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Chapter 1617: 1617
Chapter 1617 – Master being partial (9)

The valley had a gentle cool breeze, and sunlight that gave warmth . However, after leaving the valley, turning to the back of the valley, it was a totally different scene .

If the valley they had passed through was like a heavenly paradise, then this mountain peak would absolutely be a dark hell!

Ancient trees reached the sky, the forest covered the earth and hid the sky . Up front were large groups of numerous spiders .

“Such large spiders…” Zi Yan almost exclaimed out loud .

These were not ordinary spiders, their size was very large, about the size of a soccer ball . The whole body was a reddish purple color with a sinister and terrifying appearance . The forehead was sharp, full of angles, with a pair of eyes that was a deep, dark green . Being stared by one would make a person’s heart tremble from the chill, let alone to say a large number of spiders .

“Hidden-eyed Purple Spider!” Luo Haoming said in a low voice .

Hidden-eyed Purple Spider was an eighth-ranked magical beast . The spider king’s strength was at a formidable tenth rank . Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders’ strength were tyrannical . Separately, each of their fighting strength wasn’t strong, but combined together, so densely-packed, they were a very terrifying existence .

“Not far up ahead is an overhanging cliff with a bridge made of metal links, this road is the only way to get there . If we want to pass, we must kill all of these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders . We need to kill enough of them that they would rather escape when hearing of our news . ” Dongfang Xuan’s expression was gloomy, eyes that would chill a person to the bone swept Su Luo’s sleeves . All along, what he was most concerned about was still the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill in Su Luo’s sleeves . So right now, he needed a chaotic fight to let him take advantage of the disorder for personal gain . Otherwise, with Su Luo always following by Nangong Liuyun’s side, he simply didn’t have a chance .

But he would have never imagined, Su Luo had already tossed the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill into her space . How could she give him this opportunity?

Now, there were more and more Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, from the original rare few to now, where the entire scene was densely-covered by them .

The king of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders was hidden in the piles of densely-packed Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders . No one knew which one was the king, but he did indeed exist . Because these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders needed a leader to command them .

“Rustle, rustle, rustle…” The movement in the forest became more and more .

Very quickly, as far as the eye could see, were all Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders .

Nangong Liuyun, with one move, pulled Su Luo to behind him, and in a low voice, exhorted: “Not allowed to leave further than within a meter’s range, did you remember it clearly?”

“En, I know . Although Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders are horrible, but the most horrible is a person’s heart . ” Su Luo pointed at Dongfang Xuan . If it was possible, she would have already killed Dongfang Xuan . It’s a pity that in the previous battle, he wasn’t seriously wounded . Based on her and Zi Yan’s strength, they might not be able to beat him . Let alone, there was still Luo Haoming and those other unknown characters, so Su Luo didn’t make a move at that time .

“It’s good that you know . ” Nangong Liuyun’s remote and cold eyes swept past Dongfang Xuan .

As a result, Su Luo knew Nangong Liuyun’s plan . If possible, he doesn’t mind seizing the opportunity to eliminate this First Senior Brother that had always wanted to harm her .

Seeing the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders were about to rush over like a tide, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes wrinkled slightly . In a coldly correct tone, he commanded: “Fight!”

Once this order was said, everyone gathered in a circle, facing out in all directions to launch attacks .

Momentarily, there were wind blade technique, storm technique, explosive fire technique, horizontal sea of fire, freeze over thousands of miles, nine thunderous lightning hiss…

A countless number of elemental attacks rushed in all directions .

The Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders were only eighth-ranked, but a great majority of Su Luo’s group were at the tenth rank . Nangong Liuyun was at the Commander rank, so when he launched an elemental attack, those Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders that were close to him turned into dust, even the body was burned until it disappeared .

Very quickly, a safe range of one hundred square meters was cleaned up around them . While the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders eyed them covetously outside this range .

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