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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:08:29 AM

Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (6)

The Su family’s fourth Miss had actually gone to the Mercenary Union to issue a task . The task was to tarnish the Su family’s third Miss? This, if this were to spread out…

“Wan’er, a few days ago, already…” Madam Su, appearing to be frightened, resulting in the suspense building thereby adding more fuel to the fire .

“What? Third older sister had already been…” Su Xi was absolutely shocked!

Even though the last time, Su Wan caused her to fall into the water, however, her careful apologies for a long time had already compensated her loss . The ill-feelings between her and Su Wan had already been eliminated .

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Now, Su Xi’s heart only thought of all of Su Wan’s good sides, how could she even consider her bad sides?

One could only see her rushing in a rage towards Su Luo, pointing at Su Luo furiously and yelling out: “Speak! Is this really true!? You really went as far as to issue a task asking people to tarnish third older sister?!”

Too malicious! Really too malicious!

Under numerous denouncements, ridicules, derisions and despising looks that gathered together, Su Luo’s face could unexpectedly maintain an unwavering smile . People couldn’t help but admit that her mental abilities were really formidable .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose slightly into an arc, slowly shaking her head . “If you want to condemn someone, you don’t have to worry about the pretext . ”

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“You still won’t admit it? The Mercenary Union’s administrator of this matter could actually wrongly accuse you?” Su Jingyu had a resentful look, and a manner of things having failed to meet his expectations . He pointed to Su Luo and lamented bitterly, “Su Luo, ah, Su Luo . When did you become this vicious and merciless? How could you do this? No matter what is said Wan’er is still your older sister!”

Su Qing did not say a word, however, the corner of her eyes were lifted very high and could not conceal what was shown . She despised and disdained this younger sister born from a concubine .

She was merely the concubine’s daughter that she barely looked at . Merely an ant that she could step on as she wished . She couldn’t draw an iota of interest from this ice-beauty Su Qing .

“Originally, it was not something I did, so how could I admit to it?” Su Luo spread out her hands and very helplessly shrugged her shoulders .

What she said was not false, the person who issued the task was Su Wan, ah . As for whatever reasons that finally led the retribution to land on Su Wan’s body, as for this…it could only be said that the heavens above had eyes .

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“Good! Good! Death is near at hand and you still won’t admit to it! There was evidence given against you, and you still dare to not admit!” Su Jingyu was so angry that almost his entire body was trembling . The finger he had pointed at Su Luo continued to tremble non-stop . His anger seemed to have reached the peak and turned his head towards Mr . Mo . “Mr . Mo, whenever tasks are issued at the Mercenary Union, there should be a record, right?”

Mr . Mo sighed, nodded his head and silently took out a book from his chest area . He lifted up both hands to hand it over to His Highness the crown prince .

His Highness the crown prince took it under Mr . Mo’s prompt, his slender and sculpted finger unhurriedly flipped to the designated page .

“Unexpectedly, it really is here . However, this handwriting seems to be quite elegant and spirited . As expected, the personality compared to the writing is very different . ” The crown prince tossed the book to Su Jingyu, staring at Su Luo with a smile . His eyes radiated an evil laugh that could devour a person .

The expression that he looked at Su Luo was similar to looking at a prisoner locked in the cell on the eve of her execution with nowhere to escape to .

Not needing to do the job himself in order to deal with this loathsome girl to give vent to his anger was also pretty good .

After everybody had seen and passed it around, finally, the book ended up in Su Zian’s hand . In a rage, he tossed the book at Su Luo . “Human testimony and material evidence are all here . What more do you have to say?”

The human testimony was naturally from Mr . Mo .

The material evidence…

Su Luo had a smile that was not quite a smile and loudly read, “ The person who signed, Su Luo…”

All of a sudden, she burst into loud laughter . She was laughing so hard that she held her stomach, as if she was unable to breathe .

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