you call me over?” Zi Yan calmly appeared by his side .

Today’s Beichen Ying was really interesting . He sent a letter into her room, and invited her here to chat .

“Hiccup…” He saw Zi Yan looking at him with a dead serious expression, that pair of limpid, monochrome clear eyes were like a pure spring . They very cleanly looked at him, and Beichen Ying couldn’t say the words at the tip of his tongue .

“In the end, what did you want to say ah? So mysterious, if you have words, just say it quickly, I need to rush back to sleep ah . ” Zi Yan yawned, turned around and wanted to leave .

“Hey, don’t go!” Beichen Ying’s hand grabbed Zi Yan’s arm, pulling her to a stop .

With great difficulty . he had mulled over this feeling for such a long time, if Zi Yan left, then wouldn’t it all be lost?”

“So say it . You should quickly say it ah . Humming and hawing, hesitating doesn’t seem like your Young Master Beichen’s nature . ” Zi Yan patted Beichen Ying’s shoulder, full of good will .

“Wu——” Beichen Ying felt how could this be a confession, this clearly was the posture of good brothers ah okay? The mood he had brewed with great difficulty, with this pat by Zi Yan, had been completely dispersed .

“Say it ah . ” Zi Yan urged him .

“Oh——it’s just that…I…that… . ” Beichen Ying, who always went through hundreds of flowers, was embarrassed like a shy little boy . His neck choked with air, his complexion somewhat red .

“Oh?” Zi Yan was puzzled, her monochrome eyes were bright like the stars .

“Just that… . Tonight’s night scene is really beautiful ah . ” Beichen Ying raised his head towards the sky, putting on an appreciating posture .

Zi Yan used the expression of looking at a crazy person to gaze at Beichen Ying: “In the middle of the night, you invited me out just for this?”

Perhaps he had a high fever? Zi Yan thought of this, and in the next moment, she stood on tip-toes to check Beichen Ying’s forehead .

Not warm or hot, just right ah . Didn’t seem as if his brain was burned until it broke .

Beichen Ying’s brows wrinkled as if it was tied in a knot . Did he really look like a person whose brain was burned until it broke?

“Humph, humph . Say, then I’ll just say it . ” Biechen Ying arrogantly encouraged himself in his heart .

“Then you just say it . ” Zi Yan unhappily shrugged her shoulders . Beginning of spring was cold, in the middle of the night, the wind was a little bit cold .

“Yan Yan——” Beichen Ying’s tone had a sexy charm .

But he had just said this nickname, and Zi Yan immediately spurted out her laugher .

“Hahaha, hahahahaha——” Zi Yan covered her belly as she nearly fell to the ground from laughter, “Beichen Ying, tonight, did someone take over your body? Yan Yan? I – pfft!”

Beichen Ying had a helpless and depressed expression at this woman who wouldn’t cooperate!

This was the nth time he regretted signing that nobleman’s agreement with Su Luo .

On the agreement, it was clearly written, that if he lost, he must confess to Zi Yan in a night that had the best atmosphere . Moreover, he can’t just carelessly confess, he must get the other party’s response . Zi Yan in this way, undermined his plan, how could he continue the performance!

Beichen Ying gloomily scratched the back of his head . If you want to say it, how could he be so stupid! He clearly knew Su Luo, that girl’s, luck was extremely good, she had never lost a bet . How could he have so easily walked into her trap and was cheated by her?

Finished silently cursing in his heart, Beichen Ying once again secretly encouraged himself . Wasn’t it just a confession? He was the Young !aster Beichen that had a building of girls admiring him when he rode a horse across a bridge . How could he be stumped by this?

As a result, Beichen Ying took a deep breath . After mulling things over, he continued with the scene from before .

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