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Chapter 187-188

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Chapter 187 – Confrontation at the scene (4)

In the capacity of protecting the Empire’s laws, Grandmaster Lan Hai enjoyed great rights to speak in front of His Majesty the emperor . His Majesty would look for Grandmaster Lan Hai to consult on many things . This hard to come by opportunity could be from Grandmaster Lan Hai playing the matchmaker from within .

Based on the above mentioned statements, if His Highness Prince Jin really fancied a Su family Miss, then it could be none other than Su Qing .

As a result, Su Zian and Madam Su’s pair of eyes concentrated on Su Qing’s face . Their expression was complex, there was hope, with expectation and longing mixed in, simply not even trying to conceal it .

With Su Zian and Madam Su leading, everyone followed their gaze to look at Su Qing…

Was it her? It should be her right? If it was real, then from among the Su family’s few Misses, the one worthy was none other than the second Miss Su . Heavens, this was none other than His Highness Prince Jin!

Now Su Qing, under the many pairs of radiant and glittering watchful gazes, her normally cold, proud and aloof pair of eyes dropped down slightly . On her white as jade complexion appeared a distinctly visible scarlet blush .

She could feel that both of her own cheeks were boiling hot, but her eyelids could not conceal her happy expression .

His Highness Prince Jin…Recalling that perfect, immortal-like male, hearing that he had fallen in love with her, Su Qing felt as though she was about to suffocate . She was so nervous that she forgot how she should arrange her hands and feet .

“You, why are all of you looking at me this way!” Su Qing originally thought to utter an angry rebuke but her voice unexpectedly carried a touch of happiness that she was unable to conceal .

“Qing’er, you… . you and His Highness Prince Jin…” Su Zian rubbed his hands, he nervously and expectantly asked .

“All of you…are too hateful, I’m going to ignore all of you!” Su Qing shyly lifted her skirt and rapidly ran out .

She never thought, a glimpse of her graceful figure at Fei Du bridge would make His Highness Prince Jin continue to think about her and never forget . On the first day she came back, he would send someone in his place to announce this… this, this was simply too shameful!

While Su Qing was running, her heart was as sweet as honey, the corner of her mouth perked up, no matter what, she couldn’t turn the arc down .

With Su Qing running out, this only confirmed her and His Highness Prince Jin’s not-so-innocent relationship .

However, Su Zian and Madam Su looked favorably on this . They also could not conceal the smiling expression from the corner of their eyes .

Only His Highness the crown prince’s complexion darkened again in such a short time!

His solemn and cold gaze swept towards Su Zian . Su Zian’s complexion immediately became stiff and he forcefully masked the joy on his face .

Certainly, the people with a change in their complexion at the scene were not only these individuals .

Among them, the main focus that needed to be mentioned was the Venerable president of the Mercenary Union .

He dumbfoundedly watched Su Qing shyly lifting her skirt to flee, and with the same blank expression, watched Su Zian and Madam Su’s repeatedly cheerful expression…His forehead wrinkled and an annoyed expression appeared on his face .

It seemed like he… with a good heart had done a bad deed, what should be done?

What was Su Qing doing? This didn’t have anything to do with her . Why would she shyly run away? It was very easy for people to misunderstand, okay?

Now with her running away, it would only confirm that between her and Nangong Liuyun, there was an ambiguous relationship?

Then, then…Beichen Ying apprehensively, nervously, quietly and furtively shot a glance at Su Luo .

He was guilty, ahhh, and really didn’t have the courage to look at her expression .


How could it be?

Beichen Ying now discovered that Su Luo appeared to not be affected at all by this matter .

She stood there indifferently, with an expression that was light like the wind . The corner of her mouth formed a shallow smile . Her pitch-black, ancient well-like eyes were rippleless, their depth was undetectable .

Seeing this with his quick glance, Beichen Ying was even more remorseful . He-He really had a cheap mouth ah . This time, he would never be able to explain this clearly .

