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Chapter 185-186

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Chapter 185 ­- Confrontation at the scene (2)

From beginning to end, she had an expression of watching a play with a touch of mockery, as she watched the people around her .

Now the surrounding people’s expressions were also not very good . They also followed the logic and came to a sudden realization .

Indeed, seeing the old-fashioned clothing on Su Luo’s body and that natural face without any cosmetics . Above, her head appeared to have never worn any jewelry . Looking at her, one could only see a clean face and an impoverished appearance . How could she have enough gold coins to issue a task at the Mercenary Union?

This was impossible, right?

Even His Highness the crown prince started to frown .

Even though he had experienced this loathsome girl’s clear eloquence the previous time . However he never expected that she could be clever and collected to such a degree .

At present, everyone at the scene was stronger than her . Regardless of which person was pulled out, that person could easily swat her to death with the palm of a hand .

Under this kind of ambiance, a situation where almost everyone was hostile to her, she could still speak frankly with assurance . She advanced gradually step by step while setting up traps everywhere, calmly and unperturbed, she washed away the injustice against herself .

This kind of Su Luo was really the rumored good-for-nothing?

If this kind of her was a good-for-nothing, then what should this entire group of people that was forced to retreat step by step, and was powerless to resist her, be called?

His Highness the crown prince’s sharp eyebrows lifted slightly . A contemplating expression flashed across his eyes…frankly speaking, he was a little interested in this kind of Su Luo .

Just at this moment, the distinct sounds of footsteps could suddenly be heard coming from outside .

From the doorway, a red-robed, peerless youngster leisurely walked in .

Such a beautiful and handsome young man!

Su Luo sucked in some cold air .

He was dressed in a red brocade robe, his exquisite face was flawless without a trace of blemish . He had a pair of pitch-black, beautifully clear eyes . Above his nose and between his eyebrows, was an exotic beauty mark, making him appear even more mysterious and pretty handsome .

What was even more unusual was that his body gave off a temperament as pure as a child .

He had been smiling since the beginning . Since the time he came in, the corner of his mouth was lifted into a radiant arc that hadn’t gone down .

When the crown prince saw this person, his eyebrows wrinkled . A dark color flashed across his eyes as if restraining himself, it seemed he was rather afraid of this person .

When Su Zian saw this youngster, his complexion darkened momentarily, but quickly restored to its original state . Afterwards, he put a smile on his face and went up to welcome this person .

Truly, the biggest change in expression belonged to Mr . Mo, who was overflowing with cold sweat . He looked at the red-robed youngster at the door and his foot slipped . Both of his legs seemed to have gone limp from lack of strength and he directly sank to his knees .

“Didn’t know that president Beichen would honor us with his presence . Please excuse me for not going out to greet you and hope you will forgive me, forgive me . ” Su Zian, wearing a smile, cordially cupped his hands in greeting .

Beichen Ying came from the mysterious Beichen clan . Right now, he was the president of the Mercenary Union in the Eastern Ling Empire .

He always had a smiling appearance .

Of course, the fiercer he was when killing people, the more gorgeous his smile became .

The only people who were aware of this habit of his was not his closest brothers, but the countless corpses that had died with their eyes wide open .

Beichen Ying had both hands behind his back and calmly stood within the main hall . After looking around once, he faintly smiled while casting a glance at Su Zian and nodded his head slightly, “General Su, no need to be so polite, ha ha, your luck is really pretty good! You gave birth to a great daughter, in the future, you will achieve meteoric success . Your future prospects are beyond measure, congratulations, congratulations . ”

Once he finished speaking, Beichen Ying very optimistically clapped Su Zian’s shoulder .

This was the posture of a superior to a subordinate .

In the Empire, the president of the Mercenary Union and the Great General that protected the country was of the same rank, there wasn’t one was of a higher or lower rank, so to speak .

However, due to Beichen Ying’s family background, his status was a lot higher . Even though Su Zian’s heart was unsatisfied, he still would not dare to resist .

Because the Beichen family was really mysterious, was extremely high in status, too high to reach… . This last name, once it appeared was an existence that made people despair .

