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Chapter 176-177

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Chapter 176 – Irrefutable evidence

“Reporting back to Madam . The fourth Miss really did dig out all the gold coins and take it back . She didn’t leave a single gold coin behind . ” The mysterious young woman who was standing in front of Madam Su stated with reverence .

“Very good, continue to keep a close watch on her . You absolutely must not give her the chance to ship out all the gold coins . ” Madam Su’s beautiful eyes had a cruel and evil smile within them .

Su Luo, as expected, was still too inferior to be shown in public . She could be taken in by only a little bit of gold coins .

Ha, ha, Su Luo, ah, Su Luo . These ten thousand gold coins, you should take it as accompaniment for your burial . In any case, you won’t be able to live for much longer .

Whenever Madam Su recalled that after this matter was settled, she would never see these two concubines’ daughters, her mood would be especially good . The corner of her mouth tilted into a joyful arc .

After a few days passed in a row, those days were all very tranquil .

On this day in the study .

Su Zian looked at the results of his investigation . His sharp eyebrows was deeply wrinkled and his complexion was exceptionally ugly .

On top of the thick pile of investigation reports, it was neatly and clearly written that Su Wan’s matter was related to Su Luo, and linked to her in countless ways .

Su Luo had the motive to harm her .

Because previuosly, Su Wan was aiming for her, therefore, Su Luo harbored hard feelings . It was to the extent that she would take her revenge against Su Wan .

Moreover, on this investigative report, it had included strong conclusive proof!

Su Luo had actually issued a task at the Mercenary Union and the details of the task was for a man to go rape Su Manor’s third Miss, Su Wan!

Seeing the flamboyant handwriting on the contract, Su Zian’s calm expression was abruptly covered with dark clouds .

This was Su Luo’s handwriting, there was no mistake .

Originally, he would not be able to recognize it, but the previous time, he had glanced at those sacred scriptures which Su Luo had copied for him . He discovered that Su Luo’s letters were unexpectedly strong and energetic, so he had an impression of her handwriting .

Madam Su looked at the Great General Su and again looked at the black and white investigative report . She frowned and softly said . “Is this investigative report true? This wife feels that no matter how bad Luo’er’s heart was, she could not do this . General, you mustn’t so easily make a decision, okay?”

“That’s because you are too kind-hearted . You simply do not understand the viciousness of a person’s heart, Madam . ” After Su Zian consoled Madam Su, speaking of Su Luo, his complexion became ashen . His eyes were like two flames leaping out . “The investigative report was personally inspected by your husband . How could it be false?”

Madam Su’s expression remained calm and collected, secretly, she disagreed while sneering repeatedly in her heart .

How could it not be false? This investigative report was undoubtedly manipulated from behind the scenes by her .

She could absolutely prove that this investigative report was completely false .

However, as the boss that pulled the strings from behind him, Madam Su was naturally not stupid enough to say it out loud . Moreover, she had to add more oil and vinegar to inflame Su Zian’s rage even more .

“But, Luo’er she… should be unlikely do it?”

“Humph! Come, go tie up Su Luo for this general and bring her to the main hall!” Su Zian raised his head and angrily commanded .

This matter must be made clear, otherwise, keeping such a ruthless-minded girl, then Su Manor wouldn’t get to pass a single good day!

Inside the main hall .

On top of a luxurious, beautiful imperial styled chair was Su Zian, with his eyebrows knotted and looking coldly solemn . He sat on the seat of honor with awe-inspiring dignity .

Madam Su, with an amiable expression, sat by his side . Her delicate face had a faintly worried and helpless expression .

Su Jingyu stood under them, his serene appearance made it hard to see his expression .

Su Luo was brought to the main hall by guards .

“Treacherous woman! Quickly kneel down!” Su Zian’s ice-cold voice lacked even a trace of heat . His eyes seemed to harbor two flames .