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Chapter 188 – Confrontation at the scene (5)

Based on his many years of rolling around among crowds of women, his experience told him that Su Luo was the unperturbed type of Miss, the more her heart cared, the calmer her expression .

This was the same as him, when he killed people, the more excited he was, the more brilliant the smile that would appear .

Seeing Su Luo unruffled and maintaining a cool-headed complexion, Beichen Ying tried to console his little heart while grieving for the thousandth time .

Finished, finished, finished… She was definitely mad, she would definitely let her anger loose on Nangong Liuyun’s body . Nangong Liuyun would transfer any suffering onto his own body .

Now Beichen Ying became so depressed that he wanted to run into a wall .

Su Luo inadvertently saw this Venerable Beichen’s suddenly bright then gloomy expression, changing like a mix of colors . Inevitably, she became somewhat baffled .

Beichen Ying discovered that Su Luo was staring fixedly at himself . He secretly winked at her, his eyes seemed to say: Sister-in-law, a misunderstanding, it was purely a misunderstanding! In Nangong Liuyun’s heart, apart from you, there is no one else! You must, by all means, not misunderstand this!!!

However, not everyone could form a mutual understanding with him .

Su Luo saw both of his eyes full of watery light, winking at her non-stop . In her heart, she secretly muttered: could this Venerable Beichen have an eye twitch problem? Or perhaps his brain was convulsing?

Seeing Su Luo caught up in contemplation, Beichen Ying thought that she understood his meaning . He thought she was pondering if she should forgive Nangong Liuyun about this matter . Consequently, he once again winked towards Su Luo . His eyes were saying: Sister-in-law! It was all this little cheap mouth’s fault . You mustn’t provoke Nangong Liuyun, if you provoke him, then he would oppress us, ahhhhhhhhhh~~~

Su Luo saw Venerable Beichen’s pair of eyes once again wink at her . No matter what, it wouldn’t stop . Inevitably, her face was full of sympathy; such a beautiful face, why was it ruined by those pair of eyes? It was really a shame .

If Beichen Ying was capable of hearing Su Luo’s mind, in all likelihood, he would have spit out blood from anger .

As a result, so to speak, casting amorous glances and whatnot when running into an unreliable person, it really could make a person vomit blood .

In fact, today’s general assembly to interrogate Su Luo was really unsuccessful .

It was first interrupted by His Highness the crown prince, subsequently, Beichen Ying also inserted in another thick pole . An originally proper interrogation was halted again and again, deliberately complicating the issue .

However, Beichen Ying didn’t come today because he had nothing to do and was out for a stroll . He was here under someone’s order to help Su Luo, he was going to give biased help .

He did not wait for Su Zian to invite him to sit . He just coolly and collectedly sat down . He happily and contentedly sat on Su Zian’s seat .

His movement was so smooth and confident, it was as if that seat originally belonged to him .

This Beichen Ying, relying upon being from the Beichen family, his arrogance was greater than even the crown prince’s!

One only saw him reclining upon the red sandalwood chair, both legs sticking up, carelessly waving his hand and with all smiles, changed the conversation back to the initial topic: “General Su, let’s stop gossiping . Weren’t you investigating a case just now? Please continue, it just so happens that this lord could also listen in . ”

Su Zian’s heart was very angry, but he dared not let it show on his face . He inwardly endured this and his face only displayed a smiling expression, “This matter, let’s just end it here…”

“How can this be okay? This won’t do, it must be investigated . Moreover, it must be investigated thoroughly!” Beichen Ying did not agree .

He came burdened with the boss’s order, if he returned without any achievement, then where could he place his own face?

“This… . ” Su Zian thought about it, and his heart inevitably became somewhat upset .

This matter, so many people inside the main hall now knew, even if he wanted to cover it up, he couldn’t keep it in the dark . Now, with regards to this matter, he could only fasten all the criminal charges on Su Luo’s head . Finally, he would step out and act righteously to punish her if justice demanded it . Perhaps then, he could still redeem some of his face back .

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