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Chapter 1623: 1623
Chapter 1623 – There was treasure everywhere (2)

“According to reason, now it’s my turn right?” Dongfang Xuan smilingly lifted an eyebrow .

Dongfang Xuan’s fake smile put Su Luo in a bad mood from looking at him . As a result, her lips curled into a sneer, “According to reason? Who is reasoning with you? Don’t you know being deliberately provocative is a privilege that belongs specifically to woman?”

With Nangong Liuyun’s unconditional support, Su Luo said this, full of confidence . Immediately, Dongfang Xuan choked and he almost rolled his eyes .

“You…you’re good, you’re powerful . The saint said it correctly . Sure enough, a woman and a vile person are hard to raise . ” Dongfang Xuan flung his sleeves and in a rage, turned his face away .

“I am a woman, you are a vile person . We are no better than the other, the eldest shouldn’t talk about the second eldest . ”

“How am I a vile person? You have a guy supporting you and think you can say such venomous slander?” Ever since Dongfang Xuan entered the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, he had restrained a bellyful of gas . Being said by Su Luo like this, he was angered to laugh . He couldn’t help but start to have a verbal battle with her .

“Where are you a person of noble character? If you are a person of noble character, how could you make the unmarried Li Yaoyao pregnant?” Su Luo’s tone was even and unhurried, but it infuriated Dongfang Xuan terribly .

“I have nothing to say to you . ” Dongfang Xuan had an appearance of being too lazy to bother bickering with her .

“As if I really wanted to to talk to you . So old and you still haven’t broken through to Commander rank, and you were the earliest to enter the door as First Senior Brother . The master of Purgatory City’s face has been completely lost by you . ” Su Luo stuck out her tongue, her whole face full of disdain .

“You!!!” This was the first time the shady, ruthless and cruel Dongfang Xuan was angered until his eyes turned white . He fiercely glared towards Nangong Liuyun . In a threatening voice, trying to drive a wedge between them: “Third Junior Brother, a woman that even dares to insult Master, you really dare to marry? Aren’t you afraid Master would blame you?”

“Master for sure won’t blame me and Luo Luo . As for whether he would blame you…” Nangong Liuyun’s dark-as-black ink sharp eyebrows lifted up slightly . He slowly spit out five words: “There is a great possibility . ”

“Third Junior Brother, is there a problem with your head?” Dongfang Xuan found it extremely ridiculous . Clearly, the person insulting Master was Su Luo girl, yet Nangong Liuyun actually made a solemn vow that Master would not blame him . This was simply ridiculous .

Nangong Liuyun used the expression of looking at an idiot to disdainfully cast him a glance . Soon after, he told Su Luo in a low tone: “This wind here is a bit big, it will feel slightly rocky . But I will always accompany by your side, so don’t be afraid . ”

“En . Su Luo smilingly replied .

In fact, she completely didn’t need to cross on this iron chain bridge . She only needed to teleport and she would reach the opposite side . Because after this recent period of cultivation Su Luo’s grasp of the rules of teleport was even more developed . Originally, at Central Palace, she couldn’t control the distance and place she teleported to . Now, she could teleport within five kilometers without any pressure .

If there was only her alone here, there was no harm in Su Luo teleporting over . But since they were in a team, Su Luo naturally wouldn’t reveal her trump card to Dongfang Xuan’s group .

Finished telling her, Nangong Liuyun placed Su Luo on his back and went on the iron chain bridge, leaving behind a discontent and without-other-choice Dongfang Xuan .

This ironwire chain-linked bridge, sure enough, was thin enough to be overlooked . A person standing on it would drift in the wind light as a feather .

Laying on Nangong Liuyun’s back, Su Luo looked down . She only saw the heavy mist below, so deep that the bottom could not be seen . On the side, the hurricane-like wind rolled over at anytime, there was the danger of them falling over .

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