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Chapter 1611: 1611
Chapter 1611 – Master being partial (3)

How was it that the people she was worried about won’t come out whereas the people she disliked came out one after another . What kind of luck was this ah?

A pity Li Aochen’s whole body was covered in blood, he had crawled up with great difficulty, but was pushed to the ground in passing by Su Luo . He almost got angry from being aggrieved . But once he thought of his current miserable condition, he could only firmly cover up his anger .

“Whoosh——” another soft noise sounded .

Su Luo rushed towards that figure full of emotion and expectations, but she froze in place after taking half a step .

“Dongfang Xuan!”

Actually was this gloomy, ruthless male .

Dongfang Xuan was wearing a white robe, before, it was clean and spotless, but now, a huge part of the sleeves were torn off, and there was a dark red bloodstain on his right hand . Very clearly, he had also received some serious injuries .

Seeing this, Su Luo’s brows were already tightly puckered up . Luo Haoming, Li Aochen, Dongfang Xuan, these three were at least at the tenth rank . Dongfang Xuan was at the summit of the tenth rank ah . But able to wound them to this degree, it could be seen that the opponent’s strength was very strong . In the end, what happened in the passageway?

“Where’s Nangong Liuyun?” Su Luo picked up Li Aochen, who was closest to her, by the collar .

The pitiful Li Aochen was just thinking of sitting cross-legged to cultivate, but was lifted up by Su Luo as if she was casually lifting things . This kind of action was simply looking down on him, making him seethe with anger .

But Su Luo’s pair of grave eyes stared at him like sharp swords . She had an expression of, ‘if he didn’t talk, she’d eat him . ’ Li Aochen was helpless, he only waved his hand, “Still inside, rest assured he won’t die . ”

Li Aochen finished saying this, and Su Luo still wanted to say something, but once again saw another figure dodge out .

“Beichen Ying!” Zi Yan wanted to rush up but recalled the embarrassment between the two, her footsteps halted .

Just at this time, Su Luo had already quickly rushed up and caught Beichen Ying . Didn’t let him tumble heavily to the ground, saving him the pain .

Su Luo didn’t say anything else and directly stuffed an Emperor level Healing Panacea into Beichen Ying’s mouth .

Beichen Ying originally wanted to spit out blood, but after this medicinal pill entered his stomach, the healing effect was very outstanding . Very quickly, he was able to open his eyes, his eyes were half-opened with great difficulty . Exhaustedly, he said to Su Luo: “Nangong…didn’t die…”

Beichen Ying knew, what Su Luo really wanted to hear were these words . Therefore, even if he wanted to pass out, he still used up the entire strength in his body to say this to Su Luo to calm her heart .

The effect of the medicine very quickly started to show results . Beichen Ying still sank into a deep sleep .

“Blood Clotting Pill!” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes flashed slightly and stared at Su Luo with deep interest . Urgently and excitedly, he asked, “Is what you just feed that guy Blood Clotting Pill?”

Su Luo’s gaze indifferently swept across his face, calm as if she was a river . Soon after, her gaze stared fixedly at the teleport gate exit .

A total of five people went in, four came out . Although their bodies had injuries all over, seemed to be serious injuries, but at least they came out whole . How was it that Nangong Liuyun still hadn’t came out? In the end, what happened inside?

“I asked you a question! Just now, was that Blood Clotting Pill or not?” Dongfang Xuan impatiently shouted at Su Luo .

No one had ever ignored Dongfang Xuan in this life . Since he could remember things, everyone had followed him obediently like yes-men, because he had a master whose martial arts was number one in this world . But now, Su Luo was too lazy to even glance at him, this made Dongfang Xuan, who was always full of self-confidence, feel very upset .

“What does that have to do with you?” Su Luo’s brows were tightly knotted, impatiently sweeping him a glance, “Even if it is Blood Clotting Pill, there is none for you . ”

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