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows wrinkled slightly, conforming with the norms of society, she made her salutations . Afterwards, her eyes swept around and with a light voice, asked . “Daddy, adopting this pose for the situation and also used such a heavy hand to invite daughter to come . Don’t know what you have to instruct?”

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Chapter 177 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (1)

Su Zian’s face was dignified, there was no sign of anger due to his position . His eyes were ice-cold without a trace of warmth . “Loathsome girl, what more do you have to say?”

Su Luo’s expression did not change, but her heart secretly became alert . Able to make Su Zian this angry, it really was not easy, but she really didn’t know what matter they were yelling about .

She had an indifferent and calm expression, and without any waves of alarm, asked . “Daddy, what are you angry about?”

To have done such a thing, and afterwards still able to use completely unfeeling and unsuspecting eyes to look at him! Su Zian furiously growled . “Speak! Your third older sister’s matter, wasn’t it caused by you?”

So it was Su Wan’s matter? Su Luo’s mind flashed with traces of misgivings . She remembered very clearly, when she started the fire, there weren’t any witnesses nor evidence to prove she did it . So her cheap father made a solemn vow and placed the criminal charges on her body . Could it be that he was scaring her?

Su Luo flashed a pair of bewildered pitch-black eyes, with a confused expression . “Third sister’s matter, how could I have done it? Daddy, you also couldn’t help looking at me with too high of a regard?”

Currently, she was weak but remained standing . Her brows were without a trace of guilty conscience and she looked at a loss . It also looked incredulous…She acted not too cold nor too hot, but just right .

Su Zian gave a heavy and cold grunt . With a scattering sound, he threw a stack of papers towards Su Luo where it rained over her!

The paper from Cheng Xin Tang (1) were sharp, its edges were as sharp as a knife . If not careful, her delicate cheeks would very easily be cut .

Su Luo avoided it without batting an eye and with poise, she picked up the scattered papers from the ground . She collected all of it together in her hand and flipped through it page by page .

Her happy and content expression, flipping through the pages of a book as if nobody was there…She took this place as if it was a library and not a court where cases were trialed!

Simply, simply so arrogant that no one else mattered!

Su Zian held back a breath full of anger in his chest, it couldn’t go up nor down . He really held it back until he was red in the face .

His pair of bell-shaped eyes unwaveringly stared at Su Luo .

After looking through it page by page, Su Luo held that stack of paper in her hands . She lifted her eyes and looked towards Su Zian, eyes sparkling with radiance . “Daddy, you trust the words on this report?”

“Humph!” Su Zian gave a heavy snort, “Now what more do you have to say?!”

He had already voiced his meaning very clearly . He believed in this investigation report and he had hundred thousands percent confidence in it .

Su Jingyu’s expression was indifferent, his treacherous eyes stared at Su Luo . His face was full of endless condemnation . “Su Luo! How could you do such a vicious and ruthless thing? Even if Wan’er was in the wrong, she is still your big sister! You did such a thing, which has already ruined the rest of Wan’er’s life . Haven’t you realized it?”

Su Luo’s gaze blandly shot towards Su Jingyu .

If he hadn’t said anything, she would’ve forgotten this older brother .

Madam Su who was nearby, tenderly and softly scolded: “Jingyu, how could you speak? Everything is to be decided by your father . ”

Madam Su worriedly looked at Su Luo: “Luo Luo, don’t be afraid . This matter may have been started by somebody spreading rumors to create trouble . As long as you say what you know, your father would not treat you unjustly . ”

Su Luo’s facial expression did not change, but she secretly sneered in her heart .

Madam Su had such a smooth-talking mouth .

Even though on the surface, she chided Su Jingyu and appeared to appease her . However, every word and every sentence did not deviate from her cheap dad . She deliberately tried to provoke his rage, just waiting for it to explode .

Masterful, she really was a master .

Su Zian indeed followed her expectations and heavily slapped his armrest . “Su Luo! Do you admit it or not!”

1) Cheng Xin Tang is one of the best quality and durable paper made by Hans during the the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era .

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