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Chapter 186 – Confrontation at the scene (3)

Su Zian thought that Beichen Ying was referring to the crown prince and Su Xi’s matter . A smile appeared on his solemn and cold face: “Indeed, I’m indebted to His Highness the crown prince’s undeserving kindness, this really is Xi’er’s fortune . ”

Who knew that Beichen Ying would frown, he was used to speaking directly and annoyedly said, “What does this have to do with the crown prince?”

“Huh?” Su Zian stared blankly at him .

Before, he had said he would achieve meteoric success, could it be that he was not referring to the crown prince and Su Xi’s matter? Then… . what could it be?

Beichen Ying placatingly clapped Su Zian’s shoulder: “The number one person in the capital, did you forget who it is?”

“Jin, His Highness Prince Jin?” Su Zian subconsciously blurted it out . His speech even begin to stammer .

But after speaking this sentence, he immediately felt that something was not quite right . Because in this great hall, the person seated at the highest position was His Highness the crown prince…

The crown prince had always been secretly competing with His Highness Prince Jin . Although everyone knew that every quality he had couldn’t be compared to His Highness Prince Jin, nobody dared to say this to his face .

For a moment, Su Zian saw His Highness crown prince’s complexion turn dark in an instant, his regret made his intestines turn green .

Madam Su saw that the atmosphere was amiss, and she hurriedly stepped out to resolve the embarrassment . She smiled in a sweet-tempered manner and softly spoke, “The Venerable Beichen Ying really likes to crack jokes . His Highness Prince Jin and our Su Manor never had any dealings . Don’t know which family’s good news you are congratulating about?”

His Highness Prince Jin was placed on a pedestal, he was like an exiled immortal from the nine layers of heaven . Ordinary people could only profane him .

Su Manor always had a clear view of things and knew it was hard to become his Highness Prince Jin’s follower . Therefore in this world, they could only follow in His Highness the crown prince’s footsteps .

With just this one sentence by Madam Su, she clearly stated that there was no relationship between Su Manor and His Highness Prince Jin .

Also because of this, His Highness the crown prince’s complexion, which was as black as the bottom of a pot, gradually started to recover . Even though it was still stiff, but it was not as ruthless as before .

However, it seemed as if Beichen Ying had enmity towards His Highness the crown prince .

From the time he entered until now, he didn’t even bother to say hello to the crown prince . He completely took the empire’s crown prince as invisible . Considering Beichen Ying’s mysterious and terrifying family background, His Highness the crown prince could only suffer this humiliation and swallow it .

Beichen Ying faintly smiled and cast a quick glance at the crown prince . He turned his head towards Su Zian and smiled, “The Great General Su, Madam Su, your news is really lacking . Could it be that you don’t know His Highness Prince Jin, towards a Miss in your family…”

His gaze swept around, seeing everyone’s interest and attention was hooked by him . It seemed as if Beichen Ying had let something slip, and giving a few ‘hey hey’ dry laughing sounds, “Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, cannot say, cannot say…The mysteries of the heavens must not be revealed . ”

Even though he stopped the conversation in time, however, the first half of the sentence was obviously enough of a hint .

His Highness Prince Jin towards a Miss in your family…in addition to Beichen Ying’s congratulating left and right . What did this signify? Surely even an idiot hearing it could understand .

Could it really be true? Su Zian and Madam Su’s heart momentarily rose to their throat .

If His Highness Prince Jin really fell in love with their daughter, how great a fortune was that? Capable of enticing his Highness Prince Jin, for Su Manor it was simply like reaching heaven in a single bound!


Su Zian became excited .

Madam Su also became excited .

Consequently, both of their eyes simultaneously landed on Su Qing standing at the side .

The second Miss from the Su family was born from the first wife, her status was honorable and she was absolutely beautiful to look at . Even more hard to come by was that she was amazingly gifted . Her cultivation speed in the entire Eastern Ling Empire’s younger generation was among the top five .

What was more, Su Qing was a disciple of Grandmaster Lan Hai .